Best Golf Putters 2017 – Reviews & Comparison

Having the Best Golf Putter in your golf club set is essential like any other club as it is used to roll the ball towards the cup. As a a golfer, art of putting is crucial in concluding a golf game. just like the most forgiving driver, mastering the putting skill requires the golfer to have the Best Putter in his golf bag. To make the golfer experience the smooth strokes, the glide impact and, of course, a non-bouncing topspin ball launch, a good golf putter is what a golfer needs. The latest advancements in putter technology offer the power of adjustability, along with a range of differently styled golf putters and varying designs. Here are some of the most suitable golf putters reviews:

Best Golf Putters 2017 Comparison Table     

  • Weight: 380g with additional 40g
  • Length of Putter: 34 Inches
  • Key Features: The PGX putter features a precise white finish which stands out when the putter is in the address position on the green.It comes with metal face
  • Lie: 90
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Length of Putter: 35 Inches
  • Key Features: This golf putter comes with high MOI. The oversize putter also has an oversize Karakal grip for more control.It has TPU Polymer Insert Face.
  • Lie:
  • Weight: 343 Grams
  • Length of Putter: 33 to 35 Inches
  • Key Features: The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 putter is tour-tested, and Leader board proved too. The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 has incorporated an improved version of the #1 insert.
  • Lie: 70
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Length of Putter: 43.5 Inches
  • Key Features: It is Mallet style putter and new larger diameter grip size Multiple density areas in the Micro injection face insert .The soft feel grip is designed exclusively for Wilson
  • Lie:
  • Weight: 343 Grams
  • Length of Putter: 33 to 35 Inches
  • Key Features:It comes with a new and improved white and hot pro insert. The cutting process involves new laser milling techniques used for the insert.It has Adjustable Weighting System and Gun Metal PVD Finish
  • Lie: 70

Best Golf Putters Reviews 2017


Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Best Golf Putters

Dimensions and Detailing of the Putter

The putter has a precise white finish. It is meant to stand out when the putter is in the address position. It is supposed to stand out on the green. This contrast of the white color against the green beneath the toes really helps to maintain focus on the alignment lines.In turn,that helps ensure that the putter is on target at the start. The weight of the mallet putter is considered “tour-weighted” at 380 gram along with the additional 40 grams. The total shipping weight is 10 pounds. The putter comes with a right-hand orientation. The length of the putter is 34 inches and comes with a metal face. It is a club putter with the loft of 3 and lie of 90.

Good Strength and Performance

You are getting a smooth forward spinning ball at an impact with reduced skid. It gives you the stability in your putting game. You will need a lot of practice before being used to this putter and take this as an advantage. You should also make sure not to overshoot your cup as this putter has got a lot of strength on its face.

The only ‘concern with this putter is that the shaft may feel a little flimsy.So if you are not utterly careful with your putter and just toss it around in your bag or in the back the truck, this putter might not last long.

The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter is suited best for the faster greens that are more and more common around the world.It is recommended for beginners or the average players and not for experts. The overall feel is sturdy and will serve you well in the long run.


Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Review

Golf Putter ReviewsDimension of the Product

The Orlimar Oversize Tangent putter comes with a large size of 35 inches. These golf putters are up to date with current size and standards. The golf putter is said to have TPU Polymer insert face. You can also find some advanced perimeter weighting. This golf putter comes with high MOI. The oversize putter also has an oversize Karakal grip for more control. The weight of the item is 3 pounds though the total shipping weight may be extra.

Combination of Comfort and Performance

The shaft is really light weight at 35 inches though it can be brought down to 34.The golf putter is a perfect combination of balance and feel.It has extra large soft feeling squared grip. The longer length of the putter and its soft feeling face seem to promote rolling the ball better. And the high-low alignment lines help in keeping the putter itself in line with the strokes. This putter will immediately improve your distance and accuracy. People who have bought this putter have loved how the oversized grip has been a boon to them. The balance is perfect, and the insert provides just the right feel.

The praised golf putter is only available for people with right-hand orientation. The only worry apart from the orientation is that the head cover is good but probably not the best in the market. You can get it replaced by any other novelty head cover any day.

The Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Head cover is an oversized putter, but it can be shortened according to your wish. If you are a newbie, this golf putter will work wonders for you, beginners can also get help  from best putting aids to improve their putting skills. It is of great value at the quoted price. You are bound to get surprised by the overall quality of this golf putter.


Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter (White)

Golf Putter Reviews

Dimensions of the Putter

This putter is available in hand orientations of right and left. The shaft length comes in the varieties of 33 inches, 34 inches, and 35 inches. The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 putter is tour-tested, and Leader board proved too. The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 has incorporated an improved version of the #1 insert.

New Features Included

The putter features the new and improved version of the #1 insert on Tour,which is highly engineered.This golf putter goes through a laser milling process to achieve some extremely tight tolerances. The Eye Fit system simplifies fitting to select the proper head shape based on your setup and the ball. The package also includes head covers for Odyssey Putters. The golf putter is available in the white color.

High Performance Assured

The insert on the tour tested material is to ensure that the performance which elite players demand from a putter is served to them. This is proven from the week in and week out on the leader boards. The new insert provides more consistent sound, feel, and performance across the entire striking surface. The high tolerance gives more consistency and performance.As goes the saying, ‘Slay More Demons and Sink More Putts.’

This great putter is on the expensive side which will probably burn a hole in your pocket.

It is recommended for players who look up to golf equipment as assets.It is definitely not for those who are not thinking of golf on a professional level. If you are not serious about the sport, this putter will not give you the value for money.


Wilson Staff Harmonized M5 Belly Golf Mallet Putter

Wilson Golf Putter

The description of the product says that it is sold and manufactured by ‘In The Hole! Golf’ and the golf putter have got a belly of the mallet. The diameter of the grip size is new and improved. It is of a larger length than the previous version of the same mallet putter. The Wilson Staff Harmonized M5 Belly Golf Mallet Putter is of the right-hand orientation and only for men.

The Face Inserts and Others

There are certain multiple density areas in the face insert. The face insert has micro injections in the density areas of the golf putter. The grip has been designed especially for the products of the Wilson Company. You get an 18 ball pack suggested by the same company. It is one of the most popular items frequently bought together. The shipping weight is 1.4 pounds. The length is 43.5 inches.

Comfort Factor

The grip is good to feel and nice. It is designed for the comfort of the players using it. The price makes this Wilson Staff Harmonized M5 Belly Golf Mallet Putter really affordable. It is less than $40. The shaft of this putter is quite slender.It has got an even weight on the stroke.

Though the shaft of the putter is quite slender, the length is suitable for people who are really tall. The look of the golf putter is nothing grand or elegant. Just the do-able looks! So, if you are searching for some really good looking stuff, do not buy this.

This is not recommended for people with an average height. Otherwise, it is a good putter with it being decently priced. It should, however, be noted that USGA has made the length acquired by the golf putter as illegal for play.


Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 1 Putter

Men's Golf Putter

Dimension of the Product

This product is sold and shipped by ‘Callaways’. The golf putter is available in right-hand orientation. The shaft sizes are available in 33 inches, 34 inches, and 35 inches. It comes with a new and improved white and hot pro insert. The cutting process involves new laser milling techniques used for the insert.

The Heads

The heads are tour tested and proven. The head shapes are also inspired by them. It also includes a new high MOI V-Line and D.A.R.T. Mini technology which provides options for every player type. There are adjustable weighting options available. The total shipping weight is 1 pound.

Perfect Finish

The finish of this putter is perfect, and thus, there are no glare side effects. The weighting options are perfect when you can judge the proper lie angle. It will enhance your stroke. The insert on the putter is just an awesome combination of firmness and softness. This is sure to appeal people on the whole. This is such a putter which you can even use when you are just learning.

The adjustable weighting options are available only for select models. The putter might get a little dinged up after a using it for a couple of times. It is really expensive and might be unsatisfactory on the grounds of value for money.

This model of the Odyssey Men’s White Hot Pro 1 Putter gets a point less than its successor as there are some more advantages in the advanced version which is missing from this one. You will need to take extra care of this in comparison to the latter version of the same putter.

How to Choose the Best Golf Putters?

A golf putter is an essential item in a golfer bag, after golf drivers. It becomes important that the individual golfer chooses the right putter for their body style and their type of game play. The following are some tips for choosing the best putter.

Weight The total weight of the head of a putter you choose is a major factor on how the golf ball will roll. The greens have their own way to let you roll, and you need to control it. The blade is the largest of the three club heads.If you are an amateur, then the blade will make the putting of the golf ball really easy. On the other hand, the blade edge putter will give the player more control.It is because the weight is being focused on the lowest part of the blade. Lastly, there is the mallet style putter. It is best suited for golfers who are completely new in the arena. With this putter, it becomes easy to make solid contact with the golf ball while playing.

Length –The length of the putter to be chosen depends on the player’s height inclusive of the shoes he or she will wear while playing. If you are that average height person,you will do just fine with any regular putter of a standard height easily available in stores. But, if you are blessed with good height, you will need a custom styled putter which will be longer than the regular club. You will be free of hunching when putting the golf ball toward the cup. You might consider buying a belly club if you are having some problem putting the club with wrists.

LOFT – Last but not the least is the loft. The degree of loft of the putter you choose has often dictated how the ball will jump off the putters face.The face inserts of the putter will also determine how the ball will roll on the putting surface. The right position of loft can be told by the way a player holds his putter. The styles can be modified in accordance with the golf player’s body and his overall frame.

Hopefully, now you have a fair knowledge about the types of golf putters and the tips on how to choose the right golf putter for you.

Types of Golf Putters

There are mainly three types of golf putters available in the market. These are a conventional putter, the long putter, and the belly putter.


Mallet Putter

Putter Reviews

In this type of Putters, the weight is concentrated towards the toe end of the Putter’s face to enable the Golfers to putt the ball even in case they miss the sweet spot and end up hitting towards Toe of the Putter. The weight towards the Toe End helps to lessen the chances of miss hit due to not hitting the center of the Putter. Best Mallet Putter can be of two types Face Balanced Putter and Toe Weighted Putter, the only difference being the place where the shaft enters the Head.


Heal and Toe Weighted Putters

Top Golf Clubs

This is a rather vintage style of Putters and was popular in the 1960s for their larger sweet spot area because of the equitable distribution of weight towards the Toe and the Heel areas which enable the Golfer to achieve Truer Hits maximum numbers of times. The Putters twist the least among all types with an off center hits.


Best Golf Blade Putters

Putter Reviews

This traditional looking Golf Putter is the favorite among the Professional . The sweet Spot is towards the heel of the Putter because of the Shaft entering the Head near the heel. Its also helpful for the Golfers who tend to miss the Sweet Spot towards the Heel of the Putter. Generally the Weight is concentrated towards the toe of the Blade Putters so its not advisable for Straight-Back-Straight-Through shots but can be miraculous for Open-Square-Closed Shots.


Center Shafted Golf Putters

Best Golf Iron Reviews

These are Face Balanced Putters and are helpful in case you like to take Straight-Back-Straight Through shots. Though they are not much used these days due to difficulty the Golfers face to hit the Sweet Spot with them and is absolutely not advisable for the beginners. But if a beginner starts practicing with it right from the beginning it can increase you ability to hit the sweet spot with all the other Gulf Clubs as well. Its my thinking but you can take the liberty to choose otherwise and go by the existing concept.

A golf club set generally consists of 3 Drivers or Woods, a hybrid, 7 golf irons and 1 Putter, a total of 12 clubs in a set. You may also add a wedge and a hybrid. The rule allows you to carry up t0 14 Golf Clubs sets. It might a sound too much to carry in a Golf bag especially when you are not supported by the caddie but you can always opt for one of the Best Golf Carts to make it easy. Here’s a comparison chart for the best of the Golf Club Sets available around. You can simply chose the best beginner golf clubs here and start with your golfing experience.

Putters can also be categorized in Belly Putters,, Conventional Putters and Long Putters.

Belly Putter

 A belly golf putter is about 6-8 inches long. It is longer than the conventional putter. Interestingly this type of putter is designed to be propped on the stomach of the player who is playing. It can be said that the belly putter is designed this way to reduce the importance of wrists, hands, elbows and shoulders while playing golf.

Conventional Putter

Experts would say that if you are using a conventional putter, then you should stick to it. If you need to achieve the ideal putting posture using the conventional putter, then you need to be clear about your stances. You know you have perfected the stance when you lean forward so that your eyes are directly over the line of the putt. Next, just let your arms hang loosely down and after that bring your palms together. There you have your perfect stance for putting. This kind of putter is not majorly preferred as it minimizes the wrist and the hand movements to the end.

Long Putters

The long putter turns the putting stroke into an oscillating movement which is absolutely true to the pendulum swing. It totally minuses the wrist hinge. So, golfers need to take an upright stance for using this.It is not recommended to those who suffer from weak or aching backs. You will perhaps get a bit of a break. The long putter typically ranges from 48 to 52 inches in length. Mind you, it is even longer than the belly putter. Thus, it has also got the name of the ‘broomstick putter’. Longer length means even less feel and less feedback. Controlling the distance might just become a tad more problematic. However, you do have the advantage of taking the wrist action out. On a positive note, this putter is usually the last hope for a person bad at putting.

If you have the yips, and you are rather handy in your stance of putting, you are then recommended to use the belly golf putter or the long putter. The conventional putters are for the ones who are firm with the wrist movements.


The above-given reviews are done, and the ratings are given based on feedback from customers. The items are extremely authentic and the best in their sector. Golf is an expensive game. So there is little or no sense in spending more than that is enough for you. Therefore to summarize the above-given points you should check for the price,type of putter, the putter head, the alignment system of the putter, loft, and the face insert; before locking your decision. The incorrect length of the putter, incorrect lie angle setup and, of course, the incorrect weight can behave as great obstacles in the way of a golfer for acquiring the perfect putting skill. As an ending note, it can be said that a player always should be careful and smartly decide on the best golf putters he requires and then purchase the one that he is comfortable in.

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