Best Golf Wedges Reviews 2017 – Top Picks

Hey there, aficionados from the golfing world! Now here’s an interesting something for you. Ever wondered what GOLF stands for? Well, there is a common belief, that back in time when golf was invented, ladies were expected to wear bonnets, corsets and stay under their pretty parasols and so the game’s name was just a subtle reminder – “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”

However, this big fat story could be a misconception because in the present times it is accepted that golf is derived from an old word meaning club. Talking of clubs, there are variety of them to be carried by the golfers, but lets get started with our discussion about best golf wedges in the market. To check out other golf clubs for beginners click here .

“The most important shot in golf is the next one.” – Ben Hogan

Well, to get this next important shot right, you need the right kind of golf wedges. Knowing which wedge is best suited for you is an important shot as well. As I mentioned earlier, wedges are typically of 4 types (pitching, gap, lob and sand) for 4 different needs of a golfer. Here I present to you some of the best picks from each category and bring forth the in-depth review, specifications, and pros-cons, so you can judge better, mate.

Top Golf Wedges Reviews

Best Sand Wedges


New XE1 59 Degree Ultimate Sand Wedge Golf Club LH – Left Handed

One of the most revered names in the golf club is the XE1 65 degree wedge. Welcome its sibling the New XE1 59 Degree ultimate sand wedge golf club. Dread the 40-70 yard wedge shot? Time to overcome that since the XE1 59 degree is here. Users of XE1 golf wedges would agree that the company hasn’t failed to deliver some of the finest golf clubs and the overall performance of the XE1 65 degree stands as a strong testimony of that. With that loft, XE1 59 degrees is one of the best golf wedges for that 40 yards shot.


  • Brand: XE1
  • Club type: Wedge
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Dexterity: Left-handed
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Length: 35.25ꞌꞌ
  • Loft: 590
  • Lie: 640
  • Range: 40-70 yards

In-depth Review

For you to know the product better, let’s take a deeper look into the special features XE1 has to offer with this wedge.

  • This master of the 40-70 yard stroke is your most ideal partner when you need the golf ball to roll a couple of yards and not come to a halt very quickly, when you decide to go golfing on a breezy day and need a lower ball flight. It also comes to the rescue when the green comes out of the sand or rough yet you want a precise shot within the range of 40 to 70 yards, something not possible with your XE1 65 degrees wedge.
  • Besides being short to medium range wedge on the greens, the XE1 59 degree can prove to be your best bet for long bunker shots and for the sky-scraping flop shots that sail over 20 yards.
  • If you miss the 65-degree club, you don’t have to because the XE1 59 degree essentially follows the same design as does 65 degrees, only the loft is lesser. Both have the same auto glide club sole to prevent the fat shots, the same repositioned mass performance to prevent the lead to dig into the sand or earth and, guess what? The same oversized club head and perimeter weighting.

  • Great for short to medium range precise shots.
  • A perfect match for left-handed golfers.
  • Long haul shots off the greenside (up to 20 yards for the sky-scraping shots).
  • An ideal partner when playing a golf game in a breeze.
  • Ultra-smart design makes it a tough competitor.
  • Auto-glide soles to eliminate fat shots.

  • You can’t hit very far. The range is quite short. (This very fact makes it special and unique- for short range golf experiences).


Tour Edge Golf- 1Out plus Wedge

Let’s hear it for the new 1Out plus wedge which features an ultra-heavy head along with a counter-balanced grip to let you become the king/queen of greenside bunker and chip shots forever. In addition, to counter-balance the wedge that forms the heavier head, 90 grams of extra weight has been added to the butt end of the grip. While this process of weighting increases the stability, it also improves the wrist position at impact. The design of the head features a super-wide sole to make sand shots easier for you. And the sole is designed to glide through the sand while easily lifting the ball up and out.


Tour Edge Golf- 1Out plus Wedge Review

  • Brand: Tour Edge
  • Club type: Wedge
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Dexterity: Right Handed
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Length: 35.25ꞌꞌ
  • Loft: 560
  • Lie: 640
  • Bounce: 110
  • Flex: Wedge flex

In-depth Review

  • Designed to tackle the golf course’s monster – the sand trap, this heavy built, super-wide sole adds more weight below and behind the ball, thus making it easier to get the ball to kiss then sky. Its dual-flange sole design and 14-degrees of bounce allow the wedge to almost glide smooth through the sand without digging in it.
  • For optimum performance, the 1 Out Wedge makes use of a Lamkin Performance Plus 3Gen wedge grip. This grip is 1″ longer than the regular/standard grip length, providing hand-placement guidance for better maneuver and control of the bunker and greenside shots. Tour Edge’s 1 Out Plus Wedge is quite unique being heavier, having a weighted head and a counterbalance grip that makes the whole business of getting out of the sand much easier than before.
  • This Tour Edge sand wedge is a must have if you face trouble getting out of bunkers and end up stubbing your chip shots. The counterbalance feature helps your hands to keep in the right posture and move through the target area with ease, thus, enabling a trouble free bunker shot.

  • Dual-flange sole design and 14-degrees of bounce allows it to glide through the sand.
  • Designed to tackle sand traps and bunkers
  • Lamkin Performance Plus 3Gen wedge grip helps to get perfect bunker shots.
  • The design of the head features a super-wide sole to make sand shots easier for you.
  • Suited for right handed golfers.
  • Heavy sole adds maximum weight below the ball for an easy launch.

  • I had to scourge my resources to come up with this one con, never new finding a con would be so difficult.
  • Owing to all the modified design, with a weighted head and a counterbalance feature adding up another 90 grams, this club can be a bit heavier than other golf clubs. Amateurs may not feel comfortable handling the weight of this club initially.


TaylorMade Tour Preferred Wedges 9.0 Kbs Tour V Steel, 52.0

Who can question a golf club from the house of the world’s best performance golf brand in the world? The name TaylorMade speaks for itself. The Director of the company has expressed his views on their new roll out stating that his team of world-class technicians has spent more than three long years to cm ome up with a design that would outperform even their own previous achievements. The new raw Micro-Texture face adds a distinct touch to this club, making it genuine worthy of the name Tour Preferred.

Specifications :TaylorMade Tour Preferred Wedges 9.0 Kbs Tour V Steel Review

  • Gender : Unisex
  • Dexterity: Left and right handed both options available.
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Length: 35.5 ꞌꞌ
  • Loft: 560
  • Lie: standard lie
  • Bounce: 120
  • Flex: Wedge Flex

In-depth Review

  • The best in class golf clubs come from the house of TaylorMade, its parent company being Adidas (the champion is the sports world). This club listed right here is another mind blowing example of its superior craftsmanship. The wedge with its optimized microtexture face puts forward an added spin for increased control, sway, and governance in the scoring zone.
  • Sporting one of the most aggressive groove styles that TaylorMade has ever produced, this wedge is fit for exceptional spin and control on all golf shots.
  • Its traditional shape of the head and design makes it look gorgeous from all angles. A tough body with a touch of finesse, its soft 304 stainless steel construction with raw tour satin finish gives it a classic look.
  • Added features like the new classic grind with a traditional shape, heel relief, and the tour-proven bounce options give you a better chance at choosing the one more suited to you. The grind options are as follows:

Grind Option 1: Classic grind with added heel relief and Tour-proven bounce options.

Grind Option 2: ATV grind with refined ATV sole called into existence with tour input and validated at and for every golf skill level.

  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Optimized microtexture face puts forward an added spin for increased control
  • Its traditional shape of the head and design makes it look gorgeous from all angles
  • Tough body with a touch of finesse, soft 304 stainless steel body with raw tour satin finish
  • Added features like the new classic grind with a traditional shape, heel relief, and the tour-proven bounce options.
  • Available for both right and left-handed golfers.

  • Do you really expect any? If you do, you would have to conduct your own research, because in mine, I could not come across a single one!

Best Lob Wedges


Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX Black Pearl Standard Bounce Wedge

Say hello to the Cleveland Golf group – a leading manufacturer of wedges that are highly regarded for their creative and innovative style which they make possible with the use of advanced technology. Cleveland has set the bar for its competitors really high by bringing revolution with their innovation, superior craftsmanship accompanied by years of experience in this industry. If you’re a nitpicker who won’t settle for anything shorter than perfection, 588 RTX won’t leave any room of complaint. Here’s goes a detailed review to help you understand why.

SpecCleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX Black Pearl Standard Bounce Wedge Reviewifications :

  • Gender: Suited for men
  • Dexterity: Left-handed
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Length: 35.375″
  • Loft: 520
  • Bounce: 100
  • Flex: Wedge Flex

In-depth Review

  • The Cleveland 588 RTX Wedges are quite a breakthrough in the golf world, they combine the legendary performance of the Cleveland 588 model and conjugate it with the legendary Rotex Face –Cleveland Golf’s most advanced spin technology ever made.
  • The RTX 588 has 16% larger grooves than any other regular golf club, developed meticulously after long and close hours of discussion with tour players. These U- shaped grooves are expected and prove to be more precise and are made to be 16% larger than other golf clubs to maximize the spin for critically scoring shots – specifically those that are played under testing conditions such as in the sand or in a wet weather
  • The company has also incorporated a hi-tech surface roughness technology in this model to actualize superior dimensional optimization and greater durability so that that it can handle greater friction at impact. The legendary Rotex Pattern and the unique directionally milled face pattern packs a punch and allows for maximum spin for open-face wedge shots, specially during those shots where impact is meant to be closer to the toe. The club comes with an S sole that the company has included, inspired by the popular Cleveland CG15 wedge (loved by both tour players and newbies alike).
  •  A wider sole width improves the wedge’s bunker shots without having to compromise on the versatility.

  • 16% larger grooves than any other regular golf club
  • U- shaped grooves are expected and prove to be more precise and are made to be 16% larger than other golf clubs to maximize the spin for critically scoring shots
  • Legen(wait for it)-dary Rotex Pattern and directionally milled face pattern add to the roughness and impart maximum spin for open-face wedge shots
  • Wider sole width improves the wedge’s bunker shots
  • Advanced surface roughness technology in this model to make it more durable and dimensionally optimized so it can handle greater friction
  • Covers a distance of about 110 yards


I found some really subtle ones

  • Not ideal for short range shots.
  • The presence of excess grooves may cause excess friction at times.


Bridgestone Golf Men’s J40

Though most non-golfers associate Bridgestone to heavy duty rubber tires, Bridgestone is quite an esteemed name when it comes to the sports arena. Headquartered in Georgia, this company has been delivering amazing golf equipment to the industry over the years and here we are taking a look at yet another of its revered products. The Bridgestone J40 has an amazing feature that jumps right at you – it is suited for almost every golfer, starting from professionals to mid-handicap amateurs. Bridgestone J40 wedges have that simple look but the black oxide coat makes it kind of sexy.

Specifications :Bridgestone Golf Men's J40 Review

  • Gender: Suited for men
  • Dexterity: Right Handed
  • Shaft Material: Spinner Wedge forged in 8620 mild carbon steel.
  • Length: About 35″
  • Loft: 560
  • Lie: 640
  • Bounce: 120
  • Flex: Stiff

In-depth Review

You may not have heard a lot about this wedge model the Bridgestone J40 which is because Bridgestone kept its marketing gig down, quite like its simple and straightforward design. But that does not make it any less competent in the golf world. In fact, the company seems to have incorporated certain new features to give the golfer a new experience.

  • Most noteworthy of all such inclusions is the incorporation of a feature that the company has termed “Variable Bounce Technology”. Though it sounds kind of fancy, but my extensive study on the topic revealed that it basically translates to nothing but some feature that adds to the relief in heel and toe. The Bridgestone J40 wedges, though not very stylish, are available in a variety of choices from Satin Chrome to Black Oxide finish. As I mentioned earlier, the non-glare matte black oxide model looks really sexy, however, there is a possibility of it wearing off and rusting over time (as stated on the sticker), so be warned.
  • The J40 variables seem to be lacking in options. Though they serve the basics pretty well, they offer only single bounce option for a particular loft. This could be a turndown factor when the model gets compared to other available golf club options. The wedge has a range of about 100 yards which is not bad.
  • Features like machine milled face for an added surface roughness and the inclusion of a conforming U-groove are quite tempting.

  • Simple and straightforward design
  • Variable Bounce Technology – provides relief in the heel and toe.
  • Non-glare matte oxide finish available.
  • Ideal for right handed golfers
  • Machine milled face gives roughness for added spin.
  • Conforming U-grooves add charm to the wedge.

  • Not suitable for short range shots.
  • The non-glare oxide finish is prone to wearing off.
  • The J40 wedge series do not provide many options besides the basics as compared to other golf clubs.

Best Gap Wedges


Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson – a name, even an infant knows is associated with golf. Wilson Staff (that’s what the company calls itself) targets to manufacture golf equipment and makes quite an effort to keep the designs simplistic enough for amateurs. Though the company’s name has been jeopardized much in the recent past, it does not stop itself from manufacturing the best in class golf clubs and wedges. The Wilson harmonized golf wedge is just another example of its employment of cut throat technology and skills in the art of golf club manufacturing. And now that you know about Wilson, let’s move on to the specs.

SpecificationsWilson Harmonized Golf Wedge Review :

  • Gender: Unisex (different options available separately for men and women)
  • Dexterity: Right Handed
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Length: 35.5′′
  • Loft: available in – 500, 520, 560, 600, and 640
  • Lie: Standard lie
  • Bounce: 80
  • Flex: Wedge Flex

In-depth Review

Having read the previous specifications, you are probably excited by now to get to know this bad boy.

  • Well, Wilson Harmonized wedges include an innovative feature – the sole is designed in a way which gives the player or golfer more option around the green. This unique and special sole grind allows the golfer to deliver higher pitched shots with pitch perfect accuracy, also allowing him/her to open the club face for an even better performance.
  • These wedges are sort of a perfect choice for the recreational golfer who wants to improve his or her shots for the short yardage games. Design and style wise, these golf wedges quite follow the trend – Classic design with a high-class polished finish and a sharp classic blade shape. The design makes it the perfect club for getting your golf ball closer to the pin.
  • The true temper steel irons are perfect for delivering high-quality performance. In addition to such features, the blade shape with its modified bounce angles helps in cases of dead stop spin and versatility on sand or rough terrains/pitches.

  • Sole design helps golfer around green
  • Sole grind allows the golfer to deliver high shots with precise accuracy.
  • Ideal for right handed golfers
  • A suitable club for delivering short game shots.
  • Blade shape facilitates action around sand and rough fairways.

  • Not suited for long shots.
  • The simplistic design is more suited for amateurs than for professionals.


Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge C

Seems like Cleveland is best at manufacturing all sorts of clubs, whether be it a lob wedge club or a gap wedge! The name in itself is quite a definition – it is a smart sole club, a smart choice for the smart man. The most unique and eye-catching feature of the Cleveland Smart Sole is its  wide, forgiving sole, meticulously crafted for a crisp, clean and consistent contact when it comes down to chipping. This sole also interacts great and allows the player to achieve full shots ranging almost about125 yards and in. Available in graphite or steel shaft bodies, the looks of this club can make you go gaga. Let’s delve deeper into the key features of the product:

Specifications : Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge C Review

  • Gender: Suited for men
  • Dexterity: right and left handed – both options available.
  • Shaft Material: option between Steel and Graphite available
  • Length: 34″
  • Loft: 420
  • Lie: 660
  • Flex: wedge flex

In-depth Review

The Club seems to be a big deal in the market, so what’s all the hue and cry about?

  • Well, this is one club that has been extremely successful at preventing and eliminating fat shots gives the golfers a sense of fun while they swing their shots and escape bunkers.
  • This club has been done up in a shiny sharp black satin finish. It is primarily been targeted for high handicap players/golfers. This C wedge has a unique shape unlike the S wedge and has a shorter face but a regular heel to the toe length.
  • The refined and redefined sole design enables super smooth turf interaction and increases playability by forwarding cleaner contact. Additionally, the weight around the perimeter of the club wedge has been added to provide more forgiveness and hence, promote greater consistency on all shots with a smooth feel.
  • The C in the name stands for chipper and implies that this boy is great at chip shots. So if you love to chip your shots, this club is just the best option for you. With its upright lie angle, great wide sole, and plentiful bounce, this 42 degree “C” wedge makes you a master of what we simply can call “putt with loft”, not fearing the fat shot.

  • Prevents and eliminated fat shots and helps golfers escape bunkers while making them feel the fun of it.
  • The C wedge has a unique shape with a shorter face but regular heel-to-toe length.
  • The design of the sole makes it a great club for chip shots.
  • Suited for both right and left-handed golfers.
  • Ideal club for long shots – 125 yards and within


  Besides the obvious pros, the cons are

  • Not suitable for short range shots
  • Not an ideal club for hilly or rough areas.


Mizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge

 If the Golf Club world was to have a babe, this one would definitely be a babe. Mizuno is a Japanese company and owing to the place of origin of the company, the clubs are expected to be incorporated with the latest Japanese technology. No wonder, it’s listed as one of the best golf clubs. If the name Mizuno is new to you and you are comprehensive about the quality and stuff, here is a fact for you: Tiger Woods used Mizuno golf for a long time before 1996, Let that fact alone help convince you, meanwhile we would move to the specifications.

SpecificatioMizuno Golf JPX S2 Series Approach Wedge Reviewns : 

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Dexterity: Right Handed
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Length: 35.25″
  • Loft: available in 500, 520, 56.10, 56.140, 58.10, 58.140, 60.050, and 60.090
  • Lie: 630
  • Bounce: ranges between 5 to 14
  • Flex: Wedge Flex

In-depth Review

 Reviewing a golf club means including all the aspects from features to specialties, the shortcomings, the looks and the feel. In these respects, this Mizuno Club is quite a hero.

  • The manufacturer seems to have labored quite a lot to incorporate as much as possible into this little golf club. Starting right from the inclusion of quad cut grooves to improve the roughness and the spin, to that of Loft specific grooves (that are nothing but wider and shallower grooves) to enhance the loft of the club) along with the special harmonic impact technology to make the golfer feel the sheer pleasure of the game- the makers left no stone unturned.
  • The black non-glare finish of the club is a welcome addition as the feature which provides us with multiple lofts and bounce options to choose from.
  • As for the looks of this baby, the Mizuno golf club is downright sexy where the JPX wedge falls right into place. The only tiny a problem in the look that might put people off is the large look of the wedge. The face is a tad bit bigger than the regular ones.
  • The multiple rows of grooves and Harmonic Impact technology give you the golf feels where you feel no vibration, just as if the golf ball is morphing right into the club. If you are wondering what yardage this wedge can shoot up to, I would say it is pretty much the standard range- Not too far, not too short.

  • Quad cut grooves to improves the roughness and hence the spin
  • Loft specific grooves enhance the loft of the club
  • Non-glare finish of the club
  • Multiple loft and bounce options to choose from
  • Multiple rows of grooves and Harmonic Impact technology make you feel the heavenly feel of golf. It creates an impression that the golf ball is morphing into the club without vibrations.
  • The style is just too beautiful for a golf club.
  • Suited for both long and short distance shots.
  • Ideal for right handed golfers.


 The cons of this Mizuno club are as follows

  • Despite the great look, the face of the club is a bit larger than regular sleek wedges and this is one thing that might put SERIOUS golfers off.

Best Pitching Wedges


Callaway Mack Daddy PM Chrome Wedge

The Callaway Golf Company is like Brad Pitt of the golf world. There’s hardly any die-hard golf enthusiast who is not familiar with this brand. This American company based in Carlsbad in California designs and manufactures golf equipment, accessories and other golf related products and sells it through golf retailers in almost 70 different countries. Deemed as the world’s largest maker of golf clubs, it is almost an honor to be able to review a product by this company. And once finish reading the review of it, you probably will know why Callaway is Callaway! Let’s no waste a moment further and get started with the real business.Callaway Mack Daddy PM Chrome Wedge Review

Specifications :

  • Gender: Suited for men
  • Dexterity: available in both right and left handed varieties
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Length: Standard
  • Loft: Available in 560, 580, 600 and 640
  • Lie: Standard
  • Wedge Flex: Stiff

In-depth Review

 A legendary club designed by a legendary man under the training of an all-time legend. The Callaway Mack Daddy was created by Phil Mickelson under the direct supervision of the legendary Callaway Wedge maker – Mr. Roger Cleveland.

  • Some of the sharpest features of this club are that the one-of-a-kind, state – of –the –art design of the wedge gives it the versatility to enable a golfer to take any shot. The unique design allows you to accelerate right through the ball and take a shot anywhere.
  • The flops, bunker shots or even on the rough. The Callaway Mack Daddy definitely has a different shape than the regular ones and the shape has a key role to play in the success. The shape of this wedge allows it to have more surface area and 39% more groove area that go on the face. The high toes make it easier for the golfer to hit high shots with this club.

  • Developed by the legend Phil Mickelson, the club itself is quite a legend.
  • The one-of-a-kind design of the wedge gives it the versatility to enable a golfer to take any shot
  • Unique design allows you to accelerate right through the ball and take a shot anywhere
  • Ideal for both Right and Left-handed golfers,
  • Ideal for all kinds of shots – in the green, on the rough, long, short or high
  • The shape of this wedge allows it to have more surface area and 39% more groove area that goes on the face


Sorry to say but I could not find one and I do not know why that should at all be a sorry fact!


Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge

Quite like an automobile industry which features big shots names like Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti etc., the golf world too has its share of big shot names which include TaylorMade, Callaway, Cleveland, Ping and so on. Now you may wonder why I did not mention the name of Pinemeadow. Well, essentially, Pinemeadow also is indeed a fantastic golf manufacturer but has its reputation established as a master Golf clone makers. Well, a golf clone is just a club that was built in the image of a branded club but under a completely legal process. Hence, it would be right if we say that Pinemeadow is one the premier names in the world of golf clones. The Golf PGX Wedge is one of their signature creations and has secured its position among the top-selling golf wedges in several countries where golf is a popular game.

SpecifiPinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge Reviewcations :

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Dexterity: right handed
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Length: 35.75″
  • Loft: 560, but also available in other options
  • Lie: Standard
  • Bounce: 120
  • Flex: Regular

In-depth Review

If you starting to hesitate and being comprehensive about the performance of this club because it is a clone, just remember that there was a time when Dell, Compaq, and Gateway were just computer clones and had it not been for their outstanding performance over the years, we would not be bidding IBM a goodbye.

  • Pinemeadow clones have proved to be performing better than the actual branded club many times. This PGX wedge showcases some of the top class features including the wedge being PGX, it being available in 3 loft options. That pretty much settles the basics.
  • As for the 56-degree loft, PGX wedge that I am reviewing here is more commonly used as an SW. However, some golfers might want to use it for chipping giving you a lot more loft and less roll. The wedge also features a wide sole with a narrow tapered toe area providing a more forgiving hit area.

  • The wedge can be used as an SW and as a chipper as well.
  • The tapered toe and wide sole give it more forgiving hit area.
  • Includes a fine standard Pinemeadow grip for a firm hold.
  • The midsize wedge sole promotes accurate playability from any lie.
  • The shape has been tour inspired.

  • To be honest, I am expecting a more versatile version to hit the market sooner or later.
  • The reputation of belonging to the house of a Clone golf manufacturer sometimes hampers it.


Ping Glide George Right – handed wedge, Steel 58 degrees

This wedge club, though the last one to be discussed here in this article, can prove to be your best golf buddy. You may not be familiar with Ping’s name but that in no way undermines the fact that Ping is a specialist golf equipment and wedge manufacturer. The company’s rise to fame and heritage can be dated back to the 1980’s when they came up with their design for the Ping eye2 sand iron model, which sells even today. The company still manufactures the good old eye2 in the good old fashioned style. But since the company does want to embark and embrace the new technologies, it’s recent club the glide George model does fashion the latest technology and fashion designs.Ping Glide George Right Review

Specifications :

  • Gender: unisex
  • Dexterity: right handed
  • Shaft material: steel
  • Length: standard
  • Loft: 58° (lower loft versions available too)
  • Lie: standard
  • Flex: wedge flex

In-depth Review

  • The Company has designed its glide George wedge based quite on its eye2. The ping glide wedge primarily has a cast cavity back design (and it probably is the best cavity wedge that Ping has ever made till date) and has features like the dyla wedge grip that enables the golfer to grip down the shaft, perfect enough to vary the distance when they hit the ball with a full swing, or maybe even a flop shot.
  • The grip comes with markings on it for the proper placement of your lower hand. The proper placement of the hand onto the shaft is a defining act of judgment for a golfer. The moment you do the grip wrong, your shot goes wrong. The ping glide with grip marking has tried it’s best to guide the golfer there with the hand placement and this shows the diligent effort that has been put into the manufacturing of this club wedge.
  • According to the manufacturing company – Ping, the club’s name “glide” comes from its moisture repellent chrome finish look where it features the 431 stainless steel head that helps it glide through the green which is usually damp. The moisture repellent coating prevents the damp from hampering the club.
  • In spite of there being a graphite shaft option available, most golfers would choose the one with CFX steel shaft body which proves to be more stable and feels a lot lighter than its 118 grams counterpart.
  • The Dylan wedge grip that has been used in the manufacturing of this club has a wider girth than usual thereby enhancing the grip of the club and promoting great results. The club wedge also featured grooves on the face. The George grooves vary depending on which loft model you purchased. In the glide wedges with loft higher than 56°, the grooves are designed in such a manner as to support more spin.

  • The ping glide with grip marking has tried it’s best to guide the golfer there with the hand placement
  • The club comes with 3 sole options, CFS/CFX steel wedge shaft.
  • Includes features like marked Dyla wedge grip.
  • The moisture repellent coated stainless steel shaft is quite a brilliant one.
  • Gorge groove add to the versatility and makes the wedge more consistent in delivering high performance.
  • Suited for right handed golfers.

  • The rather simplistic design for this high-end golf wedge undermines its value at the first glance. A golfer would take a look and might pass it off as “just another golf club”
  • Gorge grooves are not as well defined in lower loft wedges as they in higher loft wedges (higher than 56 degrees).

Different Type of Wedges And Their Uses

To deal with special situations, wedges come in several different configurations. These configurations have got wedges grouped into four categories, namely: pitching wedges, sand wedges, gap/approach wedges and lob wedges. Each different type serves a different purpose and it is terrifically important to know their use because that is essentially the ‘ABC’ of golf.

  • Pitching Wedges: The one with the least loft of all the wedges, this one is generally used to pop the ball into the air. Pitching wedges generally have a loft between 44-50 degrees. So when it strikes the golf ball perfectly, the ball is bound to pop up in the air and travel about some 110 to 140 yards. One perfect strike with this wedge and the ball shoots high up in the air.
  • Sand Wedges: Sand wedges were designed to hit the ball off the golf track when you are chilling out on the Sahara desert and decide to play a game of golf. On a more serious note, sand wedges are indeed used to play golf on sand or at least sand patches, sand traps or bunkers. Sand wedges usually have a loft somewhere in between 54-58 degrees. A swing with this wedge will make the ball shoot somewhere between 80 – 110 yards. Shorter than other clubs, sand wedges helps a golfer to spin the ball.
  • Gap Wedges: These wedges have a loft between 46 to 54 degrees. Shots that are too short for pitching wedges yet too long for sand wedges are the shots that a gap wedge hits perfectly (90-110 yards). If struck properly with, gap wedges can make a golf ball fly high. Sadly, however, a gap wedge does not come along with your regular set of golf clubs, so you will have to buy it separately
  • Lob Wedges: With a loft between 60-65 degrees, this club is what you call for when you want to deliver a precise shot. They send the ball up to 80 yards just like pitching and gap wedges that are designed to send the ball high up.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Golf Wedges

A perfect golf club defines a perfect swing and a perfect swing, a perfect shot. The shopping rule book says that when you are buying a product and expect optimum performance, you must employ certain judgment clauses to select the best one in the lot. So if you are planning to go golf wedge shopping in the near future, you must know and keep in mind these factors.

  • The Gap Factor: If you own a set of golf clubs but constantly keep looking for a more suitable option to cover up a certain yardage on the golf ground, you probably need to buy a new wedge. One best way to choose a new club would be to buy the one which covers a yard range that none of your immediate clubs do. The loft says a lot about yardages, so look for a loft that you do not already have in your collection.
  • The Bounce Factor: Another aspect that a golfer is concerned about is the bounce factor of his golf wedge. Low bounce wedges are more suited for hard ground golf fields while high bounce one are more suited for soft grounds and/or bunkers. The bounce range of wedges can vary from being as high as 18 degrees to as low as 2 degrees. So while making a decision, be sure you don’t end up buying all low bounce or all high bounce wedges.
  • The Groove Factor: Last but not the least, the design is important. Though some golf grooves are typical, some companies do come up with more designs. And, it is always a good idea to check out the new cool groove shapes as long as the wedge fulfills other important criteria.


Ping Glide George Right could be just the right golf wedge for you without burning a big-sized whole in your pocket if you’re up for some experiment. Despite of its share of flaws, the makers have managed to roll some of the best-in-class features to make your golf experience a truly delightful one into this one model. Definitely worth a try in my opinion.

The Final Word

Now that the long talk has finally come to an end, I hope you find yourself quite thorough with the latest golfing technology and models available in the market. I did quite an extensive research to find out even the small details to help you judge and shop better. Always remember, before you spend a fortune on one of these bad boys, which you should – remember that each one of them is worth the money spend. Make sure you have done your own research well enough and checked for all your priority requirements in a golf club. There is no point buying a short range wedge when you really needed a long range one just because it had a moisture-repellant coating!

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