Ben Hogan Golf Swing – How To Cure A Slice Or Hook

There are some problems that can contribute to a slice in the golf swing. The Ben Hogan Golf Swing was great because all of the elements of his swing didn’t allow the possibility for a slice or a hook. It was a simple golf swing for him, and you just need to find your simple golf swing.

Addressing The Ball

The first thing is you should check that may be causing your slice is your golf grip. Make sure the club head is square when addressing the ball. Next, check your stance and shoulder alignment. If your stance or shoulders are open, then it is likely the cause of your slice. One thing you can do to correct this is to lay another golf club on the ground and square your feet and shoulders parallel to it.

During The Swing

If you bring the club up too high during the back swing, the result can be a slice. If the club is too flat, then the result will be a hook. So try to focus on keeping that left arm straight and bring the club back naturally with the rest of your body by turning your back, shoulders, and hips.

Ben Hogan Golf Swing

During the swing, timing is the most important factor in preventing a slice or a hook. If your body goes through the swing too fast, the club head impacts the ball too late and can cause an extreme slice. If the club head beats the ball upon impact, then the result will be a hook. This can be adjusted by tweaking whether the club head starts the downswing or your body.

How Did Hogan Do It?

Ben Hogan had such a great golf game because his swing was so great. He was able to perfect every fundamental component of the golf swing flow together to strike the ball with great power and accuracy. I was a student of his golf swing, and I continue to look at it.

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