Best Golf Travel Bag 2017 – Reviews & Comparison

A Golf Travel Bag is a definite requirement for professional or amateur golfers travelling across geographical locations to carry their golf club sets. Needless to say, a golf travel bag is specifically designed keeping in view the need to easily carry/handle the golf equipment safe from any damage or harm. Not only is a golf bag required for carrying cubs and spare golf balls, it’s an important utility item to keep you prepared for a pleasant golfing experience every time. Even though the choice of a golf travel bag ultimately boils down to one’s personal choices, such as brand, design, budget, storage, etc., it becomes imperative for a golfer to get a complete knowledge about the product before making a buying decision.

Top 5 Golf Travel Bags & Covers – Comparison


  • Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag
  • Weight-12 Pounds
  • Dimension:- 14 x 15 x 53 Inches
  • Material::-1680 Denier Nylon
  • Samsonite Black Golf Deluxe Spinner Wheel Travel Bag
  • Weight:-12 lbs
  • Dimensions:-53 x 11 x 16  inches
  • Material:-Boxweave Nylon
  • CaddyDaddy Golf Co-Pilot Pro 2 Hybrid Travel Bag
  • Weight:-12 lbs
  • Dimensions:-9 x 49 x 12 inches
  • Material:-900 Denier Nylon
  • OGIO Savage Travel Bag
  • Weight:-6.2 lbs
  • Dimensions:-8 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Material:-420D Dobby Nylon
  • CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Travel Bag
  • Weight:-9 lbs
  • Dimensions:-13 x 50 x 15 inches
  • Material:-1800 Denier Nylon

Best Golf Travel Bag – What All It Takes?


Golf travel bags specifically designed for golfers with a long itinerary across the year for different best-golf-travel-baggolfing events. Their are people who don’t forget to take their golf equipment along while on in their vacation for the sheer love they have for golf. So choosing the best golf travel bag becomes all the very important for such enthusiasts to to keep their golf clubs safe as well as conveniently stored in bag while they travel across locations. Their are different types of material used for golf travel bags, while some bags come with a hard case cover made of fiberglass or plastic to protect it from rain, there are also such bags designed using a soft cover, which offers minimal protection against any damage or rain. But if you often travel with your golf equipment, then it’s highly recommended for you to go for a hard case. Integrated bags are also an ideal choice, which as the name suggests, carry integrated features of both the types of bags, i.e. hard and soft to give much needed protection to your golf kit and making it quite comfortable for you to carry it on the golf course.


There exists a plethora of options while shopping for a golf travel bag. While some are exorbitantly priced, there are solid options which are budget oriented as well. Based on their features, storage options and technology, golf bags come in different price ranges and cost is mostly equally proportionate to the level of protection it offers to your golf kit. So it all comes down to your budget which sort of golf travel bag one should choose. If you are a regular traveler, investing in a golf travel bag made of plastic/fiber should be the ideal choice. Though priced higher, they still give you value for the money. But if you are planning for one off golf vacation, I’d suggest to go for a golf travel cover which is cheap and reasonable and provide enough protection against rain, and improper handling.

Ease of Carrying

The golf travel bags are often made up of lightweight materials, including comfortable shoulder straps; thus making it easier for the golfers to carry their bags comfortably while being on the move. There are also wheels attached to the golf bag that allows for an easy movement on the ground and at that to keep you away from the worries of scratches and bumps caused to your clubs, there is also an internal padding been given to the golf bags.

Yet another element that the bag mostly features is a pivoting front handle which really brings down the strain off from your arm as you pull the bag. Though it doesn’t bring a huge difference, but its large handles definitely provide a comfortable grip to the arms while loading and unloading it.

Golf Bags With Wheels & Grip Legs

Other than giving you an ease of carrying, some one-of-its-kind golf travel bags carry an additional feature of having extendable legs to be able to easily support the complete weight of your bag. With these grip legs or extendable legs, the bag can be wheeled around effortlessly anywhere without having to worry about the equipment inside and then the legs can also be retracted when it’s time for you to take off!

Additional Storage

It’s quite obvious that golf travel bags offer multiple storage compartments to help you safely keep all your golf club equipment – from a rangefinder and golf balls to your tees, golf shoes, etc. Other than offering basic storage sections, there are some golf travel bags that possess an extra storage capacity so that without any difficulty you can fit in your additional clothing, pair of shoes, personal toiletries, rain gear and cell phone to name a few.

Dimensions and Weight

While pondering over for the top golf bag options based on brand, design, color, etc. it’s equally important to take into consideration the bag’s size, i.e. dimensions and weight before making a purchase. While some travel bags are designed to accommodate a complete size cart bag having a 50’’ driver, there are other categories of bags that make room for your cart bag sized 10’’ in diameter having only a 46’’ driver.

Weather Protected Fabric

For a sport that is best enjoyed in a sunny weather and clear sky, overlooking the need for a waterproof golf travel bag could be a mistake. If you are serious about playing, invest in an all weather travel bag to keep your equipment and essential items from drenching in the rain. Go for a bag which has a tough inner lining and can keep golf clubs and other stuff dry and safe.


All in all, a golf travel bag is a must-have for all you golfers out there. Like it or not, but it will surely come in a handy when you least expect it to. Given the wide variety of options available, you should not be hard pressed to find the perfect golf bag for your needs. Right off the bat – choose a golf travel bag that ticks all the right boxes. Before you make a final decision, ensure to try carrying and maneuvering the bag to be really sure about your purchase. In a nutshell – a golf travel bag must be secure, well padded and lightweight (if you plan to carry it yourself). What works well for someone might not always work the same for the other. Thus, it is important to understand your style of playing and go for the best golf travel bag which suits your style.

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