Bushnell Tour X Golf Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder is a laser rangefinder with the enhanced exchange technology, making it superior among other rangefinders available. The inbuilt technology of dual display makes the user to easily identify between red and black displays according to the conditions of lighting. It is very easy to use and is designed to fit well in any type of user hand.  Display of the rangefinder is based on 6X magnification which is half yard accurate. The use of Jolt Technology along with Pin Seeker, makes it more superior. The Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder is five times faster and more accurate.

Product Features - Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

Speed with Accuracy: It is faster and accurate yards can be measured because of the E.S.P 2 (Extreme. Speed. Precision) which ranges from 5 to 1300 yards that is ½ accurate.  Bushnell rangefinder provides eye relief of 16 mm. Thus, measurement of the field is accurate along with a high speed measurement.bushnell-tour-x-rangefinder

Vivid Display: The technology of dual display makes it easy for the user to toggle between red and black display that is based on his/her preference or the conditions of lighting. Display has 6X magnification making the objects clearer and easy to measure.

Key Technologies: The exchange technology helps you slope as you may require while the JOLT Technology along with Pin Seeker, makes the laser more worthwhile, giving it a superior advantage in the market.

Two year warranty: Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder comes with a two year warranty providing more assurance to the users and comes to the fore as one of the best golf range finders. The warranty includes for the 3-volt battery and the face plate system that is exchangeable and the premium designed carry case.

Rainproof: The Bushnell Rangefinder is rainproof. Hence, you may carry it anytime, anywhere without bothering about the weather conditions outside.

Key Specifications of Tour X

  • It measures only the distance, making it more competition legal.
  • It has 6X magnification making the objects appear 6 times closer.
  • It is fully multi-coated and the battery is 3- volt CR2 of lithium.
  • A premium carry case is included to make the user carry it more comfortably with style.
  • Dimensions of the rangefinder are 1.5 X4 X3 inches.
  • It weighs 8 ounces.

Pros & Cons

  • A very quick laser that picks up the objects even with long ranges.
  • There is protection against the bangs because of the rubber grip on the top as well as bottom of the rangefinder.
  • It is very easy to use and the display is clearer and quite precise.
  • The yardages are more accurate and can measure up to 1300 yards.
  • The red and black displays can be easily toggled according to the preference of the user.
  • Size of the laser is very generous and can fit very easily in an adult hand.

  • There is difficulty in adjusting focus wheels, thus initially the user finds it difficult to operate.
  • Flags have a difficulty in measurement.

Final Verdict

I personally believe that the Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder is a good golf range finder and every golfer must possess it as it will definitely help in the club selection. The accuracy of the rangefinder is definite and picks up the objects of long range with speed. The device is also protected with a rubber grip on top and bottom, making it more reliable. It is very easy to operate so that the user does not get mixed up.  Quality and features of the laser outweighs its high cost and you would definitely love it for the benefits it provides while on the greens.

Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

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