Best Hybrid Golf Clubs Reviews 2017 – Buying Guide & In-Depth Reviews

A hybrid means combination of two while retaining the characteristic of both elements. Here, hybrid golf clubs are those that have the best of both club types – woods and irons or fairway irons. On the golf course, woods are known to launch the ball at long distances towards hole. On the other hand, Irons help you to get out of tricky places or situations like hitting a ball from behind a tree in arc. A hybrid club can rescue you from a tighter spots or a situation where irons and woods fail to deliver. For this very reason it is quite popular among golf players across the world. They also go by the name of rescue clubs and utility clubs.  According to experts, they are a replacement for long irons lying in your set as they come handy for golfers who have difficulty with a two or three iron clubs.

Hybrid Golf Club Reviews 2017

Adams Tight Lies Hybrid

The Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is a game improvement club, designed with leading hybrid technologies of the industry in collaboration with the Ghost Slot Technology for boosting the performance of every golfer. This highly efficient hybrid of Adams, possess a slot of almost invisible crown, a low-profile body and a tri-sole design for easy hit and playability. Tight Lies hybrid comes in a barbell shape and wider slot at every end for providing flexibility and increasing the ball speed. It is available for both right and left hands and also includes a head cover for safe transportation to the course.


  • Hidden Crown Slot due to Ghost Slot Technology.Best Hybrid Golf Clubs
  • Larger Impact Area due to low-profile design of the hybrid.
  • Wider slots for increasing the speed of the ball.
  • Use of tri level sole to reduce turf interaction and improve performance.
  • A Standard grip for a superior feel and comfort.
  • Graphite shaft of Kuro Kage technology.
  • Inclusion of a solid head cover, for safety of the club.
  • Barbell shaped & refined design of slot for producing a spring effect on the ball at a higher speed.
  • Dual slots to act together and generate forgiveness for off-hits.
  • A compact size for providing handling comfort to the beginners.



  • Higher Forgiveness even on Bad Swings
  • Better Performance Consistency
  • Lightweight with better control-ability
  • Great and Stylish Looks
  • Sole stuffed with Blue Polymer to prevent dirt, enhancing the club life.
  • Composed of superior components providing nice touch & a soft feel to the players.
  • Above average traction level for improving the game.
  • Highly versatile rescues the player out of both good and bad lies.
  • State of the art technology for increased ball distance and swing speed.


  • The head size is shorter. Thus, this hybrid may not suitable for the ones who prefer larger heads.
  • Because of its compact size, it created less forgiveness when compared with large headed clubs.

Final Verdict

Being available for both the hands, the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is highly consistent and extremely easy to hit with. The most impressive feature of the hybrid is an effectively hidden crown slot that can hardly be noticed by the players. It provides a very solid feel to its users, while providing a quiet and low impact sound. The utmost characteristic of this hybrid is the consistency of predictable distance it provides during the performance. Therefore, if you are a kind of golfer who needs more forgiveness and consistency in your game, then the Adams Tight Lie Hybrid is right for you.


Choosing the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

It may be difficult for anyone to choose the best hybrid clubs given the fact that manufacturers are producing hybrids when actually and technically they are not. Making small changes in Irons and woods, manufacturer may pass other clubs as a hybrid golf clubs. Moreover, an individual needs to understand that hybrids do not really replace woods and irons completely which is a common notion among beginners and amateurs.

Know Your Weakness

The first and the foremost thing is that the player needs to know his or her weakness in golf. If you know your weakness, you will be able to overcome it by focusing on the right hybrids. If you are not comfortable with long irons and miss-hit, lot of it and have difficulty hitting high to stay on the course, hybrids are for you.


You need to know how much you are ready to spend on good quality of hybrid golf clubs. The price can go vary a lot for a single club depending on the company that you wish to buy from. A well-known sports store may have the best of the hybrids, but may force you to shell out huge sums of money.


As hybrids are replacement of long irons, the lofts will be the same as that of the longer irons already in your set. Most of the hybrids will have loft angle between 18 to 27 degrees. However, some hybrid sets may have higher loft which are perfect to replace the mid irons. It is important to note that with the change in the degree of a loft, the ball may travel less or more in case of a hybrid club.

Shaft length

In most of hybrids, graphite is used in shafts to keep the weight less, but at the same time it gives ball more distance to travel. This shaft length plays a key role as it gives you more control over shots. Usually, with same loft, hybrids are shorter than woods by 2 to 3 inches in length. Depending on the woods or irons you are looking to replace, go for a shaft that you are more comfortable with.


Just like irons and woods, many hybrids offer adjust-ability with regards to the loft. The distance you are looking at depends on the loft. Some models may offer face angle adjustments also. To alter the center of gravity of a club, some hybrids may have space for adjusting weights. A hybrid may have one or all the features mentioned above.

Identify Your Needs

It is important to identify the difference between long irons and woods in your bag that you intend to replace. The hybrid golf clubs are larger than the usual irons, whereas woods that are to be replaced have shallow faces.


Before making a purchase, make sure you try hybrids that best suit your needs and style of game. The design of some club heads make it harder to hit the ball and therefore a trial is worth before spending substantial amount on excellent set of hybrids.

Same Manufacturer

In case you are a first time user of hybrids, it is recommended by experts to go for the model and quality that you already have in your bag. Firstly, you have used their product earlier and know the quality and service they provide. Additionally, this will help you to predict the shot on the golf course. It becomes imperative to have all the clubs from the same manufacturer as it comes as a great help in transitioning from one club to another.


Due to hybrids versatility and functionality, some players replace all their clubs with the hybrids. One should know his weaknesses of the game, knowing all the clubs and their best usage, budget and interest in the game to determine if they really want to go for hybrids or not. Researching online and consulting a coach or an expert, will definitely help you to buy the best hybrids out there in the golf markets. It does not matter if you are an amateur, a beginner or a seasoned player, hybrids will always help you hit cleaner and accurate shots which will not only improve your performance on the golf course, but also get you appreciation.

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