Best Golf Cart Bags 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A golf cart bag is an ideal solution for keeping your golf gear and useful items on the move in an organized way while you are on the golf course. A golf cart bag will let you be carefree about your equipment whilst providing frequently needed items for a game within your reach. Having the best golf cart bag complements your game by providing an apt replacement for a golf caddie. You find your best golf equipment at your disposal with out having to worry about carrying the heavy stuff on you shoulders all along the course. Choosing the best golf cart bags, though require a few points to ponder over before your decide to buy one, which are being discussed below.

Top 5 Golf Bags For Push Carts- Comparison

  • Bag Boy Revolver LTD Cart Bag
  • Weight: 9 Lbs
  • Material: Fabric/Nylon
  • Pockets: 8
  • Callaway 2016 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag
  • Weight: 5.6 Lbs
  • Material: Nylon
  • Pockets: 12
  • Nike M9 III Cart Golf Bag 2015
  • Weight: 5 Lbs
  • Material: Nylon
  • Pockets: 13
  • TaylorMade Catalina Golf Cart Bag
  • Weight:3.5 Lbs
  • Material: Nylon
  • Pockets: 9
  • Nike Performance Cart IV Golf Cart Bag
  • Weight:4.5 Lbs
  • Material: Nylon
  • Pockets: 19


Best Golf Cart Bags – Factors To Consider


The role of the caddies have been replaced by the push carts of late, and every golfer carries one to the greens. With so many different brands and types of push carts, it might be problematic to find a golf bag compatible to your golf cart. So the foremost thing to consider is the compatibility of your push cart to the Golf bag that you intend to buy. Even though manufacturers tend to make cart bags to fit in all push cart models, still its better to buy the golf bag from the same manufacturer, you use the golf push cart from.

Ease of Use

While golfing, Golfers require a great amount of focus and even a slightest of distraction can spoil their game. Thus an ideal golf cart bag must be lightweight; easy to use and carry around should you need to. Thus buying a golf cart bag becomes all the more important, which can complement the golfer and makes his/her game easier, not the other way round.


What good a golf bag is if it cannot carry your gear and essential equipment? While buying a golf cart bag, one must opt for optimum storage and organizational components to keep your stuff accessible to you during the game. Also, a spacious golf cart bag will allow you to organize various items properly for quick and easy access.


Easy to lift, big molded handles is the need of a golf cart bag. This will come in handy when you have to lift your golf bag from the trunk or put it back in the golf cart. Also, look for bags which have retractable handles in the right places for appropriate weight distribution.


Golf cart bags have evolved from simply a storage item to a well-round utility on course. Many golf cart bags have E-Trolley system with trolley lip which makes them easier to fit and integrate on push carts while keeping your equipment safe and secure.


While buying a golf cart bag, look for multiple accessory pockets for better storage and organization of items. Some golf cart bags come with velour lined pockets with fleece lining to keep your valuables secure against sudden impacts and harsh weather. Also, an ideal golf cart bag must have extra padded protection keep your equipment safe against drops or sudden impacts.

Golf Bags With Cooler Pockets

Playing Golf requires you to spend long hours right under the sun on the course, thus to have a golf bag with in built cooler pockets to store beverages or water bottles is a imperative to keep your energy levels high. Many golf cart bags are an ideal solution to this as they come with insulated cooler pockets to keep your beverage(s) cool/hot.


The best golf cart bag will last long but it is still advised to buy one which offers two or more years of manufacturer warranty against manufacturing or material defects. Since this investment is going to be a game changer, it is better to opt for a golf cart bag with warranty for peace of mind.


So there it is – an ideal golf cart bag which must be a well crafted product with the right mix of storage, functionality and features. Preferably, a golf cart bag must be lightweight and should come with protective features such as – padded straps, trolley lip and velour lined pockets to keep your equipment and valuables safe.

Golf cart bags usually start from 50$ and go up to hundreds of dollars. It is important to understand your need before buying a golf cart bag. If you buy a bag and within a short period of time you have to replace it, you would regret buying it. To avoid this, consider all the factors discussed above while buying the best golf cart bag for yourself.

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