Best Sunday Golf Bags 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Sunday Golf Bags suit best to the golfers who live to play golf but due to their other commitments can only play on weekends. Sunday Golf Bags are light in weight and helpful to golfers in moving with all the essentials on the course including golf clubs and accessories. Sunday Golf bags ensure safety of equipment while offering the Golfer the advantage of carrying a lightweight golf bag. Good Sunday Golf bags essentially have more pockets for storing spare items as well and more pockets indicate more use of the bag because carry bags are meant for carrying the essentials to the course. Every golfer considers a different aspect for the purchase. Some golfers give importance to brand and the design while other focus mainly on the budget. Thus, before making a purchase the buyer must be completely aware about the knowledge of the product.

Top 5 Sunday Golf Bags – Comparison

  • Callaway Golf 2016 - Hyperlite 1 Pencil Bag
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • 3 Way Top/3 Zipper Pockets
  • Sun Mountain Mens Sunday X-Strap Carry Bag
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Pockets: 4 Velour Lined Pockets
  • Original Jones Golf Bag
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Material: 1260 Nylon, Jones Vinyl
  • Pockets: 3
  • Ping Moonlite Bag 2013 Carry Golf Bag
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Pockets: 3
  • Ping Golf- Moonlite Carry Bag
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Material: Nylon & Polyester
  • Pockets: 3

Buying The Best Sunday Golf Bags

Material Used

Material used in designing a Sunday golf bag must not be heavy, like leather. They must be made up of high quality materials like polyester and nylon as such materials ensure long lasting quality of the bags. Before making a purchase, it must be ensured that the golf bag is made up of a waterproof material so that in case of extreme weather conditions, the clubs are protected.

Durable Construction

Many options are available for the purchase of a lightweight golf bag and the ones considered by the buying golfers must be of high durable construction. Durability of the product is a very important aspect affecting the buying decision, as products having longer life ensure quality and more stability. State of the Art Technology must be used in designing a golf bag for a long lasting product life.

Height, Weight and Dimensions

The height, weight as well as dimensions are the most important factors in purchasing best Sunday golf bags. Lightweight Golf bags help in minimizing fatigue of the golfer, leading to an improvement in performance. Bags having weight of less than five pounds are categorized as lightweight bags. The height of the product must be such that more and more items are able to be carried upon to the course which may include a set of clubs, balls, tees and other essential items required for a pleasant golfing experience. Dimensions need to be wide for more storage capacity.

Club Divider System

Dividers are used to provide place for the separation of clubs from other equipment’s of golfing so as to avoid rattling of the items and inconvenience while carrying the bag. The purchasing decision of the golfer must be based on the presence of a Club Divider System that helps the golfers to organize and manage their clubs according to their respective needs. Dividers make pulling of the bags easier so that players can concentrate more on the shots rather than the inconveniences.


Cost, quality and the designing of the bag are important factors that affect the purchasing decision but the amount of accessories that can be stored in a golf bag must also be considered as carry bags are meant for carrying all essentials to the golf course. The bag must have sufficient pockets to carry things – a beverage pocket to assist while on the course. Zipper pockets, which normally comes with cart golf bags are water resistant and must also be there for more ease and user’s comfort.


Every golfer must ensure if the golf bag contains handles or not before making a purchase. Handles can be either Ergonomic or Molded. Such handles are required to transfer the weight of the bag on the shoulder of a golfer in an even manner so that there is less discomfort. Thus, to ensure a proper game and to eliminate slipping when the bag is sat down, carry bags with handles must always be considered.


There are various options available in purchasing lightweight golf bags. Some of the bags come with pads while others not. To ensure a soft feel, carry bags with pads must be considered for the purchase. Bags with proper padding ensure comfort and ease to the golfer that affects the performance in a great way.


The warranty period of the golf bag affects the purchasing decision greatly. The warranty ensures that the bag is replaceable in case of any defect in the material used or craftsmanship. Most of the golf carry bags come with a limited warranty period of two years.


Overall, a lightweight golf bag is a must have product for occasional golfers. Carrying a Sunday golf bag not only ensures safety of the equipment, but it is considered as a style statement for all the golfers as they are available in various colors and designs. Final decision of the purchase must be based on your personal preferences, which suits you the best. In a nutshell, best Sunday Golf Bag must be lightweight, durable, must have high storage capacity and a divider system to ensure a super high performance of the golfer while on the course along with providing comfort while carrying.

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