Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review

The Callaway is a well-known sports goods company having its presence in over 70 countries and has been manufacturing a variety of golfing equipment. Besides, being one of the biggest manufactures of equipment they have also excelled in making golf clubs. It is not needed to introduce it to players who have been on the golf even for a week. The Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag is one among the fastest selling golf carts. It’s the perfect option for those who have been dreaming to land into the world of Golf from a very young age. These bags have been popular particularly, for its updated pockets, enhanced strap system, and its E-Trolley base. It has been leading the industry from years and probably its popularity will keep on improving by leaps and bounds. Let’s go into the details, to find its worth and compare with other Golf carts prevailing in the market.

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Callaway Org 14 Golf Bag Review

Ample Storage Space

Undoubtedly, when you go out to shop for a handy cart bag the most important thing that comes to your mind is, buying one which will have enough compartments and sufficient valuable pockets to keep things organized along with another question where to find the right golf bag.

Predictably, as you have thought, the Callaway Org 14 cart bag, is shrewdly designed so as to serve the purpose to its fullest, it consists of 14-way divider organizer system for your clubs. Besides, a handle is incorporated therein so as to make handling the bag from a cart easier and comfortable. This Callaway Org 14 golf bag has the ability to keep six of your beverages cool for entire 18 holes.

In addition to the 14-way dividers, it has 12 pockets tactfully added so as to enhance its utility, which includes:

  • A ball pocket
  • Two full length apparel pockets
  • A velour-lined valuables pockets with key knobs
  • A GPS/Range finder pocket
  • Three accessory pockets

callaway org 14 golf bag

Some of its Exclusive Features Include:

  • An umbrella sleeve is integrated with the bag itself
  • Consists of 12 pockets, including a water resistant velour line valuable pocket.
  • Has 14 full length club dividers
  • Its E-Trolley base system and integrated trolley lip help secure the bag
  • Has two integrated molded grab handles which make it easier to handle.
  • Consists of two mesh utility pockets

Is Very light Weight

This bag weighs less than 5lbs, which can be handled even with the less exercised and muscle-toned lady golfers without much effort. Considering the manufacturing material used in the bag and the amount of space available, its weight is quite convincing, which makes it easy to lift in and out of a vehicle. Even though a cart bag does not have to be carried around much but still if there is such a situation, then it can be handled without much physical exertion.


  • Can be handled effortlessly
  • Weather resistant
  • It stands straight even when fully loaded with clubs and accessories.

  • Sometimes the white, charcoal and crimson colors of the bag do not often look like what is actually shown in the picture.

Final Verdict
I believe that if the bag’s storage capacity is on the top of your priority list and if quality of the manufacturing material and endurance also matter to you the most, then Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag can be the right choice for you. It has almost every possible storage departments from clubs to beverages to valuables to rain gear. You will not need to stuff anything inside your pants when you have this bag with you, as it’s definitely a Cart bag and not any small bag. The price is really justifiable when compared to what is being offered to the users. Sufficient storage space, its eye-catching design, the quality of manufacturing material it uses, will never make you feel disappointed. People may have different perception for sure, but as far as my opinion is concerned I will recommend all the cart golfers to own this bag.


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