Adams Golf Speedline Ladies Complete Set Review

Gear up with all the essentials required on the greens with this Adams Golf Speedline Steel Uniflex Set. The set is equipped with a whole course bag needed for improving the golfer’s performance. It includes a Driver, 6 Hybrid, 5 Wood, 7 Wood, Sand Wedge, 7-Pitching Wedge Irons and a Putter. Each included club is meant to optimize the key components of golfing, including trajectory and swing speed. Speedline complete set is an optimum choice for the golfers as it assists them in getting more distance, high speed of the ball and works upon for an elementary hit. The clubs are aerodynamically shaped while the Velocity Slot technology has been utilized in its engineering for an outstanding performance.

Adams Golf Speedline Steel Uniflex Set


  • Aerodynamic shaping of club heads for increased speed.
  • Higher Moment of Inertia for greater stability and accuracy.
  • Standard length for efficient handling of the clubs.
  • An advanced design of slot, while an enlarged spot for enhancement in play ability.
  • A lightweight golf bag for club protection and transportation.
  • Putter made up of soft stainless steel in a classic design to enhance the feel and style.
  • Head covers of metal wood for added indemnity.
  • Sand Wedges of RC 14 for more versatility and improvement in shot shaping.
  • Ultra-thin crown in hybrids to maintain lower center of gravity and optimize conditions of launching.

  • This complete set of Adams Golf helps the golfers in boosting their performance.
  • The advanced technology of Velocity Slot used in the engineering of clubs help to enhance the ball distance and speed.
  • Inclusion of an extremely light weight golf bag in the set makes it easier to carry the clubs to the course.
  • Provides ease of hit to the golfer.
  • Ideally suitable for ladies as it features ladies’ length and flex.
  • The set contains every essential club required for golfing.
  • High quality stainless steel used in the construction, makes the set highly durable.
  • Beginners can use the set very easily as compared to other tricky golf club sets.
  • Pricing of the set is comparatively low.

  • Putter included in the set is not upgraded. The users might need to purchase another one that has a high quality and fits their putting style.
  • This set is not suitable for regular usage. It works efficiently only when used occasionally.

Final Verdict

Adams Golf Speedline Steel Uniflex Set has been truly recommended by its users. It is amongst the best golf club sets in terms of quality and cost. The set is perfect for beginner male as well as female golfers as it can be used conveniently with no hassles. From driver to putter, this complete uniflex set contains all elements of golfing which are induced with high quality stainless steel for durability and a comfort feel. This highly versatile set can be carried along effortlessly with a premium golf bag provided along, while providing protection of the clubs on the greens.

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    Robert Diddings May 28, 2017 at 6:55 am

    I haven’t use the hole set but the 6 Hybrid and the 7 Wood are definitely better than their Callaway’s alternatives!

    • Reply
      Tom Davies May 28, 2017 at 8:46 am

      Hi Robert, thanks for the insight. I hit the lower wood alternatives from both Adams and Callaway, and didn’t think there was too much of a difference, but Adams are known for creating great higher woods. Stay in touch!

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