Becoming A Better Golfer With Putting Drills

It doesn’t matter if you are a new golfer or a trained veteran, you can always improve your game by taking the time to perform putting drills. Putting is a highly important part of golf, and if you are lacking in putting, you may find your scores will not improve.

In this article, we will go to break a few different putting drills for you to try, as well as pointing out why each of them is important for you to learn. Let’s get started.

The following putting drills are based on the three basics of golf below.

  • Keeping a solid and square face
  • Always maintaining a smooth swing
  • Mastering your distance control


Keeping A Solid And Square Face

Many golfers have different types of swings, and if you like to hit the ball with the blade open or closed, this putting drill may be right for you.

While on the green place the ball on the ground and then place a tee into the ground approximately twelve to fourteen inches behind it. Now you should lay a coin or tee (something you can easily see), about six inches in front of the ball. Take your putter and bring it back until it taps the tee, then swing your club forward. While doing this, you should be watching to make sure the face stays square over the coin or tee that you previously placed on the ground to marker your swing.

Always Maintaining A Smooth Swing

One area that many golfers struggle with is the ability to produce a smooth swing continually.

Through the use of consistent golf putting drills, you will continue to train your body and mind to move in one smooth motion when swinging the putter. The secret to striking the ball at a normal and accurate consistently, you must master the art of swinging in one smooth motion.

Putting Drill Tips

To practice this putting drill, place the ball on the ground, then using a tee as a marker, place the tee into the ground roughly 12 inches behind the ball. In one motion, take the club all the way back to the tee, then go right into your fore-swing.

Your hand will act as a pendulum and the club will be all the weight you need. You can continually test and play with this drill until you master a smooth swing with accurate consistency.

Mastering Your Distance Control

Do you often have problems deciding on how hard to hit the ball about the distance the ball needs to travel? This putting drill will help with your distance control.

To measure the distance of our putting drills, you will want to place a few tees into the ground, roughly four or five feet away from each other, while keeping the last one around 20 feet away.

The concept behind this training is that you will want to be able to hit the ball to each of the individual tees consistently. You should also keep performing this drill until you have a good handle on reaching each of the tee locations.

Putting Everything, Your Learned Into Action

No one enjoys training in any sport, but it’s the work and time we put into our training, that shows when we are playing in a real game. Take the time to training with the putting drills we covered above, and you will continue to see improvement in your golf game.

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