Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set Review

Take your game to a next level with this Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set. Solely designed for women, this set is perfectly ideal for female players. This complete set includes a 460 cc graphite Driver, a Fairway Wood, a Hybrid, one Pitching Wedge, four Irons, a heel-toe weighting Putter and an attractive cart bag for ease of transportation. The clubs are featured with premium graphite and steel shafts for added durability. It is a great starter set for every female golfer and matches any level of skill. Big clubs like Fairway wood and the Driver comes with matched head covers for added protection of the accessories, while the golf bag has ample of storage to carry the clubs conveniently to the course.



  • A standard sized driver of 460 cc with a graphite shaft for maximum control and power.
  • High quality Fairway Wood, having a steel shaft to give a perfect swing.
  • 6, 7, 8 and 9 Irons having durable shafts of steel with an incredible flex.
  • Steel shafted premium quality hybrids for a superior golfing experience.
  • Inclusion of a Pitching Wedge to make the game more commendable.
  • Precise faced Putter with heel-toe weighting to eliminate trouble during sinking of the golf ball.
  • Matching head covers along with Fairway Wood, Driver and Hybrid for safe storage and transportation.
  • A stylish bag with ample storage and a compartment top covered with graphite for longevity.
  • Multiple accessory pockets,one large garment pocket and one golf ball pocket provided in the cart bag for keeping miscellaneous items.
  • Carry handle and an umbrella holder included as additional accessories for more ease and convenience.

  • A distinctive design of clubs makes this set ideal for female players.
  • Pitching Wedge is included in the set. Thus, it calls for no additional purchase as the club is missing in most of the golf sets.
  • Clubs are designed using high quality materials, thereby ensuring increased durability.
  • Each club has a durable grip for a comfortable and a secure feel.
  • Apart from storing the clubs included in this set, the golf bag has enough storage for other equipment’s as well.
  • Cart bag is padded, making the transportation of the clubs trouble-free with more protection.
  • The Knight Women’s XV II comes at affordable prices in comparison to other sets available.

  • The golf cart bag makes use of a very thin material for storage compartments.
  • Clubs included in the set might not be suitable for professional players.

Final Verdict

Knight offers extremely outstanding quality with its products. The Knight’s XV II Complete Set, distinctively designed for women includes an attractive colorful pattern of the equipment’s with matching head covers of three big clubs, making it more demanding among female golfers. It is a great set for beginners having limited or no experience in golfing. Clubs included in the set are of superior quality because of their construction material, while being available at fair prices.

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