Best Game Improvement Golf Irons Reviews For Beginners – 2017

Game Improvement Irons are used on the Greens during a Golf Game. They tend to be manufactured from iron, thus deriving their name as Golf Irons but nowadays they come in different metals like graphite, titanium etc. This generally features a flat angled face. It also tends to have a shorter shaft and an extremely upright lie angle. The irons can be used for a varied range of shots. This is very useful and powerful when used in playing golf. There are different kinds of irons like that of the short, medium or long irons. Best Game Improvement Golf Irons are grouped according to the distance that they can intend to. The golf irons are definitely one of a kind that all would love to get their hands on.

Top 3 Most Forgiving Irons With Comparison Chart

Best Golf Irons For Beginners Reviews


Callaway Men’s XR Individual Irons

Best Golf Irons

Callaway irons definitely need no introduction. They definitely are one of the best that are available. The Callaway Company produces various kinds of irons. Among them this particular product that is the Callaway Men’s XR individual irons. These irons were made with the concepts of speed and distance in the mind.

The 360 Degree Cup Technology:

These are too unique to the 360 cup technology built in them. This technology that is put in the cavity back irons provides an immense speed to the golf balls. This works like the 360 cup face technology works like a spring. Especially when the ball is hit low then, the spring-like feature helps in increasing the speed. These irons also provide with the low CG and high MOI. It is because it is made in such a manner that it helps the cup face to provide more speed to the ball. This happens because of the very new and different internal standing wave. A unique kind of characteristic is put in this iron.

The Dual Heat Treatment:

This is a special detail that is the USP of this particular iron. It is the feature of a 2 piece construction that consists of the dual heat treatment are installed into this. This is a right hand oriented golf club. It also has a metal shaft made of steel. This makes the shaft stiff and hard.

The Features:

The configuration of this particular golf club is that of 5 and the flex is regular. This regular flex allows a standard quality for everyone playing with it. This particular iron is sleek and stylish. It comes in a list of sophisticated colors and gives an interesting finish to the iron. It generally comes in the shiny chrome finish rather than a brushed chrome look. This is definitely an iron all would want to own.


Cleveland Golf Black 2015 Iron Review

Best Rated Golf Iron

This is the particular golf club that is extremely beautiful on its own. It has a visually striking appearance and also great features that make it suitable for any golfer to use. It also comes from one of the renowned brands of Cleveland. As a result, the quality is something that one needn’t be worried about. This particular golf iron makes one of the best for the experienced as well as the novice players. One would be extremely glad and satisfied owing this as the features are exceptional.

The Iron Weight:

This iron is lightweight and well balanced; one can say that playing with this iron makes their swings great. The accuracy of the iron is great. If one hits a solid hit, then they are right on the mark generally. These irons are great in controlling the distance and make the best out of it.

The Pros:

If high and straight are the hits that one is aiming for then nothing can be better than this particular golf club. These are also the best for hitting the draws. The shape of the club head is absolutely fitting and the black color is extremely visually appealing.

The Cons:

There are few points in the golf club that can be a drawback too. Like the forgiveness on the mis-hits are not always acceptable. Also, the black color tends to wear off over time, but proper maintenance can spare people from this trouble.


The hand orientation that this club has is that of the right-hand orientation. Also, this club has the shaft material made of sturdy and solid steel. This helps the players in many ways. The flexibility of the shaft metal is stiff and the experienced players can make the best out of these. This is again one of the most demanded clubs among many.


TaylorMade Men’s RSi1 Iron Review

Golf Iron Reviews

Taylormade is again one of those companies which need no separate introduction. This particular company is one of the best as they belong to the Adidas group of Companies. This iron has a look to die for. These are easy to swing and provides with the fastest movement of the ball. These are absolute beauties owning which may make people feel like being extremely lucky.

Thin Face Technology:

These irons have extremely thin faces that allow and also an undercut 360 degree placed in the back cavity that helps in making the ball move faster. These are made from the 1025 carbon steel that gives it an extremely classy look.

The Pros:

The face slots and also the face pockets of the irons ranges from just 3- to 7- iron. These help the iron in acquiring more forgiveness and also help them with more distances. This particular golf club is longer than the others of the same range.

This is also a little offset but is extremely thin and very much manageable. Professionals feel wonderful owning these as they are the ones meant for them. It gives an extremely soft feeling when one goes for a center strike.

The Cons:

With the positives, there are few negatives that can by no means be ignored. These clubs are meant for the professionals. Therefore, they are targeted to a small market. as a result, they are extremely expensive by nature. It has a good amount of forgiveness but not too high compared to the others of the same type.

The Specifications:

These clubs are right hand oriented and also their shaft is made of steel. The flexibility is stiff of this particular club. This shaft also has a configuration of SW. All these characteristics make the TaylorMade one of the most forgiving golf irons.

The Golf Irons are the most important things that a golfer can own. These totally make up for the best collection that they can have. If the whole article would be taken into consideration, then people can easily achieve the best results while they would be buying and maintaining the golf irons.

Choosing The Super Game Improvement Golf Irons

Choosing a super game improvement golf iron if one is already experienced is not a difficult job. All one needs to know and remembers the following points that may skip their mind at times they may want to buy the golf irons. The real problems arise with the beginners when they decide to choose a golf iron for self. The following points will definitely help them with the best buying of the golf irons.

    • Various Shafts & Their Uses: There are generally two types of shafts. The graphite and the steel shafts. One must know the difference in these two. The steel shafts tend to last longer and can be trusted on as they are much more durable. But they tend to be stiffer and heavier which can bring problems in swinging for a beginner. The graphite shafts whereas are much more flexible to use.
    • Fit To Size: Choice of the golf clubs should always be according to one’s height. One shouldn’t buy a club just because they like the visual appeal of it. There are size charts and they should refer to that. Good professional golf stores help in these without asking even.
    • Headsize: These should be thoroughly checked with. One should acquire enough knowledge on the heads before they think of buying them. They can be of a standard size or mid-size or even oversized.
    • Game Level: One should be knowledgeable about their handicap. Different golfers have their own handicaps and accordingly they should choose an iron for them. For example, the most benefited iron user would be a mid-handicap golfer.
    • Understanding About Needs: Different irons are generally used for the various shots. One should know that what style of iron can provide with what kind of shots. And more importantly, one should know that what kind of shot they would be comfortable in playing. One should choose a golf iron according to their needs.
    • Cast Iron Or Forged Iron: Usually there are two type of Irons,  the cast irons and the forged irons. Forged irons are generally made with the help of beating into shape and then polishing in a mill. Whereas the cast irons are made of the liquefied iron. Cast irons are cheaper as a result.

Caring and Maintaining A Golf Iron 

Golf irons are generally one of the best possessions that people can possess. Just like a person’s many other hobbies, golf also is one of the most passionately played ones. One can, therefore, expect a thorough maintenance to be followed by the golfers. The golf iron needs regular cleaning and daily maintenance and that is how they can last longer and shine with glory.

The golf iron should be submerged in warm soapy water every single day they return from the playing. After soaking those in water for few minute, the dirt gets separated easily from the iron. After this, a soft-bristled brush should be used so that the irons can be thoroughly cleaned. Immediate rinsing and drying with a soft dry cloth should follow.

Different Designed Game Improvement Golf Irons:

There are different designs of golf irons that are available. These are unique in their own terms.

Muscle Back Golf Iron: These golf irons are basically traditional by nature. These are made of metal heads which are extremely solid. These metal heads are extremely solid because they are generally made of forged irons. In these kinds of clubs, the metals are thoroughly and very well distributed in and around the metal club heads. This helps in making the center of the mass of the club head higher. Automatically the resistance of the club head to the rotation becomes lower. This particular kind of clubs needs to be dealt with patience. They need much concentration on the swing and also more consistent swing if one wants to have accurate shots with these.

Cavity Back Golf Irons: The cavity backs are also known as the perimeter weighted irons. These irons are generally made with the help of investment casting. This helps in the creation of a harder metal which in turn helps in thinning of the surfaces. In the whole process, they do not forget the retention of durability, though. Cavity backs are named as such because a cavity is usually found at the back of the club head. This happens as the metal is basically removed from the center of the club head’s rear. After this, it is again distributed mostly toward the toe and heel of the club head. This helps in the lifting of the golf balls in height that is unimaginable.

Modern Back Golf Irons: These are basically of many variant types. These are generally adapted from both the styles that are mentioned above. There are the game improvement irons where the club heads generally have wide soles. This happens as they are made of extreme weighing of the perimeter. These game improvement irons help the very novice players to help with lifting the balls to greater heights. These can though be a bit frustrating for the experienced players to play as these clubs have a tendency to correct the mis-hits. If an experienced golfer wants to make a curved hit intentionally then it will not be possible as a result, the golfers wouldn’t be pleased of the club.


Golf Irons are one of the primary instruments used in the game of golf. They are usually the best collector’s items that a golfer can collect. These Golf irons are generally of three styles and people choose them according to their own suitability. One can expect the game improvement golf irons to be exceptional only if their parts are well built and assembled. These parts need to be very sturdy and of high quality. This is the reason why people should only trust good brands of golf clubs you can choose to read golf club reviews online. The above-mentioned are the best game improvement golf irons for beginners to choose. These are extremely classy golf clubs with the features of offering best speed and distance to the balls. If one really wants to know all about the golf irons and their maintenance and their features, then this particular article list down the best game improvements irons of 2017 in the market.

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