Best Golf Shoes 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Believe it or not, wearing the Best Golf Shoes for your game do have a positive bearing on your game. You can’t focus on your shots if you are feeling the slightest of an itch in your feet. So wearing the best fit golf shoes is as important as having a most suitable golf clubs in your golf bag. Besides providing comfort and support, there are a number of requirements that a golfer may have, like somebody with a wide or a flat feet would require a specific shoe type to address the problem. The golfers who spend substantial time on the greens have to be specific about the shoes they wear on the course.

  • ECCO Men's Street -Best Golf Shoe For Wide Feet
  • Upper: Leather
  • Midsole: Absorbing Polyurethane
  • Outsole: Studded Single Density
  • ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2
  • Upper: Leather & Synthetic
  • Midsole: Rubber
  • Outsole: TPU
  • True Linkswear Men's True Motion Golf Sneakers
  • Upper: Leather
  • Midsole: One-Piece Barefoot Rubber
  • Outsole: One-Piece Rubber
  • ECCO Men's Street Premiere Golf Shoe
  • Upper: Leather
  • Midsole: Rubber
  • Outsole: TPU
  • Adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe
  • Upper: Mesh & Synthetic
  • Midsole: EVA
  • Outsole: TRAXION®


Top Golf Shoes For A Bad Back

Golf shoes are specially designed which let players to stand firm and comfortable while playing the game on a slippery ground. It would also support your movement when you play the game with its suppleness. The best Golf Shoe should have a specific feature to support your back, if you have a chronic back pain.

Different brands manufacture golf sneakers keeping in mind the physical comfort of the players especially Golf players as they tend to suffer from backache and ankle ache due to wrong posture or other reasons. The top rated golf shoe for bad ache should have the comfort and stability in order to set up for a perfect golf game and support the bad back. It should be designed with a breathable and durable material. The sole of such shoe should be made of premium quality like rubber for flexibility with microfiber heel for appropriate grip.

ECCO is one of the brands that manufacture sportswear and is highly successful because of the kind of the products it makes. ECCO men’s street Golf shoe is a desired product amongst the Golf players as the shoe provides utmost comfort and it is affordable too. The shoe has all the required qualities like Synthetic or Leather upper, Synthetic sole, varieties of color options etc. The shoe is very comfortable and fits perfectly well. It is spacious and breathable while playing. The upper leather/synthetic makes the shoe durable and flexible. The rubber or synthetic outsole gives strength to the shoe and increases its life. The shoe is imported and available in almost all sizes to fit any type of foot especially wide-foot too. Ergonomic foot-bed minimizes the physical discomfort in the shoe.


  • Better breathability and stretch due to Leather/Synthetic material.
  • Increased durability and comfort with Synthetic Sole.
  • Smooth & a breathable lining and shock absorbent midsoles made of polyurethane.
  • Studded outsole is made up of single density.
  • The height of the Heel is approximately 1” and Platform measures 0.5” approximately which protects the shoe from getting wet easily.
  • The make and design of the shoe is more or less like a Sneaker.
  • The foot bed is ergonomically designed which minimizes discomfort and increases the shoe’s efficiency.


  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Perfect fit especially for wide-footers.
  • Made of non-porous material making the shoe water proof
  • Spacious and Breathable
  • Lacing till toe gives sufficient range of width to the entire foot and minimizes discomfort.
  • Best for playing and daily casual wear too.
  • Perfect Grip to your foot
  • Single Density Outsole


There are various reviews shared by the customers who have experienced the ECCO Street Golf shoe in men’s category. Different individuals have different opinions. This shoe may not fit those who are really wide footers but overall the performance, fit and comfort of the shoe is simply great. Majority of the customers have rated 10 out of 10 making this shoe a favorite choice amongst the users. The materials used in this shoe are of premium quality so it can be worn throughout the day too. Best part about the shoe is it’s affordability for this design and quality which attracts the youngsters to a great extent.


Most Comfortable Golf Shoes For Arch Support

Special shoes catering to special needs and requirements of different people are now easily available as well as accessible in the market. People who have a history of chronic ailments and persistent pains in feet and ankles, it is advised that they make use of such shoes with arch support. This type of support not only lessens pain but also improves the overall condition of your feet and ankles. Such footwear even make walking a comfortable experience. Arch supported shoes are especially beneficial for people who have Planter Fasciitis and flat feet. These specially designed shoes enhance performance and grant great support and balance.

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf shoes are one of the most popular and sought after spike-less golf shoes available in the market. Extremely light weight and durable in nature, these shoes make for a great choice while hunting as well. Made with Yak leather, which is known to be more soft and breathable in contrast to other leathers, these pair of shoes are also exceptionally comfortable and do not require any breaking like most shoes do. The Yak leather is also water proof which ensures that your shoes will most definitely have a longer life. Incredibly stylish, these shoes are a must have for all golfers as they cater to all your extra and special needs.


  • Made Up of Yak Leather & Synthetic Material with Rubber Sole.
  • Surprisingly Light Weight. (They weigh about only 4 pounds)
  • Yak leather ensures longer durability as well as breathability.
  • Equipped with Natural Motion Technology to allow greater movement and flexibility.
  • The E-DTS Hybrid Technology features TPU dual density outsoles with 800 traction angles which aid in allowing for a superior grip.
  • The dimensions of these sneakers are 12 X 8 X 4 inches.


  • Incredibly Stylish and make for a great fashion statement.
  • Made up of Yak leather which makes it extremely comfortable.
  • Quite breathable and grant sufficient amount of ventilation.
  • Comes with a secondary set of complementary different colored laces.
  • Exceptionally crafted which offers resistance to extreme weather conditions.
  • Great value for your money.
  •  Best golf shoes for arch support available in the market.

  • White Colored soles prone to fading with time.
  • The front section of the shoes might feel to be a little narrow in the beginning and requires some time to getting used to it.


ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoes arguably the best golf shoe for arch support and are one of the few products taking the market storm due to its abundant qualities. Not only are these shoes a hit because of the great comfort they have to offer but also because of their trendy, fashionable design. The material is enormously breathable and aids in the process of ventilation which ensures that the body temperature remains regulated. These pair of shoes will undoubtedly stay with you for a long time meanwhile being your trustworthy and dependable partner in golf.


Best Golf Shoes For Flat Feet

Shoes designed especially to tend to the special needs and requirements of people with flat feet have forayed in to the market space. Recent survey has revealed that at least 20% of the population is flat footed. Special shoes are available which help flat footed people in walking. Apart from designed for walking, these special types of shoes are also available for various kinds of sports like golf. A wide variety of golf shoes are available for a player to choose from. These shoes are designed with a revolutionary technology which aids the player’s performance with enhanced cushioning which gives both traction and support. These shoes help in keeping the feet aligned and prevent injuries from occurring.

Revolutionary golf shoes designed specifically for flat feet are made with extreme care and quality. This True Linkswear Men’s True Motion Golf shoe is designed to be exceptionally flexible and are tremendously light weight. Unlike most golf shoes which are built with forced heel, these True Motion Golf shoes are made with a zero drop design. Due to the wide-toe space that has been specially built for these shoes, these shoes ensure comfortable foot function.  The new thin sole design and tread pattern make this pair of shoes a great choice for your golfing endeavours.


  • Made with leather.
  • The zero sole drop design eliminates the forced heel which is found in most shoes.
  • It is designed in such a manner that it has a bigger wide toe box.
  • The one-piece rubber outsole of the shoes ensures an increased flexibility.
  • Extremely light weight (4 pounds approximately).


  • Not only do these golf shoes carry a classic look, but can be worn throughout the day because of their phenomenal design that gives great ease and comfort.
  • The wide toe box of the shoes paves way for a better fit leaving room for the foot to maintain its natural shape.
  • The thin sole of the shoes makes sure that you have a firm grip on the ground.
  • The one piece outsole has been incorporated to allow the feet to mimic bare foot movement.
  • The thin sole of the shoes makes sure that you have a firm grip on the ground.

  • The outer layer of the shoes might feel a little hard and tough initially.


Designed with the latest technology these shoes are your best friends on the golf course.  Because of the thin sole these shoes allow you to have a firm grip on the ground and thus ensure an improved performance. Extremely light weight in nature these True Motion golf shoes are exceptionally comfortable to play in. Apart from being great on the golf course, these shoes are equally amazing to walk in as well. Meant for the special needs and requirements of the flat footed people, these shoes are constructed with a wide foot area which allows for greater space for your toes and ensures that at no point of time your feet feel cramped and suffocated. These are best golf shoes for flat feet if you want to make the most of your golfing experience.


Good Golf Shoes For Orthotics

Foot function is completely different for a golfer in comparison to a normal person’s walking or running or jogging or any other activity. Therefore, their needs of shoes are highly dissimilar to that of a normal person. Wearing the wrong type of golf shoes will most definitely result in tremendous amount of pain in the feet, ankles and knees. Thus, wearing proper golf shoes is quite critical and integral to avoid unnecessary injuries.  Using foot orthotics in shoes has been known to prevent pain and improve the overall game of the golfer. Orthotics are used in golf shoes because some players suffer from bio-chemical imbalances like excessive pronation or supination and the shoes with the orthotics help in improving these imbalances and reduce the possible risk of injuries caused due to them.

One-of-its-kind ECCO Men’s Street Premiere Golf Shoe is extremely stylish, high performance and comfortable pair of shoes designed for the golf course. The effective padding inside the shoes makes these pairs not only a great choice for your golfing expeditions, but also for walking in them too. The quintessential spikes of the golf shoes have been done way with in these shoes. The spikes have been replaces by ‘nubs’ which are called the traction bars which ensure a great grip on all types of grounds (not only on the golf course).  Available in a variety of leather colours, these shoes are a great investment for any golf enthusiast.


  • These shoes are completely made with leather.
  • The sole of the shoes is rubber.
  • Size of these shoes is 10X7X17 inches.
  • They are extremely light weight (around 3 pounds).
  • The lining of these shoes is made from stretchy micro- fibre lining.
  • Traction bars on the outsole of the shoes ensure excellent grip on the ground.
  • The outsole has been made with TPU.


  • The stretchy micro-fibre lining of the shoes keeps the feet cool and dry.
  • Excellent grip on all types of grounds because of the traction bars.
  • These shoes perform equally great on all sorts of grounds.
  • The rubber sole ensures a greater durability and comfort.
  • The leather material gives the shoes a very trendy look, making sure that the wearer is making a great fashion statement.
  • Not need to change your shoes when you are done playing as they can be worn like normal shoes too.
  • These shoes are exceedingly comfortable and can be worn throughout the day.

  • They demand proper care and attention.
  • These shoes are not water proof.


Gorgeous looking ECCO Men’s Street Premiere Golf shoes made with leather are your answer to looking stylish as well being golf ready anytime you want. Designed for greater comfort and flexibility, these shoes will help you make the most of your golfing experience. The traction bars will ensure that you have an extremely firm grip on the ground which will most definitely enhance your shots. Apart from being your golf shoes, these shoes also double as your daily-wear footwear, thanks to the tremendously stylish design of these shoes. Not only will you be golf ready but also fashion ready whenever you wear these sneakers.


Best Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

For a person who suffers from plantar fasciitis, it is difficult to play golf let alone enjoy it. A ligament that connects your heel bone to your toes, plantar fascia supports your feet arch. The inflammation of the bottom of your feet causes pain and only the one who suffers from it can understand it. Standing or walking for long, which is quite common for golfers, can strain the ligament. Nonetheless, it does not deter a golf lover from hitting a golf course with a right pair of golf shoes. In order to tackle this problem, a golfer can choose a golf shoe that supports the feet and lessens the movement of feet within the shoes.

Footjoy does not need any introduction to the players of golf as it has been producing the best golf shoes for more than five decades. Designed with next generation technology and better styling, the men’s Footjoy DryJoys DNA Golf Shoe is a great product to own. It comes with ChromoSkin leather uppers that make this shoe lightweight, softer and gives it the durability it needs. Loaded with lots of useful technologies, the shoes will deliver performance and ooze style. Let me draw your attention to the fact that it carries a two-year waterproof warranty which is like a feather in a cap.


  • It comes in two colors – White and Black.
  • The shipping weight is 5 pounds.
  • The shoe upper is made of leather.
  • It is an imported shoe.
  • It comes with a two-year waterproof warranty.


  • It features ChromoSkin Leather System by Pittards. This full grain leather system is flexible, lightweight, durable and completely waterproof. The wearer can experience a lot of breathability by using this high-quality.
  • For an incredible custom fit, the upper leather takes the shape of your feet.
  • SnugFit Tongue is designed using thin, soft and breathable materials. At the same time, the advanced design shapes to the foot with MicroVent technology that fit into the top of the foot. It offers amazing fit and an amazingly comfortable in-shoe environment.
  • Xtra Fine Tuned Foam (FTF), a new proprietary cushioning material, is used in the entire interior midsole. It is also known as the FitBed that gives the shoe stability, softness and comfortability. This leads to soft underfoot cushioning and heel support that’s firm.
  • Footjoy has smartly used the NitroThin Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) technology which is a low profile design and it makes outsole thin and light. Without compromising flexibility and feel, this helps in providing the player with the much-needed stability and performance.
  • With 9 low profile spikes in the sole, FootJoy has moved these to the edges of the sole, to such an extent that you can see the edges of some of them from above while wearing.
  • The design of the shoe features a slightly wider forefoot area which allows your toes to spread out more. As other golf shoes tend to be narrow, this will help in the comfort of the shoe.
  • For ideal support, comfort and fit, 3D FoamCollar takes shape of the ankle. It locks your ankle in place and prevents any movement of the foot removing discomfort through your golf swing.
  • For this premium quality golf shoes, you will have to pay more than the average golf shoes you may have used before.


Overall, this is the best golf shoe for plantar fasciitis but other golf players will also love it. The men’s Footjoy DryJoys DNA Golf Shoes just does not look great; it is very comfortable and provides all the performance benefits that you would expect from premium golf shoes. If you are worried about the price, bear in mind that it comes with a two-year waterproof warranty which will not let you feel the pinch. It is worth the price it carries and believe me, your feet are going to thank you for this amazing golf shoes.


Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Picking up the most comfortable golf shoes for walking which provide relaxation is something every golfer desires. There is no dearth of golf shoes in the market but if you spend four to six hours on the golf course, you need to pick the one that is comfortable, stable and comes with great traction. Golf shoes for walking are different from your regular sports shoes for multiple reasons. You may have to walk on wet grass and that calls for spikes or technology that can offer additional traction and keep you on your feet all the time.

Adidas is a leading sports gear company that needs no introduction to athletes and common people alike. The Adidas Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe fulfils your need for increased flexibility and comfort with material that is not just lightweight but also breathable. As it is ultra-lightweight, it helps in lowering fatigue caused due to walking and playing and thus improves your performance in the game round after round.  For great traction and stability, it comes loaded with six-spike configuration with technology that’s Thintech low-profile. As always, the Adidas has used some technologies smartly in the shoes that give them an edge over other golf walking shoes you may have seen or used.


  • It comes in three different colors – Black, White and Iron – to choose from.
  • The dimension of the product is 12 x 8 x 4 inches.
  • It is made of synthetic and fabric.
  • It has synthetic sole.
  • It is an imported shoe.
  • It is designed for men only.
  • The shipping weight of these shoes is only three pounds.

Best walking golf shoes

  • The combination of mesh, which is extremely lightweight and synthetic upper offers this shoe comfort and ability to breathe.
  • On hot days, the lightweight mesh will prevent sweating in your feet to great extent.
  • The removable soft EVA insole offers comfort and cushioning to the player’s feet.
  • For ideal traction, it has a six-spike configuration.
  • For improved stability and better footwork, it uses THINTECH low-profile technology. It also brings the golfer closer to the ground improving the stability.
  • The collar is foam-padded, the tongue is mesh-lined and lace-up front when all three are combined together they offer the golfer a secure and comfortable fit.
  • F or great balance and scratch-resistant traction, it comes with adiWEAR® rubber outsole that does not leave marks on the ground.
  • It  comes equipped with another technology that’s called TRAXION outsole. It provides good grip and stops slippage on all kinds of ground surfaces – wet grass or dry mud.
  • For extra protection, it comes with scratch-resistant adiTUFF toe tip.
  • Though the lightweight mesh is definitely an advantage, it does have a disadvantage worth mentioning here.  In wet conditions, it can soak in rainwater that not all golfers may like.


These are ideal golf shoes for walking loaded with right technologies to improve your game and keep you walking without fatigue. It will let your sweaty feet breathe while walking a long distance on the golf course and off the course. The traction that comes from six spikes and cleats will help you place your feet firmly and hit cleaner and longer shots. It will definitely improve your performance and will not disappoint when you are on the golf course golfing and walking. If you have are planning to buy one, you should have absolutely no second thoughts about these shoes.


Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Finding the right golf shoes is a chore for golfers with wide feet. If you want to unlock the speed and strength in your golf swing, you can’t ignore the right fit of your golf shoes. Not all players have the same kind of feet and therefore you cannot just pick any shoe off the shelf that can fit you. If you are the one, who has wide feet you know it’s not easy to choose the golf shoe that fits you well and ups your performance. It is understood that you need to pick a wide-sized shoe that not only has the strong construction of the sole but also strong side to side support. Besides, a shoe needs to have stretch-ability.

Footjoy, a well-known name in the field of golf gears, has been a leading golf shoe on the PGA tour. It is considered to be the boldest-looking shoe till date and different from your average Footjoy shoes in looks. FlexGrid 2.0 technology, used in upper, is inspired by a suspension cable bridge by Leonard P Zakim in Boston and gives this unconventional look. It is also responsible for the expandable movement of the foot which is required during a golf swing. Hence, Men’s Footjoy Hyperflex fulfills the criteria of being a stretchable shoe that’s perfect for wide footers.


  • The product dimensions are 12 x 8 x 6 inches.
  • The shipping weight is 3.5 pounds.
  • It comes in two vibrant colors. charcoal and orange.
  • It comes with a limited 2-year waterproof warranty.
  • It consists of a synthetic sole.

Wide Feet Golf Shoes

  • FlexGrid 2.0 innovative upper technology provides amazing retention property. During a golf shot, the foot tends to expand and this tech helps in expanding as per the movement of the foot.
  • Another technology, heel Optimized Performance Stabilizer, helps in securing heel and ankle providing maximum stability, comfort and security to the foot.
  • It features Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF), the midsole, that helps in improved underfoot cushioning and comfort. At the same time, it retains lateral support and stability.
  • For added stability and support, which is required the moment you set your foot on the golf course, this shoe comes with Tornado Cleats by Softspikes.
  • Surrounded by moulded spikes, each spike is replaceable that helps to keep your feet firm in place.
  • As it carries a two-year waterproof warranty, you can wear it out in the rain without any hesitation.
  • To provide a fit that prevents slip along with enhanced comfort, it comes with a thick Fit-Bed.
  • Lightweight and flexible waterproof mesh at the base layer helps it to provide full comfort and breathability.

  • It is bit expensive when compared to other golf shoes.
  • With its unique design, you might find cleaning, a problem with these shoes.


If you are a player with wide feet, you should definitely go for this shoe which may be a bit overpriced. However, it will cater to the needs of your wide feet and improve your performance on the golf course.  FlexGrid 2.0 innovative upper technology is its key highlight that will give you comfort and at the same time stability which a golfer with wide feet needs while hitting a shot. It does not just look good but is great on performance, flexibility and versatility which are rare to find in a single golf shoe. Ask any golf expert or instructor and they will highly and readily recommend this shoe for not just the wide footers but for any golfer.

How To Choose Golf Shoes

Factors To Consider Before Buying Golf Shoes

Choosing a pair of golf shoe may depend on various factors like comfort provided by the shoe, frequency of the game, price, quality, design put into the shoes and material of the golf shoe. A golf shoe has to be chosen keeping in mind the duration of the game. It is very essential that utmost comfort and support is offered by the shoes when the duration of the game is longer.

Material Of The Golf Shoes

Different materials are used depending on the price and the quality of the golf shoes. So it is essential to understand the advantages offered by these materials.

Plastic (Material Used For Spikes)

Spikes in a golf shoe provide the required traction that helps a golfer to maintain balance during the game. Plastics have become the popular choice for spikes and have taken the place of metal that were used to make spikes in a golf shoe. Plastic spikes are light in weight and are easy on the green grass. It allows a golfer’s shoes to be well anchored on the ground. Plastic spikes have become a norm for golf shoes because it can be replaced if it gets damaged. Plastic spikes are also more comfortable as the slim legs of the spikes distribute the weight of a golfer evenly.


Leather is the most preferred material because it provides the water resistance and tight-fitting shoe. It is a breathable material that is added to the exterior of a shoe and the price of the shoe is worth the quality.


Goretex is the best material for making water proof shoes, but this makes the shoes heavier. It also implies that the shoes made using these materials are not comfortable during hot days.


Polyester is a material that is used to replace leather; it is less expensive than leather. Polyester is lighter and thinner than the leather and is used on the outer part of the shoe; shoes made by it are lightweight.

Types Of Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are the most preferred because of its design, price range and quality of the shoe. These are available in different colors, designs and styles and the range of the price also varies from high to low rates. Golf shoes are designed to keep golfers feet dry all the time. Golf shoes are available in two types: ‘Spiked golf shoes’ and ‘Spike less golf shoes’.

The main advantage offered by spiked golf shoe is the stability require by a good golfer. It provides better grip and traction that brings firmness when a golfer takes a swing. Thus it helps a golfer to deliver his/her best performance.

Spike less golf shoes are recently developed and are less expensive than spiked golf shoes. These shoes are comfortable, lightweight and the soles of these shoes are made of rubber studs. Besides being the choice of casual golfers, this shoe has become the choice of professionals as well because of its look and the comfort it provides. Spike less golf shoes offer less traction in tall and wet grass as compared to spiked golf shoes. Spike less golf shoes are not water resistant and are less durable, but with the advancement in rubber technology.

Golf Sandals

Golf sandals are good option for golfers who play during summer season when the mercury soars high. These sandles are light in weight and are less expensive as compared to golf shoes and golf boots. The toeless design makes it the most preferred shoe for golfers during summer. Its open design makes it breathable and this shoe keeps a golfer’s feet cool. Though this shoe is not resistant to wet weather and not comfortable to take a long walk, but it is available at an affordable price.

Golf Boots

Golf boot is a new product of its kind that is going to be launched in the market. It will offer better traction, water resistance, comfort and warmth. A thick material is used on the entire boot to make it water resistant, this material may make the boot heavy, but the comfort offered is irreplaceable. A golfer may feel the shoes around the ankles while taking a swing, but water and mud won’t find its way in. Golf boots are more expensive than other golf shoes but the traction and warmth of provided by the shoe is unique.

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