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Buying An Electric Golf Push Cart – Factors To Consider

Now used by all age group of players, an Electric Golf Push Cart transports the golf equipment of the golfers electronically and ensures they save all their energy and use it to focus on their shots. There are many factors which you need to consider before making a final decision on the one you would like to buy.
Construction Material: There are three different material used for golf equipment-Aluminum, Titanium and Steel. The biggest advantage of Aluminum is its light weight. Carts made of Aluminum are very easy to maneuver. The only disadvantage is that the metal may dent easily due to its soft finish. With regards to Titanium, it is not only light weight but also strong which makes it very well suited to golf equipments. Since it is comparative new, it is more expensive than Aluminum and steel. Steel is the strongest, durable, but heaviest option and will feel lighter only if it is mounted on stable wheels.
Weight: Even though the cart works with batteries and you don’t have to carry the equipment, you still have to steer it around the golf course and drag it out of your car or locker room. If it has Lead Acid Batteries, they could be quite heavy to lift in and out of the car. However, most of the electronic carts now come with Lithium Batteries, which are smaller and lighter.
Speed: There are different ways of control in different Electric Golf Push Carts. Some may have a simple on/off button with a pre-set level of power; some could have a speed dial that allows progressive level of speed that you can easily control. Some high-end push carts have braking system for slowing the trolley when going down the hill, which is highly recommended if your usual golf terrain is hilly or the weight of the trolley or bag on slopes is too much for you.
Assembling: Most of the trolleys are easy to assemble/collapse and are either fold-able or three-piece detachable designs. Some carts allow the wheels to be removed for easy storage and transport. Either way one should test the cart on how easy it is to assemble and collapse.
Size: It is important to check the size of the cart when not in use. You really do not want to struggle fitting the cart in the boot of your car or the locker room. Though most of the carts are designed to be stored in car boot, but there are a variety of options for how the cart folds, so you should try before you buy.
Handle Height: Ensure that the height of the handle of your cart is right for your height so that you don’t have to bend to operate as it might put pressure on your back. Some of the models have adjustable handles so don’t forget to check them out too!
Battery Life and Recharging Batteries: It play a vital role in the purpose of having an electric cart. So check out what the life span is, how long the battery lasts on a single charge and how quickly it can be recharged. One should investigate the life span of the battery and how many holes it can run for. It is equally important to know how long it takes to recharge. Depending on how many rounds you play, you would need to decide whether to buy a spare battery or a long life battery. Correct chargers are also important to keep the battery working at optimum.
Accessories: Most of the three-wheel carts come with a range of accessories like umbrella holder, drink holder, GPS/Phone Cradle, Distance functions, Scorecard Holders, Rain Covers and even USB ports for charging phone. Most of the modern trolleys have many of these features built into the cart, but some of them you might need to buy. Remember that they will increase the cost and also it’s worth checking whether they can be fitted into the cart at the same time. So plan ahead and work out the features you want and the total cost of the trolley.

Given the fact that Electric Golf Push Cart runs on batteries, some electric carts have lot of bells and whistles on the display screen, some of them are useful and some might not be. Battery indicators, time and power level are quite helpful, distance measuring and pedometers might not be, as they only work if you go in a straight line to your ball which is highly unlikely and they only tell you the distance you have gone and not what is still left. Now-a-days most of the Electric Golf Push Cart manufacturers also supply matching golf bags which could be of a good value if bought together. Also they will fit the trolley more securely compared to bags brought of other brands. So go ahead, make this investment but keep the above mentioned factors in mind!

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