Best Golf Practice Nets 2017

Having the Best Golf Practice Net in your backyard can add a lot of impact to your game. Golf, like every other sport, requires tons of practice to be good at or to maintain form. It is important that you spend a lot of hours swinging the club so that you have a fair idea of the direction, speed, and distance that your hit initiates. Stance and grip are also to be focused on. With a hectic work life or the local golf range burning a significant hole in your pocket, portable and easy to use golf practice nets are the products to opt for! Practice as much as you want, wherever you want!

Top 5 Indoor Golf Practice Nets Reviews


3 in 1 Golf Practice Net by Ajillis

Best Golf Practice NetsA chipping net, a driving net and mat packed in a nylon carrying bag, this becomes a wonderful companion for your golfing sessions in the backyard. Two fiberglass poles make the entire set easy to set-up. The artificial nylon grass surface of the driving mat provides both authentic feel as well an insane amount of comfort for you to swing the club with confidence. The driving net has a large opening which can easily catch straight drives as well as the ones that misfire! The weather resistant chipping net allows you to practice chips and pitches even in small confined spaces.


  • Driving net, driving mat, chipping net and a nylon carrying bag.
  • 2 fiberglass poles (11x7x5.5), expendable, for the driving net.
  • Weather resistant Chipping net (23×26) works both indoors and outdoors.
  • High-quality nylon artificial grass surface on the driving mat(1×2 ) with a solid rubber base
  • Easily foldable and the weather resistant nylon carrying bag.
  • Four ground stakes for stability.
  • Soccer, baseball, and football can be easily practiced in this set.
  • Fairway surface and tee.
  • Target Panel.

In-depth Review

The 3-in-1 golf practice set, not only allows you to practice golf in your backyard without the balls being misplaced every now and then, but also provides enough security that you do not end up rampaging your living room while swinging the club indoors. A closer look at the details would help in making your choice.

  • Fiberglass poles – 2 of them with their respective dimensions help in setting the net up in a sturdier fashion.
  • Driving Net – A large Driving net allows for you to try longer and wider shots in practice.
  • Chipping net – An easy to set up chipping net, makes curved and lobbed targets more convenient to practice.
  • Material – Nylon based setup gives the entire set an authentic feel.
  • Weather Resistant – The entire kit can be packed up and put in a bag that is impervious to rain. Nothing is damaged.
  • Stability – 4 stakes bind the set to ground while you ferociously take shots.
  • Versatile Nature – The build and the large opening that the driving net has allows for soccer and baseball practices.
  • Authentic feel and comfort.
  • Wider net opening prevents damage.
  • Smooth portability with the bag.
  • Needs a lot of hard work to be put straight up.
  • Does not stand up to strong winds.


A kit that is not only easy to set-up but also comfortable to travel with. It is ideal for you if you do not want to spend a lot on practice nets. A great buy, given that it comes with so many top quality add-ons, all of which are necessary for you to practice the sport. It can prove out to be a good alternative to rather costly golf swing analyzers to improvise your golf swing.


Rukknet-The Original Pop-up Golf Nets For Home

Ideal Golf Hitting NetsSimple and cost-effective, this Rukknet model features a high quality, compact golf net. A double net system that does not allow a single ball to penetrate the layering, as well as the ball-return feature make it a great buy. Despite of the superior level of technology that goes behind creating this piece of equipment, it is amazingly affordable!


  • Dual layer netting system which can take the worst of hits.
  • 7 x10x5 feet dimensions that make the entire set quite spacious.
  • Beautiful ball-return feature.
  • Dual usage (indoors and outdoors).
  • High quality double stitched materials that allow rough usage.
  • A quick folding system that ensures efficient pack up.

In-depth Review

When manufacturers of a golf practice cage confidently ask you to take your best shot every time, that too without worrying about a gaping hole by the time your practice ends, it must have something in it!

  • Ball Return Feature – This particular function makes this golf practice net a must grab. The net easily receives every ball you hit and rolls it back to you. You do not have to run around the ball half as much, neither do you have to use different balls for every shot! With this feature in place, one ball is more than enough.
  • Sturdiness and Durability – A 4 ply knot-less net is used to lessen the force of the golf ball, thus reducing the amount of damage that a hit might cause. Double stitched seams add another layer of protection alongside the strong and sturdy steel frame which holds the entire net up. Overall, it is one of the sturdiest nets available in the market.
  • Ease of Access – The product boasts of a pop-up mechanism which makes the 32” circle rise up to a 10x7x5 feet fully fledged golf net in seconds. It stands true to its claim. The zip on the carrying case, once opened, allows you to pull out the net and set it up in an instant. Putting the equipment back into the bag is not difficult either.

  • Takes less than a full minute to pack up.
  • Top-class steel frame to hold the net in place.
  • Brilliant Ball return feature.
  • The pop-up feature.
  • Blows over very easily.
  • Does not have a mat.


With its easy to set-up framework, this product is a treat for both first-timers as well as those who want to spend more time on swinging the club and less on setting things up. A ball return feature that works well and a sturdy structure make it a good investment. Practice as much as you want without having to worry about collecting the ball from different corners of your backyard!


Izzo Golf Tri-Daddy Golf Hitting Net

Izzo Golf Tri-Daddy Hitting NetA wide area for hitting the ball is provided by the triangular structure that this particular product uses. With a hanging target placed in the middle of the net, both ball collection and correcting your aim through practice become viable. This particular practice net is a great package when it comes to you practicing chips and drives on your own. The little beast is waterproof and makes sure that the owner never has a problem in using the swing while practicing with one of these!


  • The tri-poled shaped structure allows for wider shots to be made.
  • Mesh netting that barely allows a ball to tear through the set.
  • Metal ground stakes fix the set firmly on the ground.
  • (6.5×7) feet in dimensions. Can be easily set both indoors and outdoors.

In-depth Review

  • Hanging Target – It not only allows you to figure out whether your shot has managed to hit the target but also makes sure that the ball does not roll away from the practice net.
  • Ground Stakes – Made out of metal, these stakes provide a great amount of stability to the practice net once driven properly into the ground. The practice net does not easily topple over.
  • Immaculate Netting – The sheer force of your hit can sometimes cause a tear on the practice net! The intricate meshing pattern used in this models’ net allows you to take shots without worrying about a tear!
  • Wider Shot Area – The Izzo Golf tri-Daddy hitting net has a tri-poled structure. This measure makes sure that the area available to put your ball through is significantly greater than most of the other models available.
  • Compact Setting – With its dimensions, this model is fit to be set up both inside your living room as well as in your backyard. The shape and size of this model keep balls from ricocheting all around the living room.

  • Easy to carry around
  • Quick set-up
  • Set target within the practice net.
  • Excellent mesh net.
  • Does not come with a driving mat.
  • Is not equipped with a great ball collecting mechanism.


A product that allows you to practice your shots with ease, especially by placing a target in the middle, The Izzo Golf tri-Daddy becomes a decent investment if used on a regular basis. The mesh net along with the tri-poled structure allows you to take more confident and powerful shots during practice. The product also keeps the ball from hitting important and fragile things when practicing indoors.


3-in-1 Golf Practice Net Hitting Cage + Driving Mat Training Aid

3-in-1 Golf Practice Net Hitting Cage + Driving Mat Training AidDurable, easy to carry and lightweight, it is a portable range in itself! Free standing and extremely durable, this Elite Caddy item can be easily used to practice aim for multiple sports. A golf practice net that does not allow the balls you shoot to go astray and lets you swing with ample power and confidence is definitely a good investment to make. I would suggest you to put this particular one up in your own backyard because this product is probably much larger than all the others featured in this list.


  • Quick assembly standing golf net.
  • Fiberglass poles that are shock corded with protective sides.
  • Driving mat for a better swing.
  • (10x7x5) feet in dimensions.
  • Portable, light packing that does not hinder travel.
  • Resistant to wind.
  • A backdrop target to sharpen aiming skills.

In depth Review

With all these features lined up, let us see how all these things come together to make this product successful.

  • Shock Corded Poles – Fiberglass poles with protected sides accompany this product. It stops the balls from going absolutely off target and bounce away from the practice net. These Shock corded beauties will let you take the shot but lower the risk of missing the net with each one of them.
  • Sturdy Structure – Unlike most of the other products included in this list, this one can stand gusts of winds without giving away. This gives the model a plus one over the others. It is easier to set up and use outdoors without toppling over every time.
  • Durable Structure – A shock-corded frame and backstop safety make this practice net easier to rely on. The shots that you can afford to take on this net can have as much power as you want without fearing the collapse of the structure. The durable nylon mesh used by this product can handle heavy-duty practices.
  • Portability – Lightweight and easy to pack, this entire set fits into a duffel bag. You can easily carry it outdoors and set it up wherever you want without having to tag an immense weight all around the place.
  • Multipurpose Use – This product does not only sport a decent height and width but at the same time also comes with a durable nylon mesh. A target in the backdrop acts as icing on the cake. With all of these features, it can be widely used for practicing other sporting activities. This one can be easily used in football and basketball practices.

  • Wide area covered by the net.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Can stand strong in the wind.
  • Can be used for various other sporting activities.
  • Takes some time to be set up.
  • Target mat is often insufficiently secured.


This Elite caddy product is favorable because of its dimensions. Do you have friends who do not want to take a trip to the local golfing range? Then this one is a great choice for you and your friends! Setting up this golfing net is not a big deal amongst 3 people either. Sturdy, durable and classy- this product is worth every penny you spend on it.


Rukket “Haack Golf Net” By SEC Coach Chris Haack 10 X 7ft

Rukket Haack Golf Net By SEC Coach Chris Haack 10 X 7ft

An Extremely lightweight golf net that can be setup in seconds, this one comes with the guarantee of Coach Chris Haack. The name itself stands as the proof of its quality. A 4-ply netting that gives you the liberty to shoot as much as you want with your full might, that too without having to worry about damage is a welcoming feature. A high-functionality ball return feature makes this product a compact solution to all your golfing practice problems. Portability has never been a serious problem for this beast. Let’s take a closer looks at the product highlights followed by brief explanations of the primary features.


  • A fantastic ball returns feature rolls it back to you after every shot.
  • A 4-ply knot-less netting makes the backdrop very strong.
  • (10x7x3) feet dimensions make it look extremely spacious.
  • Assembling and dismembering do not take a lot of time.
  • The side wings catch badly hit balls as well as absorb shocks pretty well.

In -depth Review

With Coach Haack’s name on it, this product has only a few places where it can go wrong. Even then, it is highly important that you have a fair idea of what you are buying and how it would benefit you before you proceed to checkout.

  • Overall Quality – This one gives off the vibe that it is capable of taking all sorts of hits that you can serve. The intermittent meshed structure takes the hit and evenly distributes it throughout the body so that the pressure is not focused only on one focal point. Starting from the frames to the stakes, all of the things are top notch.
  • Swing Practice – This product will help you being able to practice your swings as much as you want. This is simply because of the corners that are adept at catching balls and absorbing the shock as well.
  • Mantling and Dismantling – Although it will not be assembled like the others in a few seconds, once you have learned the subtle ways, it becomes a only matter of minutes. Breaking it down and putting it back inside the bag take no time at all.

  • Ball return feature.
  • Easy to dismantle.
  • Portable and easy to carry.

  • Not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Does not have a target.


A one stop solution to all the problems you have ever had with golf practice. With this, the practice can literally shift to your backyard by buying this product as opposed to paying a hefty membership fee for the range to practice and a different sum to buy balls. The cherry on top of the cake is the fact that it is backed by SEC Coach Haack! This golf driving net is much more than the charismatic brand name associated with it. What really makes this equipment a satisfactory purchase is the infallible combination of portability and functionality.

Summing up the Indoor Golf Practice Nets Saga

The keys to a good golf game are skill, perseverance, practice and of course, the right golf gears. A passionate golfer will pay attention to every tiny detail, right from the golf stick to the practice net. With the advent of ergonomically sound practice nets, you can train yourself to perfection or simply enjoy the game with a couple of friends in your own backyard. The products I threw light upon in this article are some of the best-selling golf practice nets of all time. If you were planning to buy one of these but couldn’t settle for sure, I hope, by now, you have found the best golf practice net that perfectly meets your standards.

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