Golf Putting Tips – Golf Putting While Under Pressure

Putting is where it comes down to making your score count. You could hit the best drives and approach shots in the world, but if you haven’t mastered the art of putting it will be all in vain.  As the old saying goes “drive for show, putt for doe!”

Putts Missing The Hole Consistently In One Direction

If you miss putts, more often than not to either the left or the right, this is possibly caused by your eye alignment over the ball. If your eyes are located on the inside of the line, then the putt will go to the right of the hole. Consequently, if your eyes are on the outside of the line, the putt will go to the left of the hole.

Therefore, to be able to hit the putts on the line, your eyes need to be directly over the ball. One way to test this is to line up the putt stand over the ball and then drop a golf ball from where your eyes are, and it should hit directly on top of the ball on the ground. If that is not the case, then look at your stance and readjust.

Golf Putting Tips

How To Make Pressure Putts

This is a crucial putting tip. Being able to make the putts under pressure is a major factor in golf. If you are unable to make these putts, then you will never reduce your score

Your posture is crucial for this. Make sure that you are relaxed and feel comfortable in the putting position. If you are tense in this position, walk away and then readdress the putt. Grip the putter with a light grip, holding the putter tight will take away the feel of the putt. Getting the feel of putting will come with practice and experience.

Another major ingredient in your putting stroke is tempo. The putter should move in a nice smooth motion(just like a pendulum). There should be no sudden jerks or any inconsistent movement. Take the putter back nice and easy then swing forward hitting the ball in the center of the putter face and follow the swing through. Don’t stop the stroke once the ball is hit.

How To Read The Grass For A Putt

When reading a putt always take into consideration how the grass is lying. For instance, will the putt be against the grain of the grass or with it? Survey the putt from many different angles around the green, if the grass is darker in color then this will be against the grain, alternatively, if the grass is light in color then this will be with the grain of the grass. This will allow you to determine the pace of the putt, as a putt with the grain will be faster than a putt against the grain of the grass.

Golf Putting Tips

For reading the best golf putters with the turn, you will need to look for the point in the line where the break will take place. Once you have determined this, hit the ball on the line to that spot. When you have determined the line of the putt, place the writing on the ball in the exact direction of the putt.

The putting grip is a very personal to the golfer. Just look at all the different grips that are used by the pros on the tour. The best way to determine the putting grip for you is to go to the practice green and try holding the putter in different ways. When you have a grip that feels right practice with this to get the feel of the club and the putts. Getting this right will make all the difference to your scores.

Hopefully, these putting tips will be helpful to you with your game and aid in reducing your score. Please make sure that you practice and get a feel for the putts and the greens. Being able to read the green is a major part of putting.

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