Best Beginner Golf Clubs Sets 2017

Looking for the Best Beginner Golf Clubs is the foremost thing that any budding golfer aims at, to start the fascinating journey of Golf Experience. To chose the Best Golf Clubs For Beginners and golf clubs sets one  need to keep in mind a few but very basic things in mind to prevent the mistakes that might come in your way due to inexperience or in a desperation to get on to the golf course. Here in this blog, my endeavor is to help such novice choose their best golf equipment right from the start and enjoy their golfing experience to the fullest.

Top 5 Complete Golf Club Sets For Beginners

  • Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set
  • 18 Piece Golf Set - 12 Clubs, 5 Headcovers, 1 Bag
  • Available in Left/Right Orientation
  • Shipping Weight - 21.5 Lbs
  • Wilson Profile HL Complete Package Golf Set
  • 15 Piece Golf Set -11 Clubs, 3 Headcovers, 1 Bag
  • Available in Left/Right Orientation
  • Shipping Weight - 20.6 Lbs
  • Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Club Set with Bag (12-Piece)
  • 12 Piece Golf Set - 9 Clubs, 2 Headcovers, 1 Bag
  • Available in Left/Right Orientation
  • Shipping Weight - 20.1 Lbs
  • Nextt Golf Men's Pro Score N Elite Complete Set
  • 17 Piece Golf Set - 11 Clubs, 5 Head Covers, 1 Bag
  • Available in Right Hand Orientation
  • Shipping Weight - 19.2 Lbs
  • Wilson Men's 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Standard
  • 14 Piece Golf Set -10 Clubs, 3 Head Cover, 1 Bag
  • Available in Left/Right Orientation
  • Shipping Weight -

Choosing the best golf club set for beginners can be a tricky business as people, often get overwhelmed about the types, uses, quality and Golf clubs brands . So knowing the golf club components and uses of different golf clubs must be given due importance.. Its a costly investment and hence calls for wise thinking before you zero in on your best golf club set. As a beginners one must refrain from spending dollars in thousands, as you are gonna spend a lot of time practicing and on the course going to develop a better understanding of game as well as your requirements with regard to your clubs. There are some other factors to keep in mind as mention below in this article before buying a beginner golf clubs set.

Best Golf Club Sets Reviews 


Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate – Best Golf Club Set For Men

Callaway is not only the leading Golf accessories manufacturer but also a popular brand and user’s first choice in the USA. Its Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set that comes with a bag is one of its best deals. Callaway Men’s Strata is a complete 18-piece golf set available at the best price online. Callaway Strata is ideal for beginner and average golf players. They provide their gold set package at a reasonable price without sacrificing the quality. In fact, I found this golf set perfect for those struggling with lofting the ball up in the air or hitting off the tee.Read More

  • It helps to improve your golf game.
  • The clubs are professional, and you feel great holding them.
  • Well-balanced and good weight.
  • Attractive golf bag and set.

  • The bag or the clubs don’t have Callaway logo, while they are from the original manufacturer.


Wilson Profile HL Complete – Best Starter Golf Club Set

Wilson Profile HL Complete Package Golf Set

Wilson Profile HL Complete Package Golf Set is the ultimate golf set for beginners that promises to fulfill all your needs and is built to improve your game to the professional level. Its clubs are the best in the market, while the brand itself is amongst the top selling in the entire USA. The company uses unique technology for the construction of their golf accessories so that you get high-quality clubs, drivers, putters, and all other necessary items that your ‘head is turning’ elegant golf bag must have inside it. Read More

  • Golf set includes 15-pieces including the driver, fairway wood, hybrids, irons 5-SW, putters, bag and head covers.
  • Has an elegant design that helps to achieve longer distances and better control.
  • Clubs are so made that they offer you faster swing speeds.
  • The fairway wood is quite durable.
  • Its hybrid technology offers the ease of hitting the golf ball longer than the irons.

  • The price is a bit high as compared to other brands, but not much.


Callaway Men’s Strata Complete – Best Golf Set For Intermediates

The Callaway Men’s Strata 12-Piece Golf Set with Bag comes with everything you need to hit the golf ball with precision and accuracy. It is the ideal solution for your golfing needs. You’ll feel like a pro golfer holding its very forgiving clubs that are designed to push your game to the next level.

While the whole golf set is equipped with all the accessories that golf player needs, the bag itself has an elegant beauty and comes with a shoulder strap for easy portability on the golf course. In fact, it is a stand bag. You can also place it in a bag Wheeler and carry it with ease. Read More

  • This 12-Piece golf set helps you to improve your game.
  • The clubs are amazing! They are well-balanced and have a good weight that gives a powerful punch.
  • It’s an ideal and affordable solution for the beginner golf enthusiasts.
  • The bag looks very stylish and is convenient as well to carry your stuff quickly across the golf course.

  • I personally feel that the bag is quite heavy, and the inner material doesn’t seem of good quality.


Nextt Golf Men’s Pro Score N Elite Complete 17-Pice Set Review

TheNextt Golf Men’s Pro Score N Elite Golf Set is one of the prevalent golf sets. It is a complete 17 Set Piece made for the Right Hand Outfit is truly an amazing product to choose to enhance your golf game. Not only that but the product comes with a very attractive price tag as well, and this is why, the Nextt Golf Set is the beginner’s first choice. It is made for the right-hand outfit.

Its progressive weighting offers you a dynamic weight control through its positive placement of weight. This also helps you in achieving exact launch patterns and offers the utmost in forgiveness. Read More

  • Those who are committed to pursuing their career as professional golf players, in the long run, the Nextt Golf Men’s Pro Score N Elite is the best option for them. It isn’t expensive at all and would meet all your requirements.
  • Unlike most of the beginner golf sets that tend to be costly, the Nextt Golf Men’s Pro Score N Elite 17-Piece Golf Set is extremely affordable, especially if it’s your first try with a golf set.
  • The club’s shafts are lightweight and are ideally made for the beginners. They dramatically enhance the swing rate and give high lofts.

  • The shoulder strap is quite small.


Wilson Men’s 2015 Ultra – Best Golf Club Set For The Money

If you are looking for the best beginner golf clubs that can help you improve the fascinating journey of golf experience, then the Wilson Men’s 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set is your best option. They have focused on some of the world’s best golf clubs and irons that will improve your aim, strength, precision, and accuracy. Their clubs are capable of giving maximum forgiveness and help you strike the sweet spot consistently. Most of the newbies face the problem of inconsistency to hit the ball with the sweet spot. However, with the Wilson Men’s 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set and their large golf clubs, there will be a negligible chance of missing your sweet spot. Read More

  • Best for beginners and average golfers.
  • Comes at a very reasonable price.
  • It includes 1 Driver, 4 Hybrids, 3 Fairway Woods, 5-PW Irons and Putters.
  • Shaft made from iron steel that makes it durable.
  • Comes with both right and left-handed golf players.

  • A few users have complained that they faced mix-hits.


Choosing The Best Golf Clubs For Starters

A complete pro set contains somewhere around 12-17 clubs in it with a driver, fairway wood, irons, hybrid clubs, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter. Below I have shared some useful information on all the necessary things you must have in your golf club set.


The driver is the biggest club in your club set bag. The driver has a steep face, usually between 7.5 to 13 degrees, and it is commonly used off a tee. Only the pro golfers with years of experience use the driver on the fairway, that too under some particular conditions.

Fairway Woods

A complete golf club set consists of 3-wood that has a loft between 12 and 17 degrees. Some sets also include a 5-wood with a loft between 18 and 23 degrees. The fairway woods can be hit off the tee and ground when they are presented with a good lie. Most of the fairway woods have large heads that are quite similar to the drive, but they are shallower and boast a lower sweet spot, pointing towards the bottom of the club.


A golf club set must have a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The wedges are just like the irons, but their face is more open, and they point higher and send the ball a shorter distance with a greater height when struck with power. Players use wedges for high flops along with backspin that makes the ball stop quickly.


Your golf club set must include 1 blade or mallet putter. It is one of the most commonly player clubs and is used in majority holes of the golf. Putters have a flat face that gives minimal loft to the ball. Its primary purpose it to make the ball roll along the ground.


In a standard golf club set, there are irons ranging from 1 to 9, but most of the sets have irons ranging from 5 to 9. The hybrids replace lower number irons. The irons help you slice through the thick lies because of their thin face. Whether you are hitting on rough surface or sand, you still get the ability to put maximum force on the golf ball. Normally, irons are played off the ground, however; in the case of par 3s, the players will use them off the tee.


A standard golf club set will have 2 or 3 hybrids usually numbered #3 to #5. The hybrids are easier to hit as compared to the long iron. Hybrids combine the elements of woods and irons, making the club convenient for you to hit cleanly. The hybrids, just like the irons, have a shallower face that allows the player to play out of tighter lies.

When shopping for your first set of clubs, it is by and large preferred to under spend over to overspend. Truth is told, once you realize that you’ll be a long-term golfer, you’ll have a lot of time to overhaul – on the off chance that you think it’s important – later on.What components would it be a good idea for you to consider before buying your first full set of golf clubs? Here are a few things to remember when you begin shopping for your first golf set.


How to Choose a Golf Club Set – The Options

What actually makes choosing the clubs hard sometimes is the fact that there are now just so many types and designs of golf clubs and all have different features which you have to consider before making that final decision. You have to take into account your own golfing style including your skill level, individual swing and other important golfing needs, such as what you are trying to achieve in your personal golfing goals. A quick overview of the top golf clubs in general might help you start this process to choose the right golf club for your particular requirements.

Cast Iron Golf Clubs

You will find that a cast iron golf club is unsurprisingly made from cast iron with most of the weight in the golf club distributed around the perimeter .This gives these clubs a larger sweet spot making them easier to use and a really great starter golf club for the beginner or in fact any golfer who might have any sort of problem with making full contact.

Forged Iron Golf Clubs

The forged iron golf club is more often the type of golf club used by better golfers and professionals because of its inherent design and the additional functionality it provides. The center of the forged golf clubs is its’ center of gravity with the front of the club being a little bit heavier. Anyone who is a more experienced golf player might wish to consider this type of golf club.

Graphite vs. Steel Shafts – How to Choose a New Shaft

Shouldn’t Something be Said About a Club Fitting? In the event that your first set of clubs is going to be a new one, you should seriously mull over a club fitting. Numerous showing geniuses do a top to bottom club fitting that keeps going 30-45 minutes. On the off chance that you don’t do that, then being measured in a professional shop to verify the clubs you pick are well-suited to your body sort won’t do any harm. The standard, off-the-rack length for golf clubs compares to a male who is 5-foot-10 inches. In the event that you are around that size, then standard will likely work fine and dandy. In the event that much shorter or taller, get fitted.

New vs. Utilized In case you’re unsure of your commitment to golf, or in the event that you have a history of taking up a side interest just to drop it later, utilized clubs may be a decent decision. They’ll be much less expensive, obviously, than new. What’s more on the grounds that they’ll be so much less expensive, they could be effectively supplanted later.•


Other Factors To Consider Before You Buy A Golf Clubs Set

Distinguish Your Golf Goals Settle on your objectives before you set out for some shopping, on the grounds that recognizing sensible objectives will make shopping much simpler. Case in point, on the off chance that you are taking up the amusement so hopefully you can play twice a year with your brother by marriage, there’s no compelling reason to invest much time, exertion or cash on choosing clubs. In the event that you are uncontrollably eager about golf and anticipate playing each chance you get, your sights may be set higher. Sincerely Assess Your Levels of Interest and Dedication Before you can decide the extent to which you’re eager to use, and on what gauge of clubs, you should genuinely evaluate your commitment. Will you be rehearsing much? It is safe to say that you are eager to take golf lessons? In the event that you reply “no” or “likely not,” then less expensive clubs may be the best approach. Replying “yes” could be a sign that you’re not pointing excessively high in the event that you need something more extravagant.

Set Your Budget Golf clubs could be extremely costly. The extent to which you are ready to use may be attached to how committed to the diversion you think you’ll be. Then again, in the event that you have a lot of cash to use and need first class supplies, let it all out. A decent choice for some novices, on the other hand, is searching for an economical first set. That way, on the off chance that you don’t finish the amusement, you haven’t squandered much cash.

Understanding Shaft Options Two rudiments of golf shafts that amateurs ought to most give careful consideration to are – shaft organization (steel or graphite) and shaft flex (the amount, the pole curves amid the swing). Graphite is lighter and can help produce swing rate; steel is more solid and less expensive. Women and seniors will in all likelihood profit from graphite shafts with a gentler flex. More youthful, stronger men may run with standard or solid shafts, however remember that most showing stars say numerous golfers utilization shafts that are excessively hardened.

Golf Club Size

Obviously size matters when you play golf so make sure you carefully consider the size of the club in relation to your skill level and style. Consider whether you need a standard sized golf club, a mid-sized or oversized clubs. If you are a female golfer then you should consider the size ranges which are now specifically designed and built for female golfers. You will find that a standard club is smaller than the mid sized or over-size which means that sweet spot is smaller too. Thus it is usual to find more advanced players and professionals using the standard club. In general midsize golf clubs are really great because they will always have a bigger sweet spot. They are a little bit larger than the standard golf club, which means that the average player will find them easier to use effectively. Mid size golf clubs are also easier to control and that’s what make them attractive for many amateur golfers. In most cases oversized golf clubs are more often than not used by seniors and older people but will usually include those individuals and learners who have problems hitting the ball straight. The only problems being the difficulty to control these clubs because of their weight. However this issue is often ignored because of the huge sweet spot which makes your ball go so much further when you make contact! Check out our golf store for many different ranges of golf clubs and for you women golfers consider the best ladies golf clubs to get that perfect fit.

The Different Types of Golf Clubs


Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

Best Beginner Golf Clubs

A beginner’s driver should ideally be big in head size resulting in a larger hitting area or the sweet spot. The weight behind the club face helps to strike the ball far enough, making it the ideal feature for the most forgiving drivers around. To increase the backspin and lessen the possibility of left or right curves, it is always advisable to have an additional loft of 12-15 degrees which will ultimately give your shots the required height for your drives. Drivers are generally used to hit long shots like the one from teeing ground to the green. These are normally used when the ball is to travel 400 yards or more from the tee. You might be wondering as a beginner, how would you measure the distance but don’t worry, you have got the technology to help you in the form of rangefinders to measure the distance from the target. You can get the help to choose one after reading the golf rangefinder reviews here.


Best Golf Irons

Golf Iron ReviewsOne of the biggest mistakes that can be made by a golfer is to spend a lot of money on golf irons that are not right for their game and swing. The right set of golf irons from the right brand should snugly fit a golfer’s game and swing just like a bespoke suit. With the advanced technology that all of the modern golf equipment manufacturers use to produce their irons, it is much easier to design and produce clubs that match many different swing types. You can find sets of irons that are best suited for lower handicap players, while many focus on the higher handicap players. While there are many manufacturers with their flagship irons, this does not mean that any of these will be best suited for your individual game.


Best Golf Fairway Woods

Best Fairway Woods

To play in the fairway or a rough, the best would be a hybrid or wood for their low center of gravity and more of a loft together. To get the ball high in the air from the rough, or sand bunker or fairway and to also extract more distance out of your shots, it will always be best. The low center of gravity will also help you keep your shots truer giving more impetus on backspin and reducing the chance of top spin or side spin which tend your shots to curve around.


Best Golf Putters

Best Golf Putters

Well finding the Right Putter can be the game changer for any golfer, as it can make all the difference in the death hours. It can be really frustrating to lose the game owing to a bad choice of Putter. One can easily be overwhelmed by choices available in the market, and picking the the ideal golf putter could really be challenge and require a masterful advice by a professional.


Best Golf Wedges

Best Golf Putters

As a beginner, you are always told to carry a pitching wedge(PW) or a sand wedge(SW). Many golfers tend to relate to the wedges only by the loft angle and often undermine the need of different types of wedges available and being increasingly used by professionals. A detailed study about the types of wedges would certainly add to value to your game. Go to the Golf wedges section to learn more about golf wedges in detail and find out the top selling golf wedges in the market with all the features and top comparison.


Best Golf Chippers

A chipper closely resembles the structure of the putter (hence, some also call it putter-chipper). Most chippers have a loft close to around 30 to 37 degrees. As the name of club hints at, a chipper helps you take chip shots while hitting your usual putting stroke. For beginners, using a chipper instead of a high-lofted iron such as wedge could be way easier. Some store owners might encourage you to but double-sided chippers. Don’t fall prey to that. According to USGA RULE 4-1/3, a chipper club should always have only one side. So that concludes all for Best Beginner Golf Clubs from my side.

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