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Best Mallet Putters 2017

Looking for the Best Mallet Putters Ever? Golfing does not have to be stressful. Most of you would wholeheartedly agree that putting could be stressful. After all, the player that putts the best wins. It is the most used club in your bag and you can’t make a mistake to choose the wrong one. The putters are classified based on their head designs. To determine the perfect putter for yourself, you need to keep in mind the stroke style that suits you the most. Mallet Putters have large heads in driver design that makes shots more consistent and forgiving. You should go for a mallet putter as they offer visual alignment aids. Some putters have a series of the line that helps you aim down the target line.

Best Mallet Putter Reviews


Pinemeadow PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX PutterPinemeadow Golf may not be a well-known golf brand to some golfers, but here they have come up with one of the best and affordable putters for optimal performance. The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter comes with an exquisite style and offers high quality. It comes with a steel shaft and with a backdrop of green grass, white mallet club head will help you to focus on the alignment lines. It’s a top-notch putter with amazing finishing and design that will make you stand apart. People would see you from the distance holding this white club head with steel finish shaft. When you putt with it, you’ll know that it’s the quality and performance that speak for itself.


  • The shipping weight is 10 pounds.
  • The shaft length is standard for men at 34 inches.
  • It includes a custom PGX headcover.
  • It comes with a grip and you do not have to buy it separately.

  • It is really affordable at this price given its finish, look and performance which is no less than a premium expensive Putter.
  • They have intelligently colored the club head white that will help you focus on the alignment lines. This ensures that you putter is placed on target right from the onset. So you have less possibility of making silly errors and ‘oh no!’ expressions.
  • It weighs 380 grams and the additional 40-gram weight of the mallet putter is tour-weighted. It is perfect for the faster greens that are common around the world. At impact, you can expect to get a smooth forward spinning ball that reduces skid bringing stability in your putting game.
  • It comes with a custom PGX headcover that will help in protecting the white finish from scratches that are common while carrying it around the course. With this putter, you will not have to worry about light damages that you can have while stacking with your other golf clubs.
  • As most men who play golf are right handed, the PGX putter is perfect for right-hand golfers.
  • It is especially recommended for amateurs who struggle on the putting greens, as this mallet style putter will offer them a much-needed stable stroke.

  • Decide for yourself if this is even a downside or not. To some golfers, it appears to be a clone of the TaylorMade Ghost Putter.
  • Due to its striking white head, it can get stained with green grass. Though cleaning it regularly will solve this problem.


The most of the users on Amazon have rated it 4-star and 5-star. When ratings are combined, 89% have recommended it. Do we need to say more? Owing to its rock-bottom price, it is great for beginners and amateurs who expect to improve their putting at the fastest rate. The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter will definitely help you in upping your performance and take those stressful moments away from that you have when putting on the greens. The putt perfect moment may make you jump with joy and make you realize that you have probably made the best decision to go with Pinemeadow PGX Putter.


Happy Putter Tour Mid-Mallet 

Happy Putter Tour Mid-Mallet (Newer Version 2016)The putter is the most utilized club in the golf. Happy Putter has three alignment guides with the help of which the golfer can easily identify the goal and adjust the putter accordingly and hit the ball. Putting is very convenient if you understand what you see and feel about the ball and the stroke in the ground. There are many varieties of putters available in the market comparison to other clubs.

Happy Putter is one of the most desired brands amongst the golfers because of the three Alignment guides it comes along with. With the help of this guide, the golfers can actually conclude what they see the best on the golf course. Once the visual inclination gets identified by the golfer, he can accordingly adjust his offset, weight, loft and lie angle and ensure that they get the desired feel.

Alignment is one of the biggest challenges golfers face on the ground but Happy Putter resolves all your problems smoothly.


  • Adjustability feature allows to adjust the lie angle, offset position, loft and weight.
  • With the three-alignment guides, you can actually interchange to determine what alignment suits your visual preferences the best.
  • Shaft Positioning feature provides the three most favored offset positions- Zero, Half-Shaft and Full Shaft.
  • Loft feature provides three loft positions – Low, Standard and High
  • With the help of the latest Happy putter App, you can be guided about the settings and strokes in actual which work best for you and how to properly adjust the putter.
  • Comes with Putter Headcover, Two Weights (15 g – Standard and 30 gm – Heavy), Torque Wrench and Standard Pistol Grip.
  • Featured in the Hot List of 2015 Golf Digest
  • It comes with Three-Alignment guides
  • It has Three- Offset positions: Zero Shaft, Half Shaft and Full Shaft
  • It comes with Two-Weight: Standard (15 gm) and Heavy (30 gm)
  • Comes with Torque Wrench
  • It has the Pistol Grip
  • It comes along with the Headcover
  • Has smooth and traditional feel through the stroke
  • Stability on all types of hit
  • Easily controllable especially on smaller putts
  • Consistent and balances the mis-hits
  • Doesn’t require long time to identify the lags once the putter gets adjusted to fit your swing.
  • The alignment support is partially obstructed by the adjustable hosel.


Though usage of putter is a personal choice as it solely depends on the fact how comfortable the player is, but with the introduction of varieties of Golf Putter and the amazing features they carry, Putter has become a much demanded product. Happy Putter has many innovative features and technologies that make the shot easier for the golfer and the best is the Happy Putter App that helps you in adjusting your settings according to your vision and comfort. It works best for any kind of player from any distance, height and weight and is all eligible to be one of the best golf putter for beginners.


Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang Tank Putter with SuperStroke Grip

Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang Tank Putter with SuperStroke GripThe Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang Tank Putter is a mallet design putter with alternative designs of putters to suit your balance. It is a longer length putter with the shaft length of 38 inches. It has been awarded gold medal by the Golf Digest 2015 Hot list. The fangs are perimeter-weighted and the alignment is of high contrast. It is the most accurate putter with two balls and provides super high performance to help the golfers to grow better in putting. Fusion RX has been inserted into the putter which has 93% more faster roll as compared to the White Hot insert to help reduce skidding and skipping of the ball. This is a better version of the previous model with more innovative techniques to bring out the best putter available in the market.


  • 38 inches Shaft Length and double-bended making the shaft heavier for optimal performance on the ground.
  • Insertion of Fusion RX with a thinner version to reduce skidding and making the ball reach the ultimate goal.
  • Tank counterbalance with heavier heads and heavier shafts to increase the weight for a more stable and a consistent stroke.
  • A multiple featured putter to make putting easier with the addition of 0.406 mm thin stainless steel for changing its sound.
  • White Hot backer has been coupled with a stainless steel mesh being super thin for a perfect feel.
  • The two white circles are placed on a plastic panel which is lightweight to allow for the movement of weight from top to the sole of the putter.
  • For better looks, black and silver is combined in place of black and white.
  • In comparison with the previous model, the face width is 0.7 cm more narrow and a 1.1 cm more narrow insert. Circles are also 0.2 mm large while the underlying black strip is 0.4 mm more wide.
  • It is an incredible putter to improve your performance in the greens as it produces a better roll of the ball with an increased stability.
  • Because of the Fusion RX insert, there is less skidding and skipping of the ball.
  • It gives an edge over other putters if compared to looks, making it more subtle and ravishing.
  • It is very easy to clean the putter.
  • Quality is combined with great appearance making it a gold medal winner in the Golf Digest 2015.
  • The alternative designs of putters help in finding your type of balance; hence providing a better feel and comfort.
  • The increased weight because of the heavier heads and shafts helps to provide a consistent stroke and a better performance.
  • The increased weight of the putter may not be comfortable for some putters might lower down their performance.


The Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang Tank Putter with superstroke grip is overall a great product. It has been rated 4.9 stars according to the costumer reviews. The shape is amazing with a great counterbalance and more innovative techniques used. It is highly accurate and provides increased stability. 60 % of the golfers who had given it a try say it promotes a more consistent path. Most of the putting mistakes are done right with this outstanding putter. If you give it a try, you might love it. It will definitely provide a great value for your money as improvements are made in the previous model to bring out a better putter with absolutely no flaws and bring out a better performer in you.


Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Heel Shafted Putter (Right Hand, 34-Inch)

Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Heel Shafted Putter (Right Hand, 34-Inch)Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Heel Shafted Putter is the world’s first hybrid putter. It is the most stable putter available in the market and rolls the best. It is made up of amongst the world’s best materials available and the body of the putter is designed of cast 304 stainless steel. The Rife Two Bar Hybrid Putter has adjustable weighting which helps the golfer to adjust the weight accordingly. It is technically designed by the company’s patented technology named Roll Groove Technology. There are custom head covers with added zip pockets for storing the weights. It is a well designed, tailor-made putter which makes hitting easy; thus ideal for every golfer.


  • The putter body has been constructed of 304 stainless steel with adjustable weighting mechanism.
  • Weight of the head with weights is 400 grams while without weights is 320 grams
  • The back of the two bars have removable cylinders which helps the golfer to customize the putter accordingly.
  • The two bars are designed hollow which helps to create inertia, thus increasing stability in the game.
  • LieAline custom fitting system has been used to provide more consistency in the game and the bars are rear weighted to bring out stability and moment of inertia
  • The hosel is bendable and the notch is vertically aligned for lesser skidding of the ball.
  • Lie angle is 70 degrees and the loft of head is 2 degrees
  • Adjustable weighting mechanism for the adjustment of weights according to the taste and the prevailing condition of the greens.
  • The Rife’s Two Bar Hybrid Putter helps to improve the consistency in putting.
  • Due to its adjustable weighting, the weights can be adjusted accordingly which helps in the performance of the golfer and provides increased stability.
  • It is made up of the best materials and has a spectacular design.
  • The golfer can easily hit with the putter because of its finest hitting properties and the ball does not bounce skid and can easily hit the immediate target.
  • This putter is the most stable and gives a good feel to the golfer.
  • There is less skipping and skidding of the ball.
  • It is amongst one of the easiest putters available in the market.
  • This putter is a little expensive because of its unique design and the quality of the product But if you are a die -hard golf lover, you will definitely purchase this product.


The Rife Two Bar Hybrid Mallet Heel Shafted Putter is overall a great product and worth buying. It is one of the easiest putters available in the market. It has been rated 4.9 stars. There is use of RollGroove Technology because of which the ball does not bounce and reaches the immediate goal that makes the stroke more predictable. The design of the putter is fantastic as well. It is recommended for golfers with inconsistent performance and who have a trouble in lining the putt. Overall, it is a wonderful and a promising product.


TFI Smart Square Putter from Cleveland

Cleveland Tfi Smart Square PutterThe Cleveland TFI Smart Square Putter is the most progressed putter created by Cleveland Golf so far. The design is inspired by the tour and it features a minced, copper-infused face cap with a copolymer insert which gives the ultimate feel and consistency. It’s made of such materials which allow immediate response from the sound and feel while striking the ball. It has Smart Square alignment technology, a High Density Stabilizing Wing and a Low Density Aluminum Body which results into greater stability and less distance loss on off-center hits.

The face of the TFI Smart Square Putter is manufactured of lightweight copper-aluminum and the three mallet option is been inserted with copolymer which saves weight and let you focus on the strike. The innovative copolymer bends on the swifter impacts of long putts which decreases the loft and improves control over the distance.


  • The shaft comes in different lengths, viz. 33 inches, 34 inches and 35 inches.
  • Very affordable, though the price may vary according to the shaft lengths.
  • It has dual Axis Alignment which simplifies squaring the ball on alignment with parallel and perpendicular lines. It provides 23% more accuracy in the alignment.
  • It’s featured with High density alloy wing which increases MOI (Moment of Inertia) and gives better stability and less distance loss on off-center hits.
  • The Low density aluminum body facilitates maximum weight to be put around the alignment.
  • Copolymer insert gives softer feel and steady speed across the entire club face.
  • Milled copper face cap ensures immediate response through the sound and feel on strikes.
  • Mallet shaped head
  • Includes headcover Cleveland Golf
  • It comes with the squares on the top which works as the best alignment tool.
  • It doesn’t take your efforts at all as you only have to focus on your pace after adjusting your ball to the target line.
  • The feel of the club is fantastic even when you strike the ball.
  • It’s a great product recommended by the users.
  • It lets you focus on the ball as the speed is controlled by the putter.
  • Enhances the confidence in your putting by just looking at the club.
  • The bold and square alignment is not preferred by everyone.
  • Distance control on long covers is not good


The TFI Smart Square Putter from Cleveland is one of the most preferred putters as of now as it is an all-around performer. It comes with a number of positive visual signals along with the stability demanded by the golfer in a huge mallet design with a lightweight aluminum body and heavier wings.

Many golfers love this product as they find the TFI putter very responsive. The alignment is very impressive and it’s simple to operate.

Feature like 3-D squares on the top will draw your eyes direct at the center of the ball in the mid of the club. It’s designed in matte black-white contrast which is easy to identify and you won’t lose energy at the impact.

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