Orlimar Golf Push Cart Reviews

Orlimar has been into Golf Equipment and Accessories business since more than 50 Years now and no surprise that Orlimar has created a mark in Golf Equipment manufacturing. Other than the golf clubs, Golf Bags and other products, they have been making superb Push Carts and trade it across the world. Till date, Orlimar is the leading name in the market due to their pioneering business style, and they actually maintain this family run business with grace for such a long time. Orlimar has become the leading producer of unique golf push carts. Generally,golf push carts are quite costly, and the customers face hitch while buying it but at Orlimar, the golf push carts available across all price ranges.They offer customers push carts without compromising with the excellence of quality, and that makes the customers love the top notch products offered by Orlimar, rather considering other brands.

Top 5 Best Rated Orlimar Golf Push Cart Comparison

Best 5 Orlimar Golf Push Cart Reviews


Orlimar EZ Roll 12.0 Push Cart

Orlimar Golf Push CartEZ Roll 12.0 Push Cart model includes simple design but efficient workability on all kinds of the landscape which are the key feature of Orlimar EZ Roll, 12.0 model.This model has three wheels – one in the front and two in the rear.

The Exceptional Features:

  • Adjustable Handles make it easy for Golfers with varied heights according to individual needs. It also makes pulling/pushing the cart an easy affair with an adjustable handle Angle
  • Easy To Install Wheels are undoubtedly of exceptional quality and by no means take any extra time in installation. They can roll on any surface with ultimate ease. They do not let the push cart wobble or create any difficulty in being pulled or pushed.
  • The Waterproof Scorecard Holder is another unique feature and one can even enjoy Golf in a bit of drizzle during the rainy seasons with ease.

The Pros:

The product can be used to great advantages. It can be very easily folded in just two steps. Its less time consuming and easy to operate. It has a chassis that totally makes the product stable. It helps in the sturdiness of the Golf cart. Adjustable handle is the highlight of the product.

The Cons:

For a product of its range, it serves more than enough purpose and hardly have any negative point to discuss.


Orlimar EZ Roll EZR 15.5 3 – 1-Step Quik-Fold Wheel Golf Cart 

Orlimar Push Cart

Orlimar EZ Roll EZR 15.5 3

 EZ Roll EZR 15.5 3 push cart is one of the better choices manufactured by Orlimar. It’s strong, durable but very lightweight because of its aluminium frame. It comes in an attractive design and have everything that a Golfer needs from a push golf cart. Main features are –

The Exceptional Features:

One can expect the best of experiences using this cart from Orlimar. This product actually proves what it takes to associate with a great brand.

One Step Folding is a very rare specification actually; one can just expect this feature to be the USP of the product. The product very well gets folded in just one touch and thereby makes the life easy.

Anti-Slide Tyres is another of the great specifications as the tyre prevents the cart from sliding down on an inclined surface. This way one can manage the cart better, and there is no necessity of using the brakes each time you are on an uneven plane on/off the course.

The Aluminium Frame that weights less but provides enough strength to the overall structure of the cart to carry a Golf bag full of Golf Set and other accessories.

The Pros:

It has sealed ball bearings which prevent the cart from being slide on inclined surface. Also, the product very well manages to capture the attention with its very modern style and design. The brake is on the handle which makes it easier for a person to use according to their own time and necessity.

The Cons:

The cons of the product are few like that of the ball bearings being too tight and it becomes abit hard for the trolley to move. And the price seems a bit higher too.


Orlimar Pro Series Caddie 2000 – 3-Wheel Golf Cart

Orlimar Pull Golf Cart

Orlimar Pro Series Caddie 2000

Pro Series Caddie 2000 push cart model is another 3 wheel push cart. This model ensures a sturdy and smooth ride every time . It has simple design and is quite light weight. It’s a direct competitor to CaddyTek’s Super Lite Deluxe Model. All in all a good piece to invest in. Main features are :

The Extraordinary Features:

This push cart is the best one to have few very important features to themselves.

Convenient is the word that defines this Golf Push Cart. One can enjoy best of pushing and pulling experience with this product.  It is extremely lightweight at just 13.5 pounds of weight. Three wheel push design & sturdy central chasis made of aluminium makes it look cool.

Easy On/Off Foot brake makes it an easy experience for the people to stop the cart at slightest of hints.

Stylish Wheels with 12” Wheel at the back and 10” wheel on the front.

The Pros:

The style quotient of the product is commendable no doubt. This is a product that is easy to handle and move and as well as store. It doesn’t take much space and make the best use of the area it is in. Availability of Golf Ball holder, Cup holder and scorecard holder make it all worthy for the golfers.

The Cons:

The item is a bit overpriced for many of its competitor in the same range.


Orlimar EZ Roll EZR 13.5 – 3- Wheel Golf Cart

Orlimar EZ Roll EZR 13.5

Orlimar EZ Roll EZR 13.5

 EZ Roll EZR 13.5 push cart model is one of the highest selling push carts across the world. This model is really hard to keep in stock all the time due to its high demand among a wider range of customers. This model of Orlimar push cart is mostly appreciated for its highly efficient safety measurements.

The Exceptional Features:

Two-Step Fold Design helps the product to get folded in two simple steps saving time and space. One can actually feel extremely comfortable in utilising this particular feature for sure.

The Handbrake on The Handle offers good balance and support and is definitely one of the most important points that this product has. One can use this according to their own suitability.

High Quality Aluminium Frame is strong enough but weighs too light. To give added protection several nylon straps are provided in the cart.

The Pros:

This Gold cart is simple designed, lightweight and not too pricey. With this product, one can get the best possible experience of carrying Golf equipment on the course.

The Cons:

This product has rarely any disadvantage in this category.


Orlimar 2015 Bullit Click – 3- Wheel Golf Push Cart

Orlimar 2015 Bullit Click

Orlimar 2015 Bullit Click

2015 Bullit Click push cart model is a widely sold model of Orlimar push carts. It is strong yet very simple in design. It is also from the higher range of price but undoubtedly well worth its price. This push cart model from Orlimar is very easy to use with 3 wheels maintaining proper balance.

The Standout Features

  • Quicker and easier one-step folding design,
  • Ultra light
  • Adjustable handle that help in adjusting with diverse heights
  • Convenient pushing due to adjustable handle angle
  • Convenient foot brake
  • Score card and pencil holder
  • Golf balls, Bottle and Tee Holder
  • Flexible umbrella holder
  • Two back wheels and a front one for better weight distribution & support.


On the whole, if the customer chooses to buy an Orlimar golf push cart then they are going to own such a product that is long lasting and perfectly resilient. The aforementioned Orlimar golf push cart reviews are just to indicate the customers all of the good that the products are offering. Hopefully, the readers are assisted with a better understanding of the items and now can decide the right one to go with following their requirement. These golf push carts are made-up to carry the weight around without any strain during the match or else.However, as a final word it can be said that all these said models from Orlimar can be the perfect choice when the customers are going to buy the top notch golf push carts.

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