Golf Girl FWS2 LADY LEFTY Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag Review

Tweak your game with this Golf Girl FWS2 LADY LEFTY Pink Hybrid Club Set. It is a solid golf set for beginners and is even highly praised among experienced golfers. It includes 11 clubs which are- a Driver, ¾ Hybrid, #3 Wood, Irons, Pitching Wedge and a Putter. The entire set has a color combination of pink and grey, making the clubs look presentable and attractive as well. A deluxe bag comes along for storage of miscellaneous items like phones, keys and other valuables. This Pink Hybrid Club Set performs as efficiently as it appears by helping the female golfers in improving their performance on the greens.

Golf Girl FWS2 LADY LEFTY Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag


  • Inclusion of an oversized driver for ease of hit and accuracy of the ball to help the starters of golf.
  • 460 cc Driver is graphite shafted.
  • Zippered head covers included with Woods, Hybrid and Driver for convenience and safety.
  • Graphite shafts for ¾ Hybrid and #3 Wood for an improved distance and trouble free balling.
  • Graphite shafted irons with deep cavity back for ease of hit and a forgiving approach.
  • Rain proof cart bag with full length clothing pocket and multiple pockets for storage of clubs and other items to be taken to the course.
  • Addition of a putter, having a blade design for enhancement of feel and ease of alignment.
  • Pitching Wedge for making a higher hit and the ball to roll easily on the greens.

  • Golf clubs included in the set are made up with the right length to produce greater distance and unrestricted swinging of the ball.
  • It contains graphite shafts to make the clubs lighter allowing for faster speed and covering larger distances.
  • Oversized clubs like Driver and #3 Wood help the players to produce an effective ball contact.
  • Superior sole of woods allows easy gliding through the greens.
  • Irons are extremely light in weight and are easy to control.
  • The set is perfect for beginners as it provides with everything required to learn the game of golf.
  • Each club has a comfortable grip, so that the hands do not get hurt even without wearing gloves.
  • The set comes at rock bottom price and the quality of the equipment is far superior as compared with its pricing.

  • The cart bag included with the set is too short making the space for storage less.
  • Because of the uneven location of the handle, it turns upside down and is uncomfortable to carry along.

Final Verdict

The Golf Girl FWS2 LADY LEFTY Pink Hybrid Club Set is a great set for starters. Even the ones with a little knowledge about the game can hit pretty well with the included clubs, that too with ease. The pink neoprene cart bag looks very attractive when carried along to the course. Zippered matching head covers add to the look of the set, while protecting the clubs and safely transporting them. The pricing of the set is unbelievable when compared to the quality of equipments included in it. Whether you are a new golfer or old one, this set works amazingly well for your game.

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