Best Putting Aids Review 2017

We must admit that striking the golf ball gently enough so that it doesn’t roll off too far from the hole, and simultaneously hitting it hard enough so that it doesn’t drop off before reaching its destination, is an art that has to be mastered through years of rigorous training, hard work and passion. The ultimate agenda of this sport is to get the ball into the hole, and hence learning how to putt properly is a must. That is why you must, first of all, assess where you lack in putting the ball, and then purchase the best putting aid that pays special attention to your requirements. For proper examination, you can even take help from a golf coach or professional, who will let you know precisely what is wrong with your putting techniques and exactly what kind of aid you need.

Best Putting Aids 2017 – Reviews


TIBA Putt – Golf Alignment Putting Aid – White

Best Putting Aid

You can effortlessly store it in your golf kit so that you can practice putting on demand due to its great portability. This putting aid aims to centralize its endeavors on the field of impact. The most precarious space in a game of golf is the 2 inches both before and after socking the ball. This is the region that has a major role to play in first getting the ball to start in a line and afterward, making sure that it is rolling in the right direction.

TIBA putt assists you in improving your socking flaws within that particular area to enable you to give it your best efforts. This model has regular tees that secure its two-part scheme, making it work well with any type of putters. There is no need to transform your entire stroke or doubt  your best putter when TIBA putt provides an aid that greatly improves your techniques while still maintaining the uniqueness of your own personal swing.

Product Specifications

  • Gives visible results by refining your track through the impact zone
  • Allows you to keep a square face
  • Enhanced distance management by teaching you to strike your goal more steadily
  • Functions well with all types of putters and styles of swinging
  • Can be secured readily with all tees of standard size, including the Eco Golf T-shirts
  • Exceedingly handy, can be stored in your golf kit after quick training stints

In-Depth Review

I am sure that you have realized its extreme handiness in helping you train your best for your next golf match through the description given above. Let us now take a detailed measure of the TIBA putting aid for your satisfaction, and to remove any doubts that you might have about this product. This review will certainly assure you that you are not wasting your hard earned money by investing in this impressive putting aid.

  • Game Changer For Beginners: You will get tangible improvement in your putting within three weeks of consistent practice with this putting aid. It helps in building up muscle memory as well as confidence so that you can get in as many putts as you want.
  • Keeps The Putter Head Square: You will be able to swing your putter right through, without striking the edges. Additionally, the face will be kept level, upright and erect.
  • Quiet Sturdy: When you pin the putting aid onto the ground, it will remain stable. Even if you were to accidentally hit it while walking, it will not budge. Neither will it ever break. So now you can drop all that worrying over having to secure it to the ground again and again!
  • Efficient Movement: You can get a much-enhanced roll and steadily regulated putts with the suave movement of the ball through the TIBA putt.


  • Prompt feedback- you know you are doing it wrong if you kick the rails
  • Can be set up anywhere with ease and packed back into your golf bag
  • Comfortable swing for those who have an arc in their strokes while putting
  • Firm and durable


  • Might need to be positioned repeatedly if you are practicing from diverse spots

Final Word

The TIBA putting aid has been used by more than 20 present LPGA and PGA tour experts, Lydia Ko included. This awesome one-time investment will help in refining your confidence as well as make your putting strokes a lot more precise and up to the mark. And when you are doing exactly what you need to and no more, you also end up saving much more of your energy, which would otherwise have been unnecessarily spent on putting.


EyeLine Golf Edge Putting Mirror

The Edge Mirror, which is the special feature of this particular putting aid, offers a complete vision of your shoulders, arms, putter face, eyes, and shaft. Its innovative scheming and fashioning provide it the complementary edge of a long-lasting resilience. Indoor practicing is now made brilliantly easy with the state-of-the-art non-skid support this mirror provides. The lines drawn for accurate putter alignment are there to take care of your aim at your target and to certify that the face of your putter is in level with that line.


Product Specifications

  • A stable setup provided by the Eyeline Golf Edge Mirror
  • In-built gate drills to test your strokes
  • Full sight of your posture
  • Acrylic composed, durable mirror
  • Rails are not included, only the mirror
  • Tees not needed to secure it on the putting field
  • A quick guide for beginning and putting posts for indoor practice
  • Finest quality carrying sleeve

In-depth Review

Since by now you certainly know the advantages of having a mirror putting aid with you to refine your strokes, there is no need to convince you of its utility. This exceptional putting aid by Eyeline Golf is an asset that will change your entire golfing life! So, to give you further contentment here is a detailed review of this product.

  • Determine Your Eye Locus: This training aid lets you monitor and therefore, regulate the positioning of your eye during practice so that you stand properly over the putt. This eventually corrects the flaws with your alignment.
  • Never Second Guess Your Path: You do not need to think over your decision of which direction you want the ball to head in as your stance and eye position will align perfectly.
  • Instantaneous Feedback: You can get a prompt feedback of the orientation among your forearms, eyes, and shoulders with the Edge Mirror.

  • Non-slip overlay makes it the ideal tool to practice both indoors and outdoors
  • Apertures for the ball gate and the putter gate
  • Highly durable
  • Refines the whole posture while putting

  • Fragile mirror – cracks easily even without applying any pressure
  • Inadequate support on the side due to which the tees cannot stand upright for long, hence, may not be well suited for indoor use
  • Comfortable swing for those who have an arc in their strokes while putting
  • Firm and durable

Final Word

When the best players in the world use the Edge Mirror on the putting green, why do you hesitate? The Edge Training Aid can correct all your postural flaws to give you a flawless putt. Now perfect all those tiring practice sessions by giving an edge to your putting.


5 Footer Golf Training Aid

5-footer-golf-training-aidIt is highly moveable as it can be rolled up and fitted snugly into a petite tube without any hassle, and thereby can be carried easily in your briefcase or golf kit. This makes your life simpler as it gives you the option to drill wherever you can find a putting training field. It is light in weight and can face pretty much any climactic conditions as it is manufactured from vinyl. You can gain a much more lifelike training practice by rehearsing on the real field rather than working on a synthetic turf. You will be able to get a prompt opinion by making use of the 5 Footer aid. It is engineered in such a manner as to harmonize your putting technique, thereby giving you a confidence that you can channel to strike an authoritative putt each time. It can be readily re situated, whether you are working on the left to right putts or from right to left putts.

Product Specifications

  • Manufactured from a sturdy and long lasting vinyl which is also weatherproof
  • Aids you in hitting the precise mark every time by grooving your strokes
  • Suited for all age groups. Ideal for children, beginners, women, men as well as experienced golfers.
  • Can be adjusted according to all putting lines, be it left to right, right to left, downhill or uphill
  • Lets you train on the actual green instead of the plastic

In-depth Review

  • Vinyl over Alignment Sticks: You might wonder at first about the Five Footer being a mere slice of vinyl and think that you could get the same job done by using your alignment sticks. But gradually you will come to the knowledge that using vinyl has a few benefits that the alignment sticks don’t. One of those is that it won’t get unsettled if a ball were to hit its rails. Another advantage is that the 5 Footer vinyl putting aid can be used in unification with your orientation sticks so that your feet would remain in the same stance at each new putt.
  • Speed Training: This putting aid helps you to train for speed. You can get used to the feeling of a consistent rap by means of this product, in addition to getting accustomed to the real field speeds. This improves your confidence in the long run and you will notice a significant drop in your putting average.
  • Broader Frame of Vision: It assists you in checking whether or not your stance is accurate. Furthermore, it permits you to perceive a comparatively wider pathway to the home instead of a tapered, constricted line.
  • Checks A Lot of Boxes: The 5 Footer Golf Training Aid remarkably enhances not just one, but many aspects that matter in your putting strokes. You will discern a very palpable refinement in your short putting, lag putting, path, face alignment, as well as the overall coordination.

  • An excellent product constructed to endure the test of time
  • Allows you to practice on your speed
  • Simple enough to use, just grasp your putt and adjust it into the right position and start training. Can be packed up and stashed away in your golf bag just as easily.

  • No instructions about how to utilise the product properly.

Final Word

This deceivingly unassuming putting training aid is a great value for your price. It helps in enhancing every aspect your putting stroke, not just one specific part, thereby filling you with a new confidence. Just shave off a few strokes already with this 5 Footer!


Gimme The Ultimate Putting Trainer

the-gimmee-putting-aidIt is inexorable that if you keep on practicing golf with a flawed technique, your muscles will memorize that action only. Thus, in addition to fixing the most caustic error in golf, it makes sure that first timers get to learn and train with a great putting stroke from the very outset so that that is what they get cemented in. Moreover, experienced golfers with life-long poor techniques for putting will be able to develop with the moves that work and jettison the consuming stroke techniques that don’t. And the third type of golfers, those whose technique is already efficient can learn how to keep bad habits at bay. Hence, the Gimme putting aid is all you will ever require practicing golf, even if you are beginning from the scratch.

Product Specifications

  • Laser-like ray that assures a still postures all the way through the putt
  • Learn the efficient one piece putting stroke without moving your head from its required position – all in the absence of any technical instructions
  • Helps in accelerating the club’s contact with the ball even in the shortest of putts

In-depth Review

  • Humble But Efficient: You will realize your current faults with the very first use of this putting aid. Its simplicity is its biggest benefit. You just need to look out for a light, hit the plastic on the side and miss the other. You might take a while to get used to it, but it will definitely score you points on the greens.
  • Overcome The 3 Footers: A lot of golf players dread the 3 Footer, but this training aid boosts your confidence level so that you can face your fear.
  • Reduce The Stress On Your Mind: It reduces the task of putting to a simple matter of looking at one single spot, whereas the actual hit just seems to happen via your subconscious. This undoubtedly takes off a lot of pressure from your mind and helps to quiet it down.
  • Improves The Most Damaging Fault While Playing Golf: Head movement is the primary reason for missing your putts, hence, this putting aid works on that and helps you in keeping a straight head.

  • Zero technical terminology
  • A calm mind and putting stroke
  • Amazingly simple to use
  • Good customer service

  • There have been no complaints about this product as of now!

Final Word

The Gimme Putting Aid is the true deal in the market for putting training aids. With zero complaints so far, this is definitely the product you want to support you in augmenting your strokes!


Putting Aid Golf Indoor Putting Mat

indoor-putting-matThis superior golf putting mat lets you learn to shave those valuable hits off your sport, while you simultaneously learn how to not break down and give in to pressure and flawlessly drop one putt after another. Your short game will be much refined, and in style too, as the Putting Aid golf putting system is made from dense and compact wood rather than discounted plastic. This provides the product a much-augmented life span in comparison to the other putting aids available in the market. You can also have fun with it beyond your regular golf course.

Product Specifications

  • Top notch wooden merchandise
  • Ball return of an excellent quality
  • Putting green has an organic sensation and play to it
  • Trains you in the manner of an expert
  • Full cash back warranty

In-depth Review

The best of the best putting training aids have been examined here in detail, and you have seen the specifications, pros, and cons of each one. So it is only fair to tell you more about this great training aid to improve your putting strokes!

  • A Well-Made Putting Aid: It has been manufactured using rock hard wood and is, as a result, a lot sturdier than any other putting training aid. The faux grass has a slip-resistant bottom of silicone to maintain it in position as you make your putting stroke. The ball is brought back to you by the magnetically cleaved together wooden planks. Its efficient structuring will inevitably make it endure for several years until you don’t need a putting aid anymore.
  • Leave The Unit In Place: Three holes have been strategically made along the anterior side of the wooden structure which can, therefore, hold 3 balls. This will let you conveniently leave your unit already set in place for the next time you want to practice.

  • Easy portability
  • Good for gifting purposes
  • Non-slip silicon bottom
  • Long durability due to a wood make

  • A bit pricey
  • Balls return only if you hit them really hard, which is in contradiction with the whole intent of putting
  • Ramp does not run through the full span of the field, so even if the ball does come back, it doesn’t make it down all the way to you
  • Wood paint is delicate, chips easily

Final Word

Now you can learn in style with this Putting Aid Golf Indoor Putting Mat. A seasoned golfer who is bored of the outdoor environment of this game can now enjoy its fruits indoors as well. If you want to purchase a loved one of yours who loves golf, this is the perfect gift!

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