Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover Review

The Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot grip Wheeled Travel Cover is a highly sought after option for most of the winners among the golfing peers. The creative underline design uses a 360-degree technology, which has a patent pending handle with the pivot Grip which helps make it easier for you to carry it without requiring much exertion on your wrist and arms. For all the fervent golfers out there it’s a boon, as it makes it a rejoicing experience to carry your golf bag while you travel to hotels and airports. This is a perfect choice for all the golfers who love playing golf out of town and on a regular basis.bag boy golf travel bag

Bag Boy T 2000 Golf Travel Cover Review


The Bag Boy T-2000 made up of 1680d nylon has a higher durability because of the larger Denier count, indicated by d. 1680d, which shows that it is woven densely, as a result of  which the bag’s fabric is highly robust and resilient to use. Most high-end models are in the range of 1800d-2500d, so 1680 is a large number. To provide protection and steadiness, the bag comes with a PVC-molded plastic at the bottom rear of the bag boy travel bag.

Top Notch Handle

Undoubtedly, it’s most striking feature is the Pivot Grip patent pending handle which makes it easier to change directions.  This golf club travel bags made up of the highly durable nylon is built with an ultra-thick top.

Compression Strap

Unlike many other golf bags, this particular bag has internal compression traps which makes it sure that even after an extensive travelling, the clubs are in balanced position. Its internal compression strap helps tuck away the clubs safely and securely.

bag boy golf travel bags reviews

Key Features

  • A full wrap around its main lockable zipper simplifies accessing gear as and when you want.
  • Has the capacity to fit ten inch cart bag and a 48 inch driver directly and conveniently.
  • It consists of two sufficiently large pockets for accommodating garments.
  • This bag is made up of spectacular quality, slip resistant and sufficiently large sized base and is designed with a highly durable material, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which adds on to its strength.
  • It consists of an oversized accessory pocket to fit in shoes and other golf items.
  • The wrap around pad at the top is especially thick
  • Its aligned skate wheels help the user to roll the bag with ease.

  • This bag boy travel bag is a most preferred choice for many golf players because of its lightweight nature and its ability to be loaded without creating any hassles.
  • The wheels roll quietly and smoothly
  • Its short backing is convenient for users as it can be easily folded for storage.

  • The bag has to be laid down as it does not stand up well on its own because of the short plastic back at the rear of the Bag Boy T-2000.

Final Verdict
This is probably the finest of all the bags I have tried so far, which does not show signs of tear and wear as earlier as other bags do. The finely padded top, dainty stitching and the denier strength are sufficient to provide its customers with ease and comfort. With a metal clip on the back of this bag will allow you to carry strap. This bag has enough space to keep extra liquid. It has solid zippers and the handles and rollers are of high quality. I personally would recommend keen players to buy this meticulous bag which serves the purpose very well. Click here to go to home page.


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