Best Golf Push Cart Reviews 2017 with Comparison Chart

Choosing the Best Golf Push Carts that suit your needs to carry your equipment in the Golf Course is another very important factor, yet undermined by the golfers. So whether you choose to play it for your own amusing or you are interested in playing the game professionally, you will need to have the perfect push cart for you to carry your golfing equipment as you play this great sport. For you to choose the a good Golf Push Cart, you will need to put some certain factors into consideration.

Top 5 Golf Push Cart Reviews and Comparison Chart

  • Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Pull Cart
  • Weight-18 LBS
  • Our Rating - 9.5
  • CaddyTek EZ Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart
  • Weight-18.5 LBS
  • Our Rating - 9.5
  • CaddyTek Super Lite Deluxe Push Cart
  • Weight-12.2 LBS
  • Our Rating 9.0
  • Clicgear Model 8.0+ Golf Pull Cart
  • Weight-10 LBS
  • Our Rating - 9.0
  • Bag Boy C3 Golf Pull Cart
  • Weight-10 LBS
  • Our Rating - 8.5

Best Golf Push Carts Reviews 2017

With the above information at hand, you can easily jot down points to narrow on the most suitable Golf Push Cart required for carrying your Golf Club Sets. But still if you want to save time and still take the best deal on a Golf Cart, I recommend choosing one of the six Golf Push Carts mentioned below which I have chosen after much deliberations and thorough research. You can also read detailed Golf Push Cart Reviews down here but just in case you are in hurry or you don’t feel like going into the minute details, you can simply click one of the below links and buy one.


Editor's Choice

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Cart Review

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Cart

Clicgear 3.5 + Golf Push Cart is a 3 wheel golf push cart that is compact in size. The product is constructed using scratch resistant aluminum tubing. It comes with a comfort grip handle and has adjustment system for alignment of the front wheel.  The tires require low maintenance and are solid and airless. It makes your transport to the course easy. The advanced brake system with enhanced push-button front wheel lock in the golf push cart makes the product more popular. It also features a large cup holder that is removable. In the large size cup holder you can store large cups and bottles. The Clicgear comes with a warranty of one year.

It also has bag brackets that is adjustable and that enables accommodation of bags of various sizes. The product features larger and well-built bracket for umbrella storage. This golf push cart will give you an athletic look when used with golf bags. The bag straps are also improved for an easy grip. Scorecard holder is provided along with the product where you can store extra things.

Key Features

  • The product comes with golf ball, pencil, scorecard and tee holder
  • It has built-in accessory mounts to store Clicgear cart accessories
  • It can accommodate bags of different sizes as it has adjustable bag saddle system
  • Hand can be adjusted and the width can also be maintained at the same time
  • The product’s folded measurement is 13” X 15” X 24”
  • It folds down into a small size to fit into a suitcase and it can be expanded into a large size cart at the same time.
  • It’s good that the product features a cup holder, umbrella holder and other adjustable storage to accommodate bags with flexibility.
  • The foam tires are nice as they don’t need air.

  • The only problem is with the straps that may become loose if the elastic is not locked into the guides.

Our Review

Best Golf Push CartClicgear has perfected the skill of providing strong Push Carts. Clicgear 3.5+ is easy to fold and easy to transport. The large mesh storage net provides for enough space for your beverages and other related stuff. Umbrella holder, Scorecard and Tee holder are other useful features. The wheels are big & wide enough to provide the required balance even when loaded. It also provides for an inbuilt cup holder capable of holding the normal bottle size. The availability in a large color range make it even more attractive for the golfers. All in all one of the best push carts to invest in. Check out some more models from clicgear.


CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Pull Cart Review

Best Golf Pull Cart

The cart can accommodate bag of almost any size as it has good rubber straps that holds the bag to the cart. CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart holds the bag firmly and it is easy to push. The golf cart is good looking and can be rolled on tall grass with less effort. The user can experience that it does not feel harsh when rolled on a surface. It features a cooler bag that can hold numerous drinks and keep it cold or hot. The storage box and the mesh storage offers space that is large enough to store the things you want to carry to the golf course. The design of the bag has been given a perfect thought.

Key Features

  • It features an advanced “one-click button” that folds the cart into a compact size in 2 steps. This feature is also patented.
  • It is built up of strong aluminum frame and weighs less than 18.5 lbs.
  • CaddyTek EZ-Fold golf push cart comes with a patented foot brake that can be activated by pressing and again pressing it the second time to release the brake.
  • The product incorporates mesh net on the handle and patented basket with built-in cooler. You can actually store things and umbrella in the store rack and the umbrella holder that is included.
  • The wheels of the cart provide perfect balance and friction on any kind of ground. The wheel measures 11.5” X 2.6” EVA that requires no maintenance.

  • The user doesn’t have to fold the front tire to collapse it
  • It is economical and you can save money if you purchase the product
  • It fits in the trunk when folded

  • It does not lock in the collapsed mode.

Our Review

CaddyTek EZ 3 Golf CartSimple patented one-click fold feature which helps it fold it to transportable size like other golf carts is the USP of the product. Strong aluminum frame weighs at 18.5 Lbs and provides ample strength as well. The breaking system with patented press to stop the cart and then press it again to release the foot break is a unique feature. The same sized three wheels makes it even more stable as compared to the carts which have a front wheel which is slightly smaller as compared to the other two wheels. Provision to hold accessories like umbrella holder ,storage rack also guarantees you with an opportunity to carry more of what you need for the golfing event. It proves it to be a good choice at this price. User reviews speaks volume about this product and the CaddyTek brand as a whole.


CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart Review

Best Golf Carts

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart is a simple push cart with 3 wheels. The product is incorporated with features that one can often find on expensive golf carts. Features like umbrella holder, foot brake and mechanism for wheel alignment, etc makes it the most suitable push cart. It is the most unique 3 wheel golf push cart, the diameter of the umbrella holder is large enough and there is an umbrella knob to keep the umbrella attached to the holder. The adjustable angle in the handle is an essential feature for people with different heights. The product can accommodate bag of any size and this flexibility makes the most important facet of all the features. The bag holder is adjustable and cart bags, stand bags and tour bags will find enough space to fit in to it. The user won’t find any wheel alignment problems as it works fine. Brakes work good and the scorecard holder, ball and umbrella holder are excellent. The user can relax with the product as it rolls effortlessly, has build up front wheel alignment mechanism and is very light.

Key Features

  • The product features patented foot brake that is activated by pushing to brake or pushing to release the brake.
  • It has the mechanism for front wheel alignment build in.
  • The product’s weight is less than 12.2 lbs.
  • It includes mesh net, umbrella holder and beverage holder.

  • It has a high-quality brake
  • It is not expensive and has a comfortable handle
  • The adjustable handle according to height is a feature that makes it stand out.

  • The push cart is bulky when folded up and may not fit in your trunk.
  • Scorecard handle is not easily accessible when the handle is set high.

Our Review

Gem of a product and cheapest of the options available in the market with proven track record of customer satisfaction and durability. The caddytek superlite offers its users an amazing cart experience weighing at just 12.2lbs. Umbrella holder, mesh net and a beverage holder are other features of this product. The braking system is a simple and this cart comes with two main wheels that are 11 inches and a front wheel that is 8 inches. But what makes it most popular product among its category is affordability and durability. Customer reviews speaks volume about the usefulness of this golf cart.


 Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Pull Cart

Clicgear Model 8.0 Push Cart GolfThe Clicgear 8.0 Golf Push Cart is one of the most sophisticated carts available in market. The cart is robust and durable with oversized aircraft aluminum tubing. It can be easily operated with a trouble free open and close- process. There is an independent front wheel alignment at both the front wheels. This adroitly designed model features largest storage and console net. The Console lid uses magnet to lock securely. It does not require much of your time on maintenance. Some of its exclusive features include an umbrella holder, a cup holder and airless tires. Let’s dig deep into some other features of the Clicgear 8.0 Golf Push Cart!

Key Features

  • The dual cable system is operated by an over center type hand brake.
  • While you fold or unfold, the original Foot Step helps to keep the cart correctly positioned.
  • The folded dimensions are 15W*27L*17H inches.
  • Has a strong, durable frame.
  • The dual wheel alignment can be turned with a single twist so as to facilitate the straight movement of the cart.
  • Its ultra light, strong wheels are designed perfectly such that it does not wobble.
  • All four wheels can be folded with ease and to a much smaller size.

  • It will keep you walking rather than riding.
  • The cart looks great, well built and rolls efficiently.
  • Even if you are on steep hills they will keep you stable.
  • There is a plenty of space to store what you need.
  • It opens for use within seconds and can be folded to a very handy size to make transportation convenient.
  • The wheels are solid and sturdy.

  • The brake handle is a little inflexible and stiff, but it gets comfortable with time.

Our Reviews

Clicgear 8.0 golf cartAnother amazing product by Clicgear which has been gaining prominence in the market. Leading in Golf push cart technology advancements this is the arguably the most advanced 4 wheel golf push cart in the industry with provisions for the features like, Umbrella holder, Cup holder, golf seat etc. It boast of almost every feature that one can think of complementing a golf push cart. Pricing is a bit on a higher side but nevertheless makes no difference to the golfers who don’t mind spending extra buck for the comfort and usefulness it provided on the golf curse.


Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart

Bag Boy C3 Push Cart GolfThis Bag Boy C-3 three wheel cart has a full-feature extra deep scorecard holder and an extra wide durable frame. The cart can be easily folded to make it compact by just three step folding. The upper bag bracket which is stand cart friendly prevents the golf bag from meandering throughout. You can shove the clubs flamboyantly with the Bag Boy C3 Push cart. It is specifically designed to carry everything you need on the course. You will be amazed at the smoothness it offers.

Key Features

  • The bag is incorporated with a tee and a Ball marker holder.
  • Integrated umbrella holder and beverage holder.
  • Its total weight is 15 lbs.
  • A bendable support arm and a stand and cart bag friendly upper bag bracket.
  • Its easy one step handle adjustment can conveniently accommodate golfers of all heights.
  • The storage can be made compact with simple three step fold.
  • Consists of a weather resistant aluminium frame.
  • The wheels, with a dimension of 9.5 inches front and 11.5 inches rear are extremely helpful in rolling through the grass.

  • The cup holder is so perfectly designed that even though the cups being so close, the holder will not get covered.
  • It’s dexterously built, can easily be folded and consists of carrying handle for moving it easily.
  • It moves without any difficulty whether you pull or push.
  • All its features will allow you to secure your phone, carry water and access extra balls and tees.
  • It will prevent the stand bag from rotating on the cart.
  • Your bag can be effortlessly taken on and off the cart.

  • It does not have a pivoting front tire.
  • It’s inconvenient to use the cup holder with taller bottles.

Our Reviews

Bag Boy C3 Golf Push CartThis particular Bag Boy C3 is a 3 wheel push cart which offers its users with an amazing Cart experience. It is comes with a front wheel foot brake and weighs at just 16 Lbs. Extra wide frame provides good durability with handle mounted parking brakes. It has one more unique feature of one step handle adjustment which helps to adept according to the golfer’s height. This golf push cart is equally suitable for both Cart bags as well as stand bags.It comes with unique features like integrated umbrella holder, beverage holder, smartphone holder and even provides for integrated golf ball storage. Bag Boy C3 Golf push cart is one such product, golfers would vouch for, the pricing being under $200 make this product even more attractive.



GolferPal EasyPal Electric Auto-Folding/Unfolding Cart

Golfer Pal

If you are looking for a push cart which you can easily fold around for easy transportation, you have just found a perfect match for your needs. With just a simple patented one-click the cart folds itself following two simple steps and then forms a compact size of 12.8″x26.4″x16.5″. It is built with a strong aluminum frame which gives it a long lasting feature. It is because of being built with aluminum that it is a relatively light weight of 16.8 lbs as compared to its size. The breaking system is also an easy process where you are only required to conduct a patented press on the brake to stop the cart and then press it again to release the foot break. If you are wondering whether this cart is stable to accommodate all your golfing equipment, well, wonder not anymore. This is because it is built with strong wheels that are able to support the weight on it. The four wheels are all of the same measurement which makes it even more stable as compared to the carts which have a front wheel which is slightly smaller as compared to the other two wheels. The wheels measure 10.75″which provides a good size for providing the cart with the much needed support. The wheels are made of rubber which makes them not vulnerable to any thorns or such like things in the golfing terrain. With these wheels you will be able to push your way around the entire golfing course without having to worry about the wheels breaking down and preventing you from accessing the golfing space in question. In additional to these features, the cart is also built with a patented basket that provides the person under it with some cool atmosphere.  It also has an umbrella holder which will prevent direct sunlight from reaching anything under it. The installed storage rack also guarantees you with an opportunity to carry more of what you need for the golfing event you will be participating.


An overview Of Top Rated Golf Push Carts

Top Golf Push Cart Infographic Charts


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Choosing the Best Golf Push Cart

For Golfers who like to play the sport regularly and do not want to rent the equipment any more, buying a three-wheel or four-wheel Manual Push Golf Cart is a great option. Additionally they could enjoy a healthy dose of walking exercise during the course of the game! As the name suggests, Manual Push Golf Cart works by pushing the golf cart manually. From a golfer’s perspective there re a few but very important points while deciding about a golf push/pull cart. For the golfer’s convenience on and off the course to carry the cart, the weight, the size and operational smoothness are given due importance while choosing a golf pull cart. Here are a few points to consider before your shopping begins:

Golf Carts With Large Wheels: Most wheels work very well on smooth areas, but when it comes to rugged terrains large wheel would help the golfer to maneuver the cart easily without much exertion. This is especially important for those who experience fatigue easily. The golf is known to be played in large fields and you may be required to visit certain terrains which are not that comfortable. By choosing a golf push cart, built with relatively larger wheels, you will be able to pass through the entire golf course, even in the places which might be a bit rocky. The tires also need to be wide and made of rubber to ensure that they are able to offer the much needed support for the push cart.

Quality Handles: Sturdy handles with added advantage of soft padding would provide a firm grip and strong control on the cart’s maneuverability. Since the cart will be used to carry all your golf equipment, the cart might at times be difficult to push around. You need to be comfortable pushing it and one of the most effective ways is choosing a push cart built with quality handles. The handles should be able to provide you with a good grip on the cart as well as the opportunity to protect your hands from any harm that may come as a result of pushing a cart with rough handles.

Compact Size: It is very important to check the compact size of the cart mentioned in the product detail. It makes a difference on the course to move around with a compact golf cart. Hence, if there is an issue with lifting and moving the cart, one must pay attention to the indicated weight of the cart.

Cart with Seat: It’s at times when golfer has to wait for quite a while during the course of the game that a golf cart with seat comes handy and makes this game of patience rather comfortable. A push cart with detachable seat is a wise choice as it can be removed while storing. In some golfing events, you might have to wait for a long intervals before you finally get your turn. In such a case you might get tired standing which is why you need a push cart with seats so that you can sit there as you wait for your turn. Two or even one seats are enough since again you do not want many seats that will make the cart heavier making movement around the golf course hard.

Collapsible Golf Push Carts: While most of the push carts are collapsible when not in use, some of them can’t, and be tucked away especially one with large seats. Only if storing and transporting is not an issue, you might like to consider them. For you to experience a relatively easy time transporting the cart from one golfing event to another golfing event, you need to look for a cart which you can comfortably dismantle and then put together easily so that it can fit in your car. There are those which cannot be dismantled and will need much care when being transported especially in car boots.

Avoid the Push Carts with Numerous Features: There is certainly no doubt that there everyone wants a push cart that is as light as possible. Purchasing a cart that contains numerous features will add the overall weight of the cart which will eventually provide the person pushing the cart with a hard time trying to control the cart.

With the above information, you certainly know what factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate push cart. Through the reviews of some of the best golf push carts you can have, you will also be in a position to establish exactly what type of cart to buy for your next golfing event.

Types of Golf Push Carts

Based on the different needs of the golfers, the golf carts too like many other golf accessories, comes in many styles and shapes and they differ in their maneuverability too.

Golf Pull Carts

Best Golf Pull Cart

They are two-wheel trolleys designed to be pulled behind you around the course. Golf Pull Carts are lightweight and ideally suited for golfers who do not have much weight to carry. If you are playing on a flat course, the balance point of the two-wheel cart makes it easy to pull along. They are so far the cheapest option and could save you a good amount of money while still offering the useful services. Since Manual Golf Pull Carts are simple and straightforward to use with good collapsibility, you can quickly assemble and fold them. However, there are a couple of points to keep in mind. Firstly, since they are small they will only be able to carry limited golf equipment and secondly, some might not find dragging the cart behind very comfortable.

Golf Push Carts

Clicgear Rovic RV1C Push Cart

As the name suggests, this is a trolley that can be ‘pushed’ forward, unlike the ones that need to be ‘pulled’. Push Carts use the energy from the forward walking motion to move the wheels and making the movement of the cart much easier. Pushing is generally less stressful and also easier on the golfer’s shoulders compared to pulling. The increased demand has seen Push Carts undergo major transformations in its few years of existence leading to carts offering more comfort, convenience, and better aesthetics. Contemporary Golf Push Carts come with four wheels ensuring smoother and steadier movement, easier maneuvering around the course, particularly on uneven surfaces and when rolling down. From the traditional three-wheeled types to the sporty, four-wheeled, foldable ones with steering wheels and works, Golf push carts have indeed come a long way and promise to keep golfing fun.

Electric Golf Push Carts

Best Electric Golf Push Cart

They are the easiest way to electronically transport your golf equipment around the golf range. Electric Golf Push Cart comes in different makes and models and there are several factors to consider while choosing. Criteria to evaluate different models, especially assembling and storing will largely depend on the fact whether one wants to leave it at the course or transport it in the car for each round one plays. When considering the Electric Push Cart you should check how long the battery will last on a single charge, its life span, and time it will take to recharge. One should also check for the accessories as many of them might not be as useful.

Remote Controlled Golf Push Carts

Remote Controlled Golf Push CartA Remote Controlled Golf Push Cart allows you to walk casually without putting any strain on your forearm muscles, shoulder, and back. It eliminates the need to keep pace with the trolley or constantly adjust their speed. They are provided with a GPS feature that enables the golfer to remotely send it to any hole they think they are going to play next. When playing a hilly golf course, a Remote Controlled Golf Cart is almost a necessity, especially for control on downhill inclines. It keeps your Golf Cart in a controlled descent without you constantly adjusting the speed.
While considering a Remote Controlled Golf Push Cart, construction material, collapsibility for easy storage, good power, recharging time and life span of the battery, and ability for Add-ons are some of the important factors to keep in mind.

Golf Carts

Golf CartsA Golf Cart is a mechanized vehicle powered either by a gasoline engine or an electric motor. Golf Carts create less pollution, make less noise and are very safe for pedestrians as well as other vehicles due to their slow speed. On the golf range, golf carts carry two players and their equipment. One of the first decisions the buyer has to make is whether to choose an Electric or a Gas Cart. Gas Golf Cart requires gasoline to operate and have an engine similar to cars. They have a powerful horsepower and are ideal for an uneven terrain. On the other hand, Electric Golf Carts are powered by rechargeable batteries and are much less expensive compared to Gas Carts. With no gas emissions and being very quiet when operated, Electric Carts are better for the environment. It is important to know that they have a limited horsepower and must be recharged after each full use.
When choosing the Cart whether Manual, Electric or Gas, one should consider factors such as construction material, brakes, storage and accessories, weight, collapsibility, speed, control and ease of assembly. The best type for you is the one that confirms to your specific needs.


Golfers invest a lot in equipment and spend equally well to buy the best golf bags, the pull golf carts become the ultimate need for anyone. With the above information about the which golf push carts to buy; there is certainly no excuse for not having a quality golf push cart that will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy your golfing activities. You should therefore make sure that you always use the information above to make sure you are able to get the best golf push cart and consequently increase your chances of enjoying golf as a sport either professionally or for leisure.

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