Learning Golf From the Scratch

So are you on your way to learn golf? Then you have landed up on just the right spot where I’m gonna get you through the technicalities of Golf, the entire range of golf equipment used on the course. Forget about all the stuff available on the internet which is abundant in content and tell you very little about the stuff you are looking online to learn how to play golf and how to choose just about right equipment and gadgets used in the game of Golf.

There are numerous websites and guides available online, the biggest source of information today, but none of them explain but treat you as a professional. So here’s a guide which is for the budding Golfers who wish to understand the game of Golf right from the scratch. Don’t worry if you do not understand the terminologies of the Game, the equipment used in the game, the technicalities of the game from a learner’s perspective, the etiquette of the game and all the things you find it hard to understand from the existing sources available to you.

Further I’ll guide you through with expert guidance for choosing the best equipment and the gadgets used in the game. Each and every equipment required for Golf need to be carefully chosen according to the player and different playing conditions. You can find very handy tips about choosing Golf Clubs, rangefinders other equipment. You’ll be provided all the information and the comparison in a tabular form just to make the chose the best in the business.

Golf Course

The foremost thing everyone must know before entering into anything is to know about the field that you are going to play on. The Golf Course is usually a 18 Hole playground but can also be 9 holes in certain cases where in the players can cover Golf Course twice to complete the Game. The golfer is required set off from the teeing ground putting the ball into these holes one by one to complete the game. The player who completes the game in the minimum shots is the winner. There is no limitation to take the number of shots as such to complete the game. But the lesser the shots the better it is .The Layout of the layout of the Golf Course is as mentioned in the illustration here.


A typical Golf Course

As shown in the Picture, a golf course usually consists of the Following areas

  1. Tee Ground: This is the area from where the game sets off.   The players are required to take the Stroke from the Teeing Area. The club used to hit the Golf Ball from the Teeing Area is called Golf Driver. The player is required to hit the ball strong enough to land the ball nearest to the first hole.

2. Water Hazard: Water bodies are also a part of the Golf Courses around the Globe these days just to make the game more challenging for the Golfers. So water hazards are added to the Course by design. If a ball drops in the Water Hazard there are certain conditions with which a player can continue the game with penalty from outside the Water body or can chose to play within the water hazard itself. The player can also choose to start all over again from the Teeing Ground.

3.Rough: The Area which is around the Golf Course but still part of the course. As the name suggests, it’s not the usual course and can’t be played on easily. Like water hazards, these areas just add the challenge quotient of the Game. The Grass in this area is cut higher than the rest of the Golf Course.

4. Out Of Bounds: Just in case the Ball goes out of bounds, means, the ball is lost outside the water bodies or just go out of the boundary not to be found, you can continue the game with a penalty of one stroke from the place last shot was played with a provisional ball. Five minutes are allowed to find the ball, if you can’t you can continue with the provisional ball.

5. Sand Bunker: Again it’s another form of hazard and the most difficult in the Game. Usually there are pits in course filled up with sand, from where it’s the most difficult to hit the ball to the desired location and requires high degree of expertise.

6. Fairway: When a player takes a shot from the Teeing Ground, the stress is to land the ball in the Putting Green, the area between the Green and Teeing round is referred as Fairway. Other than the Green, the Fairway is the most advantageous area to land the ball, as the Grass is cut even as compared to the rough and our of bound areas but is still cut higher  than the Green Area.

7. Putting Green: This is the dream area for any Golfer to land the ball directly from the Teeing Ground. As the Grass is cut low and even making it easy to the take the shot and judge the direction of the ball towards the Hole. Often the hole is in direct line from the Teeing ground but in many cases, the it may bend leftwards, earning the name left dogleg, and right dogleg for otherwise. If it bends twice it is referred as double dogleg.

8. Hole: This is the final destination of the Ball and the Game. But depends if the game is a 9 Hole Game or an 18 Hole Game.

Golf Club Sets

Hope you must have had a fair bit of an idea about the Golf Course by now. Moving on, the next step, one need to have a Golf Club Set which is a get of different Golf Clubs required to play the game. Unlike other games, the golfers use different golf clubs to take different shots. I shall explain everything in details about the different Golf Clubs and the shots for which they are used in the next section. one can also learn more about different kind of golf clubs and golf irons in this blog. You may learn about the basics to choose the golf irons on the best beginner golf clubs page. The basics golf clubs present in any golfer’s Golf Club Sets are as explained:

  1. Drivers
  2. Fairway Woods or Hybrids
  3. Golf Irons
  4. Golf Putters

Golf Push Carts

Well, Golf push cart is one of the important equipment for the Golfers but as such its not the one without which a golfer could not do. These carts are basically used for transporting your Golf Clubs Sets and other belongings of the golfers along with through the Golf Course. The golf courses are too big to travel and if you have to travel with your Golf Bag on your shoulder it can be a real pain. Traditionally the caddies used to carry the Golf Bags but if you can’t afford one, then owning Golf Push Cart can be a boon for you and your game. They come in different styles and price range varies as per you wishlist in the cart. Check out some of the best Golf Cart Reviews to buy one online.

Golf Rangefinders

Its an technological advancement in the field of Golf used to judge the difference of the golfer from a point on the golf course like a Pole or flag. Though at some professional events the golfers are prohibited to use the golf range finders but for the golfers who play for fun and amusement, it can prove out to be a real help at the golf field. Its always advisable to read rangefinder reviews online before buying one. Basically the golf rangefinders come in two technologies;

  1. Golf Laser Rangefinders
  2. Golf PS Rangefinders

Golf Swing Analyzers

Just like golf range finders, the golf swing analyzers are yet another technological marvel to have amazed the golf lovers. Mastering the golf swing is the most difficult and arguably the most important aspect of the game of golf, but there have hardly been any sort of training aid earlier to help the golfers get their golf swing right other than practice. Here is this one invention which has helped the golfers get the real time feedback of their swing and the minute details about the errors they make while taking the shot. Swing analyzers helps to compare the swings with the professional golfers and make the golfers learn a lot. You can keep the data and fetch it as and when required to check the improvement. It requires the golfers to attach a small device on their golf glove, club shaft or club grip which is further sync to the smartphone to capture all the data. It being a costly device, it should be a good practice to look out for a reasonable source online for golf swing analyzer reviews before buying one.

Golf Bags

Golf Bags are yet another important equipment used by Golfers to carry their equipment on to the Golf course. There is a range of golf bags used by the players for storage as per their needs which basically can be categorized in four types i.e. Golf Stand Bags, Golf Travel Bags, Golf Carry bags and Golf Tour Bags. Professional golfers prefer golf tour bags where as the occasional golfers would prefer Golf Carry Bags or Golf stand bags. Whatever the need be, each golfer requires the best golf bags to carry their precious belongings.