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Choosing the Best Fairway Woods would be every Golfer’s natural concern for his/her game in the fairway. Fairway woods, alike  the drivers, come in metal heads normally with smaller club heads and shorter shafts which make them offer more accuracy at the cost of lesser driving range. Over the time, the professionals have started embracing higher lofted woods with larger heads. The basic difference between the woods being the angle of the loft, which increases with every successive wood. Hopefully the below mentioned, reviews about the best fairway woods will help you choose the one that you require for your Fairway play.

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Adams Golf Speedline Super LS Golf Fairway Wood Review

Best Fairway WoodsThis is one of the best performing Fairway Woods golf clubs. This make by Adams Golf helps you to improve your game and make amazing strokes. This design features a beautiful crown slot which will help you to improve your launch. This also improves the overall hotness of the golf club’s face. This club has a multi-material design. It is bound to give a very high performance which will help you to improve your game. This is a better option than the driver and many a time you will see that this club is the best option for beginners as well as pros.

Adam’s Fast Fit Technology

The Super LS Golf Fairway wood gives a very high performance. If you are looking to improve your swing, then you can make sure that this club will help you a great deal. The club features a wonderful technology of Adams’ Fast Fit. This helps you to customize your golf club and change the loft, the face and the length and swing weight while using this. This customization makes sure that you can give your best while you are playing a game of golf with this club by maximizing your performance.

PVD Club Face

The club head is a thing of beauty. It is matt white in colour, and this makes it look bigger as well. It has a contrasting PDV face that helps you to improve the alignment while making a swing. This also helps to put more force on the swing, and the ball will go a long way. It also features a cut-through velocity slot that increases your characteristic time. The rear soleplay combines with the optimal center of gravity to allow you to put more weight into the swing. In total, this is one of the best fairway Wood club in the market these days.


Cobra Men’s Fly-Z Fairway Woods, Black

Fairway Wood Reviews

Speed Chanel Face

This model by Cobra is one of the most popular fairways woods for high handicappers to be used these days. This is widely used by both beginners and pros because of the amazing technology used by them while making these golf clubs. It has a wonderful Speed Channel face that is engineered to help you make your wing liner and stronger. The engineered trench which is all around the perimeter of the face helps to make the walls of the face thin around the perimeter. This helps to use the dynamics of the air in order to make your ball go further.

Low Weight of the Crown

The club also uses a crown zone weighing technology that helps to decrease the weight of the crown so that the back and low repositioning can make for a low and deep swing. The face of the club is a forged E9 zone structure. This helps to remove weight from all the key areas around the face. The hosel area helps to increase the speed so that you can make an on/off-center hit. This makes for a very powerful swing. This is one of the main reasons why this club is a favorite among both the beginners and the pros.

8 Different Types of Trajectory

The club comes with 8 different types of trajectory settings. You can choose the one you want to use based on the ground you are playing on and the swing preference of your choice. They have a smart pad technology installed in it that will help you to deliver a square face. You do not even have to consider the loft settings while doing so. The Fly-Z fairway wood will make sure you can improve your game by decreasing the number of swings required.


Callaway Men’s XR Fairway Wood

Best Fairway WoodsThinner Club Face

This model by Callaway makes for a very impressive club for many reasons. It helps to increase the ball speed, and it is a high forgiveness across the face of the club. It is much lighter and thinner that the other clubs in the league. It has a wonderful forged hyperspeed technology which makes the face around 36% thinner. This helps to increase the speed of the ball. Another impressive thing about this club is that it helps you to increase the distance of your swing. It helps to lower your CG by around 20%. Since the weight of the club has been decreased it is easier to swing with it.

Re-engineered Internal Standing

The new generation club has a re-engineered internal standing wave that helps to make more distance with the swing. The versatility of the club makes for a low and strong swing. The club not only helps to increase the speed, but it has a good forgiveness rate as well. It has a 16% larger sweet spot that helps to make the swing more intense. Since the club is rather on the light side, it is a great club to start with. You can adjust to your wrist movements with the help of this club.

Flat Club Head

The head of the club has been completely redesigned in order to make it flatter. Those flatter design will give higher toe and a flatter leading around the edges. The face height is shallower than most other clubs in the genre. The speed from the shaft load has been increased as well in this design. This component produces maximum shaft load. Most of your load are shifted to the club during the downswing thus; the energy is used well to make the swing even more powerful.


TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Golf ClubsNew Aerodynamic Shape

Taylor Made is one of the most popular brands for fairway wood golf clubs. This particular model has a new aerodynamic shape that helps to make a very powerful swing. It has a shallow face with a raised center crown. It also comes with a new hosel fin which helps to make the swing more powerful and stronger. They have incorporated a low-speed pocket in this enhanced design. With the help of this speed pocket, you will get a better swing as the size of the sweet spot has increased so much. This also helps to reduce the spinning of the ball. All in all, this helps you to make a wider and longer shot.

Use of Ni-CO 300 Superalloy

The material with which this golf club is made from helps to strengthen the face of the club. It uses the highest strength material in the form of Ni-CO 300 which is a super allow. It comes built is with a matrix speed RUL-Z 60 shaft. It also has a TM speed grip. This aces the whole club extremely easy to hold and swing with. The grip is amazing. It helps you to put all your strength in the swing as it lays comfortable in your hands; you can grip the club with your fingers making it very easy to swing with.

New Matte Finish White Head

The look of the golf club has improved along with the design. It has a new matte finish white head that looks very stylish. The face is in PVD black making it very easy to find the sweet center and taking a long swing. The Aero burner crown has a wonderful set of graphic that makes the alignment very easy. This is one of the most sought after clubs by golfers.


Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Fairway Wood

Fairway Woods Reviews


New Improved Design

This Fairway Wood by Cleveland is one of the longest wood made by the makers in Cleveland. It combines forgiveness and power in the most extraordinary way thanks to their new improved design. It has a large sweet spot which helps the golfer to take a good shot and make a very powerful swing. The new design has enhanced the thickness of the face with the help of new technology. This helps to create the hottest flight with minimum effort. With the help of the center strike, you can hit the ball and expect it to go a long way. This helps to decrease the number of swings required.

Higher Launch

The design is so well executed that you can expect an on off-center hit which is powerful yet lengthy. The optimal center of gravity is used very well. The rare sole plug combines with the center of gravity to improve your swing. The makers have incorporated an advanced wall construction. This allows the weight to be positioned on the lower end of the head of the club. This helps you to get a higher launch with a very long marginal distance.

Premium Matrix OZIK 6Q3 Technology

The technology in the shaft is a premium matrix OZIK 6Q3 which helps in the stand launch of the ball. The mid-high to low launch can be achieved with this technology. You will get an all-around combination of excellent stability and good speed. This also helps to utilise the power of your feet on impact. This is one of the most used clubs on tour. Professionals have an affiliation with it as it helps them to play their signature swings without much effort. This is definitely one of the most loved gold Fairway wood sets in modern times.

Useful Tips For Choosing The Best Fairway Woods

There are many different types of golf clubs, and you need to be sure that you buy the one that will help you to improve your game. The following tips will help you to make a good purchase.

  • When you are buying a driver make sure you buy one that is shorter. A shorter driver is better than a longer driver. This is because if you choose a long driver, it will be difficult for you to hit the golf ball squarely.
  • Get a good set of 3, 5 and 7 woods rather than just a 3 and 5 set. This will help you to increase your loft and thus drop the number of strokes.
  • Try to stay away from a 3 and 4 set as this will not help you to increase your loft at all.
  • If you are replacing your previous irons with a hybrid, make sure that the new hybrid matches the irons that you are replacing. This will help you to get used to the club much more easily without hampering your game.
  • It is always recommended to use a Fairway Woods over a hybrid. Fairway Woods are easier to use when you need to increase your loft in order to make your game better. You will get a much cleaner shot with a Fairway Woods.
  • Always remember that there is no one size fits everyone kind of a golf club. Make sure you choose one that fits your height the best. It should feel comfortable against your hands and easy to swing while on your heels.
  • Custom fit golf clubs are a major boost for all golfers. There is a notion that only pros require custom fit clubs to make their game better. But if you are serious about your game and want to make it better than it already is, then it is recommended that you go for a custom made golf club from makers like Fairway Woods.

Benefits of Using Fairway Woods

Golf clubs like the Fairway Woods make sure that they help you to maximize your swing. The golf clubs make sure that they help you to get an accurate range. The makers try to make sure that you can use your physic along with the golf club to make a long and accurate shot. The golf club also helps you to play a forgiving shot. The quality of your swing and the forgiving nature of your club has an inverse relationship. If you have a good swing you can use a less forgiving club but if you consider your swing a bit wobbly, then it is recommended you use a club designed to be more forgiving.

One other important benefits of using a Fairway Woods golf club is that it helps you to get a better swing. The golf club plays a very important part in the swing and the distance you can cover with your shot. You have to make sure that the golf club is designed in such a way that it complements your physic. One of the best parts about the Fairway Woods is that you can use them to work for you. The various options available makes sure that get the best option for yourself.

Another very important thing about the Fairway Woods, the variety in the loft of the club heads. Most golf clubs have some specific swing set. But if you are to choose a Fairway Woods club then you can choose from a variety of swings. This is one of the best ways to improve your game. If you are certain about the type of degree of swing you need, then you can understand the implicit swing that is required for you to make the minimum number of shots.

Another lovely benefit of using the Fairway Woods is that the makers also offer custom made golf clubs to suit individual needs. You can be assured that you can get the best custom made club that is best suited as per your body type and your proficiency level. You will find that the makers will pay special attention to all your needs in order to get you the best clubs that suits you well. This will help you to better your swing and improve your game.


The above mentioned Fairway woods set help the golfers to improve their game as well as to help them develop a unique shot for themselves. Many of the golfers often find that these clubs become their driver while their actual drivers are well forgotten. These Fairway Woods are definitely some of the best clubs in the market today. There are many different types of Fairway Wood golf clubs to choose from. You should make sure that you choose the one that you feel will suit your needs the best. Your game will depend a lot on the type of golf clubs you choose.

Many experts are of the opinion that these Fairway Wood clubs should be made as your driver while you let your actual driver stay inside the golf bag. Using the Fairway wood golf clubs ensure that you get a very good swing. You can be assured that if you use any one of the above models, then you can easily improve your game by lowering the number of swings required by you. These golf clubs have a very good grip as well which helps you to improve your grip and wrist movements. All in all, these clubs are some of the best Fairway Woods to use on the golf course.

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