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Best Golf Stand Bags 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Golf Stand bags use inbuilt stands to stay firm on the surface without kneeling over to the ground. Golf stand bags are ideal for players who travel without a caddie or all by themselves. An ideal solution to keep the golf clubs, balls and essential equipment, a golf stand bag is a necessity for every golfer who takes the game seriously. A golf stand bag is an integral part of the golfing experience and one must look out for a right mix of form and functionality when shopping for the Best Golf Stand Bag. Golf stand bags can also be carried around on shoulders or on the back as they are lightweight.

Top 5 Golf Stand Bags – Comparison

  • Callaway 2016 Hyper-Lite 3 Stand Bag
  • Dimension: 36 x 12 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Material: Nylon
  • Pockets: 8
  • Ogio Golf- Press Stand Bag
  • Dimension: 36 x 11 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Material: Nylon/Poly
  • Pockets: 6
  • Hot-Z Golf Stand Bag
  • Dimension: 35x 12 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Material: Nylon/Fabric
  • Pockets: 5
  • Ogio Silencer Golf Stand Bag
  • Dimension: 36 x 12 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Material: Nylon/Poly
  • Pockets: 7
  • Callaway 2016 Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag
  • Dimension: 36 x 12 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Material: Nylon
  • Pockets: 10

Buying The Best Golf Bag With Stand


For those who are unfamiliar, an ideal golf stand bag must be made of rugged and heavy duty materials. Everything from the outer lining to the zippers and flyers must be solid and should last a long time for golfing. While buying a golf stand bag, look for materials like nylon and polyester along with extra protection like waterproof materials, towel loop or rain hood for rough weather.

Full Ground Contact Base

A golf stand bag is no good if it doesn’t offer optimum contact of surface with a ground and does not fall to the sides. To put it simply, opt for a cylindrical design which provides maximum stability on the surface with better traction and keeps the golfing equipment secure.

Grip Legs

A golf stand bag is known for the two legs it provides for quick contact with the ground and maximum stability, While choosing a golf stand bag, one should look for solid grip legs made of quality materials which provides the ability to keep the bag straight or slanted. An ideal golf gab should have retractable legs that allow it to remain uptight.

Integrated Lift Handles

A golf stand bag should have proper in-built handles to help you carry the bag around on the course. Some golf stand bags also offer multiple handles to ease lifting and lowering of the bag when required.

Fleece Lining

Not every day is sunny while golfing. Thus, an ideal golf stand bag must contain accessory sleeves with fleece lining to protect valuables like cellphone in rough weather conditions. One can arrange the equipment and essential items in the bag and not worry about them.

Point Shoulder Straps

A golf stand bag should have quality point shoulder straps for ease in long-term carrying capability. The material should be lightweight and durable to offer maximum comfort and longevity while golfing. Any golfer who walks a lot and needs to carry a golf bag on the back or shoulders must go for a well padded bag with point shoulder straps to avoid pains and aches.

Interior Dividers and External Pockets

While choosing a golf bag with stand, it is critical to look for full length dividers for the ease of storing and removing golf clubs. Also, a golf bag with full length interior dividers keep the clubs easy to access and organized. Some golf bags offer up to fifteen utility pockets and pouches to store essential items like golf balls, rangefinders or water bottles.

Towel Loop

One might overlook the need for a towel, but a serious golfer would know the importance of a towel or two when it rains or shines. Many golf stand bags come with a towel hook or loop which helps when the weather conditions are stubborn. While choosing a golf stand bag, one must opt for a bag with towel loop or umbrella holder.


Golf stand bags are a quick and simple method to carry your golfing equipment and essentials items around on a course with you. In addition to being lightweight, they also offer a good price to features ratio. They come with multiple pockets and useful storage sections for easy access and enhanced security. While some golf bags have no divider, some come with full length dividers for optimum and organized storage.

If you keep the above factors while choosing the best golf stand bag, you will be able to find one that matches your requirements perfectly. When you are out there on the green, a solid golf stand bag will definitely add to your overall quality and experience of the game.

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