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Evolved in the 15th century in Scotland, Golf has never taken a back seat. Golf is one of those few ball games, which do not have a limit to the playing area. But that does not free you from having the proper equipment. Golf is nothing without golf clubs. The secret of being successful at golf requires the skill of playing the least amount of it. Having proper golf drivers will help you to reach your target hole with the least number of shots. If you are a novice or an amateur, you need to know that golf is more than whacking the green with a stick. This article will assist you in choosing the best golf driver to improve your swings beside telling you the needs and benefits of a proper golf driver.

Top 5 Best Golf Drivers 2017 – Comparison Chart

Golf Driver Reviews


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TaylorMade Men’s JetSpeed Golf Driver Review

Most Forgiving Driver

This golf driver has got a low and forward CG. The length of the driver is 46 inches, and the weight is 299 grams. This is able to promote a faster swing while covering a large distance. This club also promises of a streamlined head with optimal aerodynamics Matrix Velox T 49 shaft. It is made of graphite. The club comes in perfect factory made conditions complete with the head wrapped around in a plastic covering.

Pros:The extra club head generates extra speed making the S-FLEX shaft very playable. There is less spin on the launch if you compare an R FLEX shaft and an S-FLEX shaft, though being of the same degree. The player can generate up to 85 mph of speed and with this golf driver or more. The increased speeds, along with the extra leg placed on the club head using a drill, you can have some added 15 to 20 yards to the complete drive. The movement of CG in this driver and the improvements in the club face and design is really commendable. The best thing about this driver is its shaft length which will help you to actually ‘feel’ the club head while you are swinging the club. You can actually have a lot of hits in comparison to the misses.

Cons: The adjustable tools comprising of a torque wrench which generally accompanies a golf driver kit is not included in the package. This is one such problem that can be a complete no for a golfer and the only reason why this golf driver does not get all the stars in the ratings given below.

Final Word: Recommended for any golfer who wants to add distance to their high flying shots.


Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver

Best Golf Driver

Shipped and sold by the ‘The Golf Warehouse’, this golf driver has right and left orientations. The material used for making this club is graphite, and the shaft type is stiff. The loft is 9 degrees. This golf driver has a new hyper speed face design. It is forged composite giving the player high strength. There is a lightweight crown which saves near about 20 grams of the total weight. The perimeter weighting of the big Bertha driver is adjustable. This driver also has advanced adjustable hosel complete with a capability to increase or decrease the loft in 1-degree increments (up to +2 Degree or down -1 Degree). The Bertha comes with a length of 45.5 inches.

Pros:First and foremost, the Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver is an amazing looking piece. The biggest advantage of the Big Bertha is the ability to adjust the loft. This will actually enhance the weight of your swings for a beautiful and skillful shot and with an adjustable weight, it lets you favor fade, draw or straight. If you are the one with a knack for experimentation, this golf driver can be a sought after option. If you want to put some lateral weight on the toe, you are good to go. It is light, and you can have flat swings with it. Moreover, this driver does not make any loud, ugly noise. So you can actually miss the fairway without anyone noticing.

Cons:The solid center hits can go a bit farther while using this golf driver with the off center misses being of poor quality. This driver is not for you if you want to cover long distances.

Final Word: Recommended for people with average height.


Cobra Men’s Fly-Z Driver Review

Golf Driver Reviews

The product dimensions are 1 x 1 x 1 inches explaining the length, breadth and height respectively. The weight of the product is 1 pound. It can be said that the golf driver is a blend of distance and forgiveness. The driver has speed channel face, forged E9 Zone face weighting and crown zone weighting for delivering forgiveness. It is designed with a fixed, low and back CG location. The Fly-Z driver also has the MyFly8 with SmartPad system. It has left and right orientations. You can get this product in the color of black. The shaft material is graphite. There are four options to choose from while considering the flex. You have the regular, senior, stiff and the x stiff.

Pros:The speed channel face forged E9 Zone face weighting and crown zone weighting maximizes the speed of the ball while being high on forgiveness. The Cobra Men’s Fly-Z Driver produces mid-high launch angles for all sorts of players. The settings of the golf driver also allow custom loft and trajectory settings ranging from 9Ò°-12Ò°. You are sure to have a lot of compliments for the good looking club. The adjustable options are far better than any other golf driver of this range.

Cons:On some occasions where the ball fails to hit the center of the face, chances are there that the ball might be negatively affected. Though is theeffect is very slight. The amazing performer is mainly meant for players with a right-hand orientation.

Final Word: This is recommended for players of every height.  For better performance you should go for the x stiff flex variety from among the four. The Cobra Men’s Fly-Z Driver surpasses its cons and is good.


Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver

Cleveland Golf Driver Reviews

The golf driver is sold and shipped by the ‘Rock Bottom Golf’. This is available on both the right and the left orientations. The shaft material is of graphite. You can get it in a variety of four types of graphite namely- Fubuki Tour 53 Graphite, Matrix Ozik 6M3 Black tie graphite, Miyazaki JLD 5 graphite and Miyazaki JLD 6 graphite. The flex is available in regular, stiff and senior varieties. It has the largest and the deepest driver face. It also comes with a larger sweet spot. The golf driver has anoptimal center of gravity, and it also has a high balance point.

Pros: The largest, deepest driver face in golf means the largest effective hitting area. It provides the player with incredible confidence on the tee.The enhanced variable face thickness technology of the Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver creates incredibly fast ball speed on off-center hits. It also gives forgiveness which is really commendable. Another recognizable fact is the tour proven, aftermarket Miyazaki B Asha shaft. This makes this golf driver quite unique as it produces a mid-high trajectory with added speed.The golf driver is really cheap, and you can buy it for practicing now and then.

Cons: With all the uniqueness will comes an ailment too?  Well, yes. The alignment aid on the crown of the club is so faint that you hardly even know it is there.Also, the manufacturer needs to provide instructions for adjustment of the angle of the club head.

Final Word: The miyazaki variety of shaft is recommended mostly for all golf players. Moreover, this golf driver is the cheapest on this list and will give you the value for money.


Adams XTD Ti Driver

Top Golf DriverThis golf driver is sold and shipped by ‘Quick Ship Golf’. This product comes in hand orientations of left and right. The shaft material is graphite. You only get the stiff variety of the flex. The loft measures 10.5 degrees. The Adams XTD Ti Driver is CT tested up to four times. The weight of the item is 2 pounds. The driver’s sound is almost muted, but it covers a lot of distance in comparison to the sound.

Pros: This golf driver boasts of having the hottest ‘face’ in golf. The package includes certain upgraded components like the type of graphite used for making the shaft is Matrix Ozik Red Tie 6Q3 shaft. The Adams XTD Ti Driveralso has the Iomic grip. The number of times the CT is tested ensures the maximum CT on every club manufactured by them. Of course within the limits of the USGA!This golf club or driver is the only driver to feature Cut-Thru SlotTM technology. The technologies talked about here create an unmatched spring-like effect. It also expands the sweet spot to promote maximum ball speed on both off centers and on center shots.The driver is easy to hit. It also responds very well to slightly off center hits without loss of distance.

Cons: The only possible con in this golf driver is that one might be tempted to swing for it to get even more length. It will not at all help in your timing or accuracy.

Final Word: This is overall a good golf driver with fewer cons and more pros. The price range is also average, neither too high nor too low, making it affordable nor cost effective. Sometimes for adjustment is needed.

Choosing The Right Golf Driver

You can compare a golf driver to a suit. Just like acquiring a suit tailored just for you, obtaining the appropriate driver must also involve having it custom made according to your needs and wants. From amateurs to experts, everyone will tell you that the correct golf driver can have a positive effect on your image and your game. It is an investment which is beyond the price tags. It is actually a considerable investment to a golf player’s game and enhances the complete game performance. A golf club need not be looked at as a standard need for golf. Almost every golf players have their favorite set of golf clubs, but even these are susceptible to wear and tear. So, a good golf driver is not only needed but also has got many benefits for the golfer.

Most Forgiving Driver – Basics Explained

Picking a golf driver is an incredibly important part of your overall golf game. If you don’t have a driver that is right for you than your game and ultimately your enjoyment level will suffer. Hitting the golf ball far and straight off the tee is important and really will make your scores drop as you have easier approach shots.

Club Head Design

The first step in choosing your dream golf driver is to find a driver with the right clubhead design. In the case of golf driver head size, the larger sizes will result in larger sweet spots and limit the miss-hits that can really ruin your game. The larger sweet spot can result in a lot more conbsistency for the beginner to intermediate player. Also, if you have trouble maintaining a consistent swing then you’ll want to go with a larger clubhead. This is to keep in mind as well that the maximum allowable club head volume size per the USGA is 460cc. If you are an intermediate to expert level player with a consistent swing then you may want to opt for a driver with a smaller head, maybe in the 380-410cc range. At this size it is easier to control the smaller driver and work the ball more to the spots in the fairway that you want to strategically hit.


The next thing to be considered while looking for a golf driver is the material. The clubs can be found in mainly three materials, stainless steel, an alloy or forged titanium. If you are someone who does not play on a regular basis, a driver made of an alloy can be your go-to option. This will be preferable to the ones made of an alloy will be cheaper than the ones made of pure stainless steel or pure titanium. You can also opt for standardized drivers who are easily available and suits almost everyone. Moreover, there is a lot of variety in it. Titanium golf drivers are for the ones who play on a regular basis. The ones made of titanium are generally light weighted, and they can be used for cover more distances. Drivers made of stainless steel are used to add weight to swings. It will give you more control on the descent.

Shaft Length

Secondly, always remember to check a golf driver for its shaft length. Your height is a matter of concern while deciding on the length of the shaft. Assuming that the longest shaft is the best or that the shaft length of the previous shaft will work for you is completely a wrong approach. Moreover, it is essential to think of the kind of shoes you will be wearing. Shoes add a certain elevation and are an important criterion while deciding on the shaft. Also, take into account the length of your arms and the size of your swing apart from your height and the kind of shoes. This will help you to find the one that is comfortable for you. The design of a particular golf driver also includes the shape and the size of the head. If you are a newbie, there are more chances of ‘misses’ rather than ‘shots’. So, a rather large golf driver head is thoroughly recommended for you on the basis of more control. Once you get into practice, you can shift to smaller heads as a smaller club head allows the player to decide on more spots to hit on when compared with a larger club head.

Club Weighting 

A club has an external or internal weighing that can be added on assisting you to change the screws to make a draw or a fade affecting the height of the ball’s flight. Decide beforehand if you want perimeter weighting on your club face. This is the third most important point after the material and length of the shaft of a golf driver. Perimeter weighting allows you to add some extra weight especially around the toe and the sole. This is an important factor which will probably aid you in the case of a missed shot. The addition of the extra weight will help in reducing the shock. It will also help the ball to fly straighter while covering a greater distance. The amount of weight to added, if at all, is a personal choice. You will find mixed reviews in this case. While some golfers say that too much perimeter weighting makes it harder to control, some say it actually makes control simpler.

Shaft Flex

In order to get the most distance and accuracy out of your golf drives you should definitely choose a driver with the correct shaft flex to fit your swing. Players with slow swing speeds should opt for a driver with a more flexible shaft to maximize the drive distance. On the other hand, players with fast swing speeds should select a stiff shaft driver to help then maintain accuracy. In order to get the most power out of your swing you should go with a flexible shaft provided you are able to control it. The flex will add torque/power to your drives but also be aware that the increased flex coupled with a hard swing can lead to shots that veer off course.

Loft Angle

Finally, you’ll want to select a golf driver with a loft angle appropriate to your swing. The higher the loft on the driver the higher the launch angle for the ball and that will lead to more distance for your drives. If you have difficulty getting the ball high in the air and have a slow swing speed then definitely opt for a driver with a higher loft such as 10 or above. On the other hand, if you have a very fast swing and can get a naturally high ball flight then go for a driver in the 9 range. If you really don’t know your swing or what to select then go with the higher lofted driver to ensure you give yourself the best chance to get a high launch angle and longer distance. Having the best golf driver for your golf game will help to lower your golf scores.

After going through the above points hopefully, you are having a fair idea about the gold driver you want. Putting some of your imagination to rest, here’s presenting you with reviews of 5 golf drivers.


Owning a golf stick simply does not free you of all the duties as a golfer. You need to take care of the golf driver to ensure its longevity. Hopefully, you have got a fair idea of the needs and benefits of a good golf driver. The reviews have been done, and the ratings have been given based on customer feedback, overall sales trends of respective drivers and  expert advice. You may also check reviews of other types golf clubs, and golf cub sets as well. The products are extremely authentic and best in their respective fields. Choosing the very best golf driver matters a great deal so while purchasing one keep in mind the tips on how to choose the perfect golf driver for you.

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