Best Golf Bags 2017 With Comparison Chart

This page aims at providing the readers with Best Golf Bags Reviews, so that its easier for the golfers to know what they have to look for while choosing their golf bag online. Golfers use to have caddies to carry their golf equipment. Today, golfers either carry their own bags or use a golf cart. Golf clubs are expensive and sometimes insanely over-priced.  The amount of money that golfers invest in golf clubs & other equipment is what drives them to look for the best golf bag that suits their need of storing their costly equipment. Finding the perfect golf bag for your needs can sometimes be a confusing and overwhelming process.  You can opt to chose the best golf bag as mentioned in the table. These Golf bags are best sellers online with good user rating.

Top 5 Cool Golf Bags – A Comparison 

  • Sun Mountain 2015 C-130 Golf Cart Bag
  • Weight-10 Pounds
  • Key Fetaures: Two velour-lined valuables pockets, Rainhood, Rangefinder Pocket, Forward Facing Pockets
  • Club Organization: 14 Way, Full Length Dividers Accessories Pockets: 9
  • Callaway 2015 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag
  • Weight-<5 LBS
  • Key Features: E Trolley Base, Integrated Grab Handles, Rain Hood, Accessories Pockets
  • Club Organization: 14 Way, Full Length Dividers Accessories Pockets: 12
  • Callaway Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag
  • Weight-<5 LBS
  • Key Features: Water Resistant, Velour Lined Valuables Pocket with Key Fob, Ergonomic EVAFoam Core with Soft Mesh Padding
  • Club Organization: 5 Way, Full Length Dividers Accessories Pockets: 8
  • Nike Golf Air Sport Carry Stand Bag
  • Weight: 4.72 Lbs
  • Key Features: Water Resistant, Insulated Cooler Pocket, Adjustable Strap
  • Club Organization: 8 Way, 3 Full Length Dividers Accessories Pockets: 9
  • New Ray Cook Golf RCC-1 Cart Bag
  • Weight-10 Lbs
  • Key Features: Easy-Lift Rubberized Grip Handle, 14 Way Top, Integrated Putter Well, Insulated Cooler Pocker
  • Club Organization: 14 Way Top, No Interior Dividers Accessories Pockets: 8

Best Golf Bags Reviews 2017


Sun Mountain 2015 C-130 Golf Stand BagCallaway 2015 Org 14 Golf Cart BagCallaway Hyper Lite 5 Golf Stand BagNike Air Sport Stand BagRay Cook Golf Cart Bag

Best Golf Bags

This golf cart bag is a perfect one in terms of appearance and function. The style of the bag and the functional chains that are attached in the bag makes it one of the most perfect one for daily usage, while you go to the golf ground. The bag is having all the features that you need, including a stand to place it. So what else you need in it?

It has got the excellent view, which is going to make you look smart. Only smartness will not do for you, since this is not a general bag, but a utility one. Still the appearance of the bag, along with the features and space it is having makes it one of the most appealing carrier for your purpose. Just take a look at the appearance and the pockets it is having.

The black golf cart bag of Sun mountain is available in different other colors. All of them are having the same facility in them. It is having number of pockets, making it a valuable one. You can accommodate all the things in the bag, including your sticks and juice bottles. The two velour-lined chained pockets are going to be ideal for your carriage and finally the rain hood – It’s absolutely fabulous for your daily usage.

The full length dividers of the bag and the four pockets are going to be ideal in terms of daily usages. You are going to get the perfect features in the bag, especially as a carrier purpose, when you go to the golf ground. So get the good looking Sun mountain grand golf cart for yourself and accommodate all the things, that you usually take to the golf ground. It is secured enough for your regular usage, where you can accommodate the ice packs too.

Customized Golf BagThis golf cart bag is an outstanding one, in terms of styles and in terms of usage. You can use this bag for regular usage to your golf ground. There are several pockets in the cart bag and that makes the bag even better than the others. The 10.5” Top is going to give you a perfect support, while you carry that bag to the golf ground. For your carriage and easiness, the bag is having 2 grabbing handles.

There are 13 overall pockets in the model and all of them are thermal lined. Velour lined pockets are easy for you to use and they will be even more valuable for your specification. All the pockets are different, where you will find separate pockets for carrying your balls and meshes. You will find some additional features in the cart and they are going to give you an umbrella holding pocket and a e-trolley based support too.

The design of this golf cart bag is sobers. The holistic looks of the bag are supported with a stand at the bottom, assisting you to place the bag anywhere. The full bag is having a linen, which makes it along with the 13 pockets waterproof. Along with all the things that you will find attached with the bag, you will get an additional facility in the bag too. This is the look of the bag. The exceptional look of the bag is going to give aa special comfort, that you have not assessed yet.

The pockets of the bag are separated for different purposes. Some of them are water resistant, some of them are for carriage of balls, umbrellas and even there are GPS pockets. They are really good in all aspect and that is the major plus point, you will find with this bag.

Golf Tour BagUse this smart and trendy bag from Callaway. It is having all the essential features that a golf cart bag must have. Along with that you will get an additional advantage in it – the stand. This will allow you to keep the bag safe with all the things in it safe, while you place it on the golf ground. The bag is having flex attached to it, making it even smarter. The light weight of the bag is 5 Lbs and that is really a light weight one.

The style of the bag is really good. It is one of the features that you cannot even imagine. There are 8 pockets in this bag and they are all dedicated for different usages. The handle that the bag is equipped with is a five stage one and that is going to give you an accurate filler to the entire getup. Now there is the stand in the bag, which is for utility purpose, but is surely to add some extra attraction towards the bag.

The first thing that you will get in this bag is a soft padding. This will help you to get the real time comfort, while carrying the bag. The best feature in the cart is the outstanding light weight. There are total eight pockets, each having special features in them. You will get a water resistant pocket and even one with velour line. There is one for balls and one of them is full body apparel.

Flex activation in the bag makes it an outstanding cart to be carried to the golf ground. You are really going to be questioned and praised for this bag – there is no doubt in that, but you will not have to rely on the looks alone. Go with the utility and usage of the bag.

Best Golf BagNike is a brand having a unique style statement and this bag reiterates its brand position having all the features, you need, in a nutshell. The excellent design of the bag and the outstanding quality of the bag material will please you, while you carry that to the golf ground. The bag is available in three colors. Among all the three, you might prefer black the most, but the silvery one is the ideal, in terms of look. The feel factor is same in all the three bags.

The best thing in the bag is its set of features. You can find some more features in bags, but this one is having the essential features only. So you are going to get the most compact golf cart bag. It is having a stand to keep it erect, while you concentrate on golf at the ground, but the best feature in it is the waterproof nature. The bag is having fleece line pockets, all waterproof, supporting you to carry the bag in morning due. Cooler pocket in the bag and the strap system of the bag is even more decent.

The bag is not having excess pockets, which you will never use. It is having pockets, meant for your use alone. Both the sides are having four pockets, dedicated for your ball carriage and other necessary functions. The bag is having a perfect top and bottom with a strap, separating the two ends. Thus you are going to get the best bag for your daily use.

The best part of the bag is its support. You are going to get the decent stand with the bag, that will assist you in the grounds. All the things inside will remain intact, since the stand will not allow the bag to lie on the ground. Avail the bag online, since it is liked by most users.

Golf Cart BagThis bag again is one of the best among all the golf cart bags. You can get this bag in a combination of three colors. Red, white and black are three colors that you will get in this bag. The features of the bag are excellent and it is having 8 excellent pockets. The complete impression of the bag is going to be an excellent one for your regular usage. You are going to get the most important feature in your system.

If you are looking for a real stylish bag, this is the best one for you. You can get a real admiring look in it and that is going to give you a style that holistic and utility oriented. You are going to get the best features from the cart bag, in terms of looks and in terms of utility too. Thus select this option for you and look what praises are waiting for you, while you reach the golf ground.

There is separate arrangement in the bag, for all the things, you will be talking with you to the golf ground. This includes, the outstanding feature for you, with 9 bags and definite cooler pocket. They are extraordinarily designed and ultimately they are going to serve your purpose accurately. You are going to get the credit among your friends and partners for the professional look of the bag too.

The final thing that you like in this bag is the get up of it. It is the most decent thing in the bag and you are going to get the fullest support from the bag too. The luxurious look of the bag and the outstanding feature of it is going to catch your attention. so get this bag online as it is having the top features with it attached.

Choosing The Best Golf Bags

Type of The Golf Bag

The first and the foremost thing one need to ascertain while choosing cool golf bags, is, the type of a golf bag which largely depends on a few factors. The market is flooded with different brands manufacturing large ranges of Golf Stand Bags/Carry Bags, Golf Cart Bags, Golf Travel Bags etc. The one who uses Golf Carts to walk around the golf course would obviously opt for a Golf Cart Bag and people who walk around should go for Golf Stand/Carry Bag. If you shuttle between different golf courses around the Golf Travel bag has to be the choice for you.


You need to be sure about your Golfing requirements.  How frequently you play golf? How many Golf equipment do you carry to a golf game? How many clubs do you play with? Where are you going to play (Terrain)? What is the kind of money you wish to invest in a golf bag? All these queries will lead you to the choice of a suitable golf bag for you.


What sort of a treatment your golf bag is likely to get? Is it going to bounce around the back of your vehicle when you travel around? Or are you just going out once a month for a gentle 9-hole stroll at a nearby resort? The tougher the treatment, the better quality and more robust the bag’s material and design needs to be.

Color and Appearance

Choosing the color and appearance of the Golf Bag has more to do with golfer’s choice than anything else. Golf bags come in different shapes and colors with variety of features, one has to make own choice as per taste.


Weight of the Golf Bag is another factor which is rated very high in its choice. Golfers who tend to travel a lot on and off the course would always prefer the lightweight golf bags even though lightweight golf bags are costlier; still the golfers usually opt for them. But if you are using good golf pull carts, you may even go for heavier but cheap bag as well.


The width of the Golf Bag is too important to ignore. Golf Club comes in different lengths and the club heads too are over sized some times, thus having a wider bag is a wise.


Storage Capacity of the Golf Bag is yet another feature which enriches one’s Golfing experience on the course. With so many gadgets and accessories being used in the game. The provision of storing them safely and aptly becomes indispensible. The no. of pockets, provision for storing best laser rangefinder and golf swing analyzer etc. and cooler pockets are high on demand by golfers.

Height Of The Bag

The height of the Golf Bag ensures the safety and proper storage of your golf clubs. But the golf bag’s height should also compliment the height of the golfer to make golfing an enjoyable feat. Optimum height of the Right Golf Bags ensures the safety of the Golf Clubs as well as the ease of operation for golfers.

Dividers For Club Protection

The Best of Golf Bags come equipped with full length club dividers these days to help the golfer keep their clubs safe and easy to take out and dip in. This feature keeps the clubs safe from damage.


With so many accessories available today for golfers, it becomes imperative to know that what all accessories are being supplied by the retailer, if there are any, or at least confirm the provisions that exist on a golf bag to add accessories. Normally Rain Hoods, Score Card Clip and Bottle holders are the most useful provisions one may have.


The Guarantee period/term is one last thing that you need to check before hitting the “Buy Now” tab. Almost all the best golf bags brands offer a limited period warranty.

Different Types of Golf Bags

Golf Bags can broadly be categorized in four types as explained below, though the usability of a golf bag remains the same in all categories, still they differ in their handling and carrying. Golfers as per their convenience, need and travelling opt to choose different styles of golf bags.

Stand Bags/Carry BagsGolf Stand Bag

This is the most common golf bag found around. probably. Players who want to walk and play for longer periods and regularly opt choose such a bag. It’s quite a light weight golf bag that has a built in stand mechanism that holds it upright when the player needs to sit it down.  They are very convenient for both playing the game and using for practice. The stand of this bag keeps it at a level which is convenient to choose a club. This bag usually has adequate storage for most players and has many different types of straps to make carrying the bag more comfortable. The stand bag isn’t only for players who prefer to walk the course.  This bag can easily and conveniently be used with good golf pull carts.  This give players a choice when playing with friends who chose to ride or walk.

Golf Cart Bags

Golf Cart Bag

Many players, of all ages, use golf carts every time they play the game.  Because of this, many manufacturers make golf bags just for those who enjoy using the cart to play the game. These bags are generally a larger in size than the stand bag.  Most players who use golf carts aren’t worried as much about weight as players who walk.  Because of this, these bags can be made of heavier material. The cart bag usually has a little more storage as compared to the carry bag and the frame of the bag is made to be a little heavier and sturdier.  There is plenty of room in these bags to haul all of your golf gadgets such as a golf laser rangefinder or golf swing analyzer. The base of the cart bag is made perfectly to fit in to the area provided on the golf cart.  This along with the cart strap makes the bag stay perfectly in place without moving around.  A golf cart will bang the clubs around more than walking.  Because of this, these bags usually have more dividers placed in them. The cart golf bag is great for those of you who use golf carts a lot.  It still can be carried but is not as convenient as the stand golf bag.

Staff/Tour BagsGolf Tour Bag
These are the types of golf bags you see caddies on the professional tour carrying.  They come with every amenity except for the kitchen sink.  Usually they have a company name or sponsor printed on the side. Tour bags are generally very large and made of leather.  They have more storage than almost anyone (except my wife) will need.  The pockets are huge and the dividers for the clubs are plush and large. There aren’t very many golfers who will need this type of bag.  Typically these bags are very expensive and tremendously heavy.  While they typically will work with a golf cart, although it might hang over, you will get a workout just lifting it from the car. If you are a body builder or a professional player this may be the best golf bag for you.

Travel Golf Bags

Golf Travel Bag

The golf bags are made to protect your investment while travelling.  These are specialty bags that really don’t serve many other purposes. Travel bags are manufactured by many different Brands. You can find them in all kinds of different sizes and colors.  Generally, these bags do a tremendous job of keeping your clubs safe while going on a golf vacation. We all know how hard airlines can be on luggage and at the price of travel golf bags, this is a no brainer to buy before you take your clubs anywhere.  Read all of our travel golf bag reviews to help you decide which is the right one for your needs.


Golf Bag is an essential part of Golfer’s belongings for it enables the golfers to manage, store and maintain their golf equipment safely. Other than the golf bag features mentioned above, one should also give due consideration to the type of the golf bag required and the Golf Brand one is opting for. With the above mentioned features, it becomes easy for anyone to choose The Best Golf Bag that one need as per his/her requirements.

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