Best Golf Training Aids For Beginners 2017

The quest for the Best Golf Training Aids might prove out to be a real pain for the overwhelming availability of different golf training equipment in the market. Golf learners are known to spend a good amount of money on golf training aids in their desperation to perfect their golf swing and lowering their scores to satisfy their instinct or to impress their golf partners but with the list of below mentioned Golf Swing trainers, one can improve his/her game without having to spend much and achieving the perfect swing totally on your own that would improve your game and also keep you safe at the same time is a challenge. Therefore, certain tools can help you to gain that effective motion you want. All you need to do is mesh your expertise with it!

Best Golf Swing Training Aids 2017


Best Golf Swing Analyzer To Improve Your Golf Swing

Tittle Golf Swing Analyzer with Golf GPS OLED Screen System successfully provides you with almost a mathematical accuracy in its functioning. If you are looking for accuracy in your blank practice swings, then this could be of good use to you. Imagine getting an appropriate preview of your final shot or rehearsing a perfect shot without the balls in the absence of an actual game! This golf swing analyzer gives you a close estimate to the would-be-carried distances in your game. It is an engineering feat in its dual qualities of compactness and technological smartness. The device is light and easily wearable as well.Tittle Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Specifications :

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) offering connectivity with smartphones.
  • Bluetooth Version 4.0 LE
  • 6-Axis MEM sensor for swing analysis.
  • Android/iOS Compatible
  • Hall sensor (3 Axial Accelerometer, 3 Axial Gyroscope) for club recognition
  • LED Display with 128X32 Resolution
  • Convenience features like digital clock and automated call declining
  • Vibration Motor Ready/Call Alert

Battery :

  • Type Lithium Polymer 70Mah
  • Battery life Run time 5DAYS
  • Full Charge Time 2hrs
  • Temperature – 0-50 degree Celsius

In-Depth Review

The product features, I believe can be tempting enough for you to purchase the item. However, a wise buyer like you, I am sure would crave to know a few more details before reaching a decision.

  • Carry Distance Calculator Tittle – It is equipped to estimate the carry distance using an algorithm. The calculation of the projected distance is done with accuracy and immediacy. Tittle is compatible with all types of standard clubs—driver, wood, putter, iron and wedge. The results are displayed in a personalized manner on the device. The resultant data also includes head speed, club path, swing type and face angle.
  • Real Time Swing Analysis – This inconspicuous facility uses a 6-axis MEM (micro electro mechanical) sensor to analyze nine swing types. You can follow the feedback to adjust your shot angles while practising. It is also records the data of your previous shot that you had pulled off with perfection for future reference! This can be viewed with a single tap.
  • Golf Course GPS Data – This lends information about 36,000 golf courses worldwide when connected to your smartphones through BLE. You can surf golf courses by typing the country or course name.
  • Individualized Club Settings – This app is not needed during practice. It simply increases the accuracy of the swing analysis as it takes into account the club types.


  • Lets you deliver shots like a pro!
  • GPS introduces you to various avenues.
  • Easily downloadable and user friendly set up.
  • No call or text disturbances.
  • Device is cheap and does not waste too much energy.
  • Waterproof benefits.
  • Tailor made for each user.


  • Its Bluetooth is not reliable.
  • The constituting cradles heat up, destroying labels and posing a threat to users.
  • Confusing for the non tech savvy.

Final Word

Whether you are a pro preparing for a major event or a novice desirous of improvement, you need one of these for achieving smooth shots, as a blend of technology and your individual skills.


Best Golf Swing Trainer For Accuracy in Golf Swing

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer 47 is flexible and dynamic, best recommended for men and women with varied heights. As the name suggests, there is indeed a weighted orange ball topping the shaft. This works upon your swing speed, strength and accuracy of shots, basically with the joint aid of a counter weighting system and an adjustable shaft. By using it, you can determine your suitable swing plane and form “tour pro” lag. The perfect order of motion and balance from the ground up are also promoted. This product is also a fitness tool for golfers and sportsmen as it allows some ample, low impact stretching to your core muscles while you are practicing swing balances.

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer 47 Review

Specifications :

Best golf training aidThree types come in the Orange Whips-

  • Orange Whip Original or adult
  • Orange Whip Golden
  • Orange Whip Hickory.

The last two are designed for beginners and juniors. All features are same except the weight, length and therefore the recommendations.

  • Length: 47.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Whip ideal for balance and tempo
  • Weighted and counter weighted system
  • Durable
  • Has an orange weighted ball on the top

In-Depth Review

This is a master of three basic techniques- visual, auditory, kin aesthetic.

  • Flexibility – A low impact stretch is provided by the weights on each of the flexible ends.
  • Strength – The Orange Whip initiates a core muscle exercise when taken aid of during continual motion drills. The wrists and forearms also undergo a slightly strenuous but necessary workout doing various drills and during the hinging activity while swinging.
  • Coordination – The Orange Whip harmonizes the arms and body movements while swinging it repetitively. If this motion is out of sync, the user’s balance will be disturbed and he will end up feeling less confident as a player.
  • Tempo – The arms and body do not work in separation, and as a result a natural rhythm characterizes the swing. This is how your tempo advances, whether fast or slow, yet always in equilibrium with a standard motion.

  • The Orange Whip controls your ‘hit’ instinct and improves consistency.
  • The visual technique provides a focussed mental exercise for those who want to predict the accuracy of their golf shots
  • Weather conditions cannot not cause hindrances, thanks to its indoor benefits.
  • You only require a little space and 5-10 minutes of practice per day to make proper utilization of its time effectiveness.
  • The minimal time span required to be invested makes this a busy man’s ‘staple food’ for his fitness regime and shot improvements.
  • Body rhythm is also something that is looked into by this tool.

  • You must be careful of while practicing indoors lest you hurt someone in the process.
  • Unlike Tittle, this one is not technologically empowered. It involves more of a manual handling. In that sense, it is not as easy to use. Neither is it as much of an engineering feat.
  • This one is relatively expensive.

Final Word

So, all that you are gaining from this particular product, in a nutshell, is a daily dose of muscle exercises along with the strengthening of your wrists and forearms, flexibility of motion ensured by the coordination of your arms and body, establishment of tempo, balance and an immediacy of feedback provided ingeniously in the absence of technology. All thanks to the orange ball, the shaft and the counter weight.


LEVELGOLF Tempo Track Golf Swing Trainer

Coming at a price that won’t leave you worrying about your bank balance, this tool can help you with a number of aspects of your game. Synchronicity, accuracy, consistency are its highs. This shares quite a few similarities with the Orange Whip but much to your delight, this brings for you the same benefits at a lower cost! But then again, if you as a golfer, are looking for a premium quality then you should still go for the Orange Whip.

LEVELGOLF Tempo Track Golf Swing Trainer Review

Specifications :

  • Product Dimensions-44.5*0.5*0.5 inches
  • Shipping weight-1.6 pounds
  • Shaft Length -45 inches
  • Design – Sleek, Fully Black at the top.
  • Special Feature- Inside out golf swing.

In-Depth Review

  • Develop Smooth Swing Tempo And Power Strikes – Akin to the Tour Pros, the TempoTrack helps you to suitably construct the lag and power in your swing, the high and low points. The custom designed flex shaft trains you to recognize the right moment of swinging, which is after the club head at the top is flexed. This gives you a result with flying colors, more specifically, an in-sync golf swing characterized by admirable, straight shots.
  • 45″ Shaft length Can Partner With Most Drivers – The length of the shaft of the TempoTrack is designed to be usable with most types of drivers on the market marked at 45 inches. This ensures the smooth tempo and feel you develop with the TempoTrack will carry over to the course with your driver. Don’t waste time practicing with a shaft that’s too long or too short!
  • Increases Strength and Flexibility In Muscles That Are Required For The Game – The intelligent manner in which the weight has been designed of the tool helps to give you more reliable muscles that won’t fall weak during a rough shot. A boost in the strength of the core muscles is an essentiality if you want to prove yourself as a good player. A maximum of 10 swings per day will reflect in your growth of endurance, raising your potential as a player to a non-stop game of 18 holes.
  • New Sleek, Black Head Design – The new design makes it attractive and gives it a classy look. The new TempoTrack complements with the other clubs in your golf bag. You can keep your warm up sessions fashionable before you begin with the solid practice.
  • Develop Consistent “Inside-Out” Golf Swing – This prevents the embarrassment of over the top inaccurate shots. Weak slices are out of question if you can master this tool well!

  • Helpful with swing tempo and power strikes
  • Develops flexibility and strength, two most important qualities for fuelling your talent and passion for the sport.
  • Users have spoken about how their hits have been straightened to a greater extent after practising with it daily.

  • Available only in a singular size and weight
  • Consumers have complained about the lack of information on the product which makes it difficult to use.

Final Word

This tool has no drawbacks as such. A consumer has hardly shown disappointment after the purchase of this device. It must be a relief for you when you have such amazing tools at your disposal. The entire responsibility of determining the perfect shot need not be shouldered by you. It gets divided amongst your own effort, expertise and these tools and technologies. Your passion for the game has to be combined with your skills in using these tools to their perfection. 


Smash Bag Impact Trainer For Improving Clubface Impact

The moment of impact is supposed to be the most awaited moment in the game of golf.  This moment is something that is common to all professional golf players. Arriving at the correct impact moment requires a well-timed entrance and exit from the impact zone. This particular impact bag is a suitable training aid for guiding you through those few inches of your golf course that are important for your score! Tackling tough golf courses can gradually be of no issue for you.Smash Bag Impact Trainer Review

Specifications :

  • The material renders it the high-impact characteristic.
  • A zipper is a visible feature.
  • The standard of your impact is mapped by proprietary targets. These communicate with you through visual feedback.
  • No battery oriented functioning
  • Dimensions : 10″ x 9.5″ x 3.5″
  • Weight of 905grams

In-Depth Review

  • Ease of Use – The concept behind impact bags is fundamentally simple no matter which particular model of the product is in question or demand. You swing your club with your chosen angle at the large bag which mainly gives you an opportunity to learn to strike with a square clubface, strengthening your impact position with your irons. A variety of versions are in the market but this is the idea behind all.
  • Stuffing The Bag – This is important as it weighs the bag down for absorbing your rough strikes which are inevitable during your endless practice sessions.


  • Introduces you to the feeling of an appropriate impact
  • Does away with fat and thin shots, solves the problems of slices
  • Towels or old clothe materials are used to stuff it. In that sense it is self-weighted.
  • You can use it at home too
  • You can be assured of your own safety and that of your clubs.
  • The loops help you to stake into the ground.
  • The proprietary targets help you to ascertain the accuracy of your shots
  • Easy to use
  • Users have praised that this satisfies you with downswing sequencing as well.

  • Not technologically equipped. Manual expertise is required in a greater amount on your part.
  • Possibilities of injuries cannot be ruled out completely. Careful usage is advised.
  • It is important to stuff the bag properly as otherwise it can go flying off. In other words, the fact that it has to be self-weighted is a problem.

Final Word

The impact bag drills are an essential practice session as you must know. These drills which obviously use this particular product mainly work toward sharpening your focus on the action of impact. You would also perhaps like to know that your winters in your indoors need not be divorced from your practice sessions, if you happen to possess this!


Osito Golf Training Aid – Best Golf Swing Plane Trainer

How can you score unless you are in control of a correct swing position? The Osito aims towards this aspect of your game. It monitors the swing position as well as your face alignment to gift you with a perfect shot. This tool is somewhat similar in its function to an alignment rod.


Specifications :

  • Weight- 29g
  • Rectifies swing position by adjusting the hinge position at the top of your backswing
  • You can experience the increased distance that is created by it.
  • Promotes accuracy
  • Material-plastic

In Depth Review

  • Corrects Swing Positioning – By adjusting the correct hinge position at the apex of your back swing it gives you an artificial copy of the perfect swing. Using this tool in the driving range gradually develops the natural feel that you want.
  • Fix Slice And Hook – Continually resets face alignment throughout your golf swing, how and when required, to manage problems of slice and hook
  • Increase Your Distance – With less power, you can send the ball to cover a longer distance with the help of this tool due to its essential function of adjusting the form in your back swing. By correcting the form in your back swing, it will take less power to send the ball further. It is advisable to build up your power slowly for a greater effect!
  • Perfect For Putting – This tool will help maintaining your arms tight and prevent injuries related to the breaking of your wrist when you indulge in through a putt.

  • Suitable for both right and left-handed golfers as well as female and junior golfers
  • As it ensures that your arms remain locked, you are saved from wrist fractures or pain.
  • It is cheap.
  • Putting and driving can be amazingly perfected with this.

  • You need to have knowledge about how to attach this tool onto your club. Otherwise this can serve no purpose. Therefore a novice cannot use this without the help of a pro, at least for the first time.
  • The size of the device can be an obstacle for some as this does not fit all club shafts perfectly.
  • Users have spoken about how their hits have been straightened to a greater extent after practising with it daily.

Final Word

You feel more confident when your wrist is in a firm position, gripped tight, something that this tool guarantees. Users have designated to this tool the tag of ‘an affordable requirement’ for swing training. As players of golf or passionate about the game, you must be knowing how important the hinge position is for pulling off an all-round perfect shot that involves a rise in your score and also keeps you free from injuries.