Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder is a precise and accurate device that’s easy to use and will help you make your golf game better. It comes in two models; the Slope model and the Tournament model. You can buy either or both over at Amazon. The Slope model costs $399, a saving of 40% off the manufacturer’s original retail price while the Tournament model costs $339, a 43% saving. This golf laser range finder occupies the respectable demand on Amazon’s Bestselling Range Finders list, attesting to its good quality. Quite a lot of people have bought this device and have been very satisfied with it. Learn more about this range finder’s features and how you can benefit from them by reading on.

Product Features - Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder

  • Built-in Reflector
  • Scan and PinSeeker Modes
  • 7x Magnification
  • Multi-Coated Optics
  • 5-1600 Yard Range

Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder – Product Summary

Available in two configurations for you to choose from, depending on your needs. The Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder comes in two models, the Slope and the Tournament. The former is designed for accuracy in uphill or downhill situations while the latter is specifically manufactured for use in professional tournaments. Capable of accurately measuring distances from 5 to 1600 yards and 400 yards to the flag, with 7x magnification. Both models of the Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder have this ability, so you’ll be able to use this functionality no matter which one you decide to get. This is a great feature indeed and is sure to make measuring distances a breeze, thus allowing you to concentrate on your golf game.Gives you the ability to see measurements in real time without need for manual adjustment each time a distance is gauged. This golf laser range finder has an impressive Scan mode that precisely gives you distance data while you pan from side to side. Its PinSeeker mode is very accurate at reading the distance from your position to the flag without needing the reflector. Durable and compact design allows you to carry it around with ease and comfort. The Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder is made up of durable and waterproof material that makes it handy to use in various environmental conditions. This device follows the IPX7 waterproof standards. Equipped with a battery that provides a reasonable duration of service. This golf laser range finder comes with a 9-volt battery that’s capable of running for a few sessions. Of course this all depends on your volume of use, if you use it frequently then having a spare battery or two in your bag is a good idea.

Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder

  • PinSeeker Feature excels at Targeting the Flag
  • Tournaments Legal
  • Totally Waterproof
  • Clear and Bright Optics
  • Gives Exact and Accurate Yardages[/su_box]

  • There are some isolated complaints regarding battery doors opening by themselves If on the off chance you have a defective range finder delivered to you, you can be sure that the manufacturer and Amazon will take steps to provide you with a working one as quickly as possible.

Final Verdict
This golf laser range finder has a 4.5-star rating out of a possible 5. This golf laser range finder comes in two models that you can choose from to suit your needs. Both these models have features that will greatly enhance your golf playing experience. All things considered, this device is a great deal- one you should not hesitate to take advantage of. Get one for yourself now.

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