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When it comes to choosing the best golf swing analyzer, you find a range of options at your disposal . All you need is the basic understanding of the features that matter while using the Golf Swing Analyzer. With the hi-tech digital training aids, you can now enjoy a real-time date with a touch of your finger. These golf swing analyzers can be integrated with your smartphone device via Bluetooth. With the help of swing analyzer, you can get real-time data output for different key swing metrics like Club trajectory, shot trajectory, face angle at impact, plane, path, and head speed of the club. With all the necessary information, you can easily review your golf swing and accordingly make the necessary adjustments.  Such a technological advancement definitely helps you in improving the consistency in your Golf Swing. Golf Swing Analyzer is one of the best golf training aids invented in recent times which has helped the golfers big time in improving their Golf Swing. There has been practically no device to judge the parameters responsible for the accuracy of the Golf Swing earlier and hence has been instrumental in recording, analyzing and improving the skills of the golfers. Here are the Top 5 Golf Swing Analyzers along with the comparison chart.

Top 5 Golf Swing Analyzers Comparison Chart

  • Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer
  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • Key Swing Metrics- Clubhead Speed, 3D Swing Analysis, Swing Plane
  • Highlights- Video Recordings, Personalized Training Report
  • Attachment-Glove Hand
  • Epson M Tracer Golf Swing Analysis System
  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • Key Swing Metrics Clubhead Speed, Attack Angle, Face Angle & Club Path
  • Highlights- Portable, Light Weight, Accuracy
  • Attachment-Club Shaft
  • Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer
  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • Key Swing Metrics- Tracks & Records Putting, Back & Forward Stroke Time, Full Swing Metrics
  • Highlights- Tracks & Records Putting, Back & Forth Stroke Time, Full Swing Metrics
  • Attachment-Club Grip
  • SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer
  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • Key Swing Metrics- Tracks Club & Shaft Trajectory, Actual Movement of Shaft, Club Speed & Tempo
  • Highlight- Instant Voice Feedback, Ultralight, Sleek Design
  • Attachment- Club Girp
  • GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer
  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • Key Swing Metrics- Clubhead Speed, Swing Plane, Hand Path, Tempo, Backswing Position
  • Highlight- Feather Light, Long Battery Life, Personalized Tips
  • Attachment- Glove Hand

Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews


Zepp 3D Golf Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

For any golf player, amateur or professional Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer will be a very helpful thing as it will help to analyze the swing you are doing to 360-degree angle from any side. Zepp 3D Golf Swing Analyzer review in detail will help you have an insight into the product.

Key Specification:

  • Zepp 3D is clipped on the flap of your golve with a mounting clip, shipped with the device.
  • You can replay and review your shots later and assess them.
  • You can track Hip Rotation, Backswing Position, Tempo, Hand Path, Swing Plane, Head Speed and many other factors crucial in controlling the Golf swing.
  • You need to download the Mobile App available on Android/iStore to attach the device to your mobile handset.

Best Features:

  •  Swing Trackability Feature- The user can review the swing 360 degrees from any angle. One can spin around the hand path or the club plane.
  • One can Zoom In or Out to compare the downswing v/s backswing.
  • A host of other key metrics can also be measured with this device as mentioned before.
  • The initial set up of the height and goals are done by the device itself, in the very beginning.
  • The player will be able to see swing tempo, hand speed, plane percentage, club head speed and many other necessary things.

  • One can analyze the swings instantly. Its one of the best features available with this device. As soon as you complete thirty swings in a week, Zepp will send in a text, wherein you get a detailed analysis of your swings.
  • One can compare his or her swings with the leading professionals to see the difference in swing technique. You could gain a lot to improve your Golf Swing.
  • You will get plenty of necessary tips which will help you to improve your golf swing. You will also come to know about some of the drills which have been designed by some of the best golf instructors.

  • Some of the users have found out the location of their swing analyzer on the glove is critical to be analyzed. The distinction between various clubs is not properly defined in this device according to some customers.
  • All in all Zepp 3D golf swing analyzer is on of the best golf swing analyzer available in the market today and the best selling too.



Epson M-Tracer

Best Golf Swing Training Aids

Manual control Epson-Analysis-System has been a great help for beginners. They have added an especial benefit to the level of user’s guidelines. Swing can be manually adjusted to360-degree movements of hand and clubs. Every time one hit the ball the angle keeps on changing thus through this device a golf player can keep the previous records well maintained for future reference. Thus, people have eventually been a die hard fan of Epson analyzer system and can be chosen by all.

Key Specifications

  • Its an east to use device, compatible with android and iOS platform.
  • To capture the Golf Swing angle, this deviceis fitted with Motion Oriented sensor .
  • A 3D screen has been added for your easy reference of angle.
  • A better quality grip helps you to hold on the device with perfect force.
  • Easy, portable and light weight.

  • Speed is the crux today, thus Epson Golf Swing Analysis System M-tracer for Golf has been created with easy support for golfers to get on quickly and easily.
  • Epson’s gives you instant results. Earlier the adjusting positions of swing, angles were not supplied which is a super feature with this device.
  • It is one of the most advanced gadgets to enhance the game with real-time information at your disposal.
  • Being light weight people can safely carry them wherever they require for their golf.
  • It can provide data’s at a higher rate of 1000 samples per sec and that too accurately.
  • Even though the speed of the swing is higher yet the 3 D device can capture the angle correctly.

  • Perfectionist model but yet lacks incompatibility feature across the devices as per the user feedback.


SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer

Best Golf Swing Analyzer

SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer with Voice Feedback is the revolutionized form of golf learning techniques. These techniques are suitably designed for supporting smartphone ranges. It’s astonishing features have attracted the crowd to its best. The property of swing analyzing and long-term survival capacity has been the main factor for golf lovers to chose for SwingTalk.

Key Specifications:

  • One of the most innovative and advanced golf swing analyzers compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • It is capable of tracking club and shaft trajectory, shaft angle and actual movement of the shaft.
  • One Need to make an impact with the ball for it to analyze the Golf Swing
  • SwingTalk can provide you with instant voice feedback, a unique feature. Its very light weigh, just about 0.3 oz.
  • A wireless era has eventually helped people in exchanging their shots via a Bluetooth for avoiding any mess up condition.
  • The art of technology has been taken to an even greater platform for the voice technology with a sleeker design.
  • It can be installed at the end of Club’s Grip.

  • Hiring a coach and then learning the tricks have become an old tradition of practice. Today people have adapted a new tech guru for their practice sessions.
  • In this era, people’s mind is strongly habituated towards the use of gadgets. Thus in such a condition creation of a SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer with Voice Feedback has been a great, magnificent news for all.
  • Processes of installation within the phones are quite easy with simple charging steps.
  • Getting a voice message for any performance is sufficient enough to make you aware of how good or bad you are at your game. Thus, people enjoy using a Swing talk.

  • For accessing this device probably, people have to make a purchase of smartphones. It is also indeed required for android users to be acquainted with its utilization steps to avoid any troubles.



Blast Motion 3D

Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews

This is one of the best apps that will help to make the metrics appropriate for both amateur and the professional golf players. It will help you to analyze the performance.

Key Specifications:

  • The weight of the product is 12.8 ounces when it will be shipped.
  • It contains blast precision motion sensor which is attached to the regulator driver, and it will use the Bluetooth technology to get added with the Smartphone.
  • You can capture videos and can track driver swing at the same time.
  • This app is compatible with all kinds of iPhones or iPads, but it should have iOS 8 or iOS 9 to run the system.
  • This device also has grip attachment.


There are plenty of amazing features of this app, and that has made it popular among the best golf players. Some of them are given below.

  • The blast precision motion sensor of this app is extremely accurate. You will be able to capture 3D video. When you are taking the video, there is no need for control or power button. This feature will help you to capture your metrics at the real time.
  • You just need to capture your swings and putts and the sensor will help you to see the highlights of the video plenty of times. So, you will be able to see your real-time swing plenty of times and if theanywhere change is at all required you can do the same as well.
  • You will be able to compare your swing if you want. At the same time, you will be able to share the video of your swing in the online social networks. It only needs just one touch to do so.
  • With this app, you will be trained as a professional. You will be able to see the insight of your own moves. This is why this app is used by plenty of professional players and coaches also.

  • Once the video gets started, there is no need for any human interference.
  • The stable is comparatively more stable, and it is placed on the club.
  • Even if the device is not connected the swing data is stored in.
  • The battery backup is reasonably better than many other such devices available in the market.

  • As per the cons is aconcern the users have said that it will not provide you any kind of intermediate response. So, you need to go to the device and check the swing data. Apart from that it comparatively shows less swing data.


GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews 2015

Another gem of a product,  GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer can help you fast learn the swing techniques. Golf needs huge attention and presence of mind, it generates instant swing analytics and display over your android. One can also compare swings with other swings.


  • GolfSense Swing analyzer just needs to be put on the gloves and then to make a swing. Instant results would be shown on your android devices.
  • Exact movements of hands and clubs are analyzed in a 3D space with every directional swing being made.
  • The addition of swing score feature genuinely helps the player to keep a track of their goal achievements angle.
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity option with smart phones make it most compatible device. Motion levels can be suitably passed over a phone with a Bluetooth as well.

  • A GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer is somewhat different from the rest. A player cannot detect their mistakes while playing thus they require guidance.
  • Thus having a Golf Swing analyzer would probably make the task easier.
  • A player can profitably correct their mistakes and become a perfectionist at the sport.
  • It usually contains a metric screen for the measures to be flashed.
  • A regular angle of swing of 360 degrees can be made for your satisfaction and acknowledgment.
  • This great featured device suitably works on a battery system thus failure is indeed impossible for them. If uncertainty the device fails then it can immediately be started up.

  • Being an android supportive device, people who do not use android won’t be able to utilize the benefits of this Golf Swing Analyzer which is big drawback of this device.

Features to Look at For Best Golf Swing Analyzer

You can improve every day, if you are working “consciously” on your skills using a Golf Swing Analyzer. The idea is, fetching relevant information, understanding it and then finding space for improvement every time you do it. Most of the analyzers provide the fundamental information you will require in your endeavor. Every buyer should look for some basic information that the analyzer can produce, that may include:

  • Swing Speed
  • Swing Hitches
  • Swing Tempo
  • Swing Path
  • Face angle at Impact
  • Backswing Position
  • Attack Angle
  • Hip Movement

It is advisable not to buy the one which gives too much information as it may leave you feeling perplexed. To make a decision about buying an analyzer, the following list of factors must be taken into consideration which can help buyer make an informed decision.


The whole idea of a swing analyzer is only based on obtaining correct information so as to improve your swings. Choose prudently after enough research on which analyzer gives accurate information.


The prime motto behind purchasing a golf swing analyzer is that you want to enhance your skills being your own coach with the help of other training aids. So, it is essential that the device is convenient, user friendly and easy to handle.

Attachment Option

You need to attach your swing analyzer to your club or some other area to collect your swing information. Attaching it to the head of the club can be most accurate for its proximity to the golf ball. But adversely, it adds on the weight to clubs and thus affecting the swing. There are some analyzers which gets attached to your golf gloves. It can be an ideal choice for those who wish to swing freely. Few analyzers can also get hooked on to the club shaft.

Data Sharing Ability

It is an important factor to consider when you are trying to find out a Golf Swing analyzer. There are those models which allow you to share your swing information on Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook etc. which makes it possible for your friends to see your swing information. This helps in boosting your morale as your friends can then see your progress and appreciate your efforts you are putting in to improvise on your game..

3-D Motion Metrics

Look for an analyzer with 3-D motion metrics which analyzes the motion of the ball and thus fetches the most valuable advice on how to improve your swing.

Smartphone Compatibility

As this device sends the analyzed data wirelessly through Bluetooth, make sure the analyzer you are going to buy is compatible to both Android/iOS devices.

Weight & Build

Different products come with different weight depending on the brand. The weight really matters when you are choosing a swing analyzer. Lightweight golf analyzers are perfect as they do not hinder the swing. There are those which are too heavy and then those which weigh like feather. I would suggest you to choose the one which are not too heavy.


There are many golf swing analyzers available in the market whose price depends on the brand, type and several other factors. You have to choose one among them which can fit to your requirement being in your budget. It should have the basic features to meet your requirements and make sure that it comes within your budget.

Sensing Technology

You can get an accurate result if the device is equipped with an advanced sensing technology which helps in tracking the movement of the ball and thus producing quality analysis of the trajectory.

User Reviews

It doesn’t matter if the review you have come across is negative or positive, it will always help you in getting the perquisite information before buying a Swing Analyzer. So reading user reviews will help you make a better choice.


Though these are the most helpful, advanced and best training aids to help one in improving the Golf Swing which is the basis for lowering one’s score on the course . There is an assortment of golf swing analyzers available in the market today. You can seek advice on choosing the best golf swing analyzer, from coaches and other experienced people in the field. Besides that, you can find about the product from the reviews available online on how it works.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer

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