Leupold Gx-4i2 Rangefinder Review

Sounds great,does not it? If you have heard about one of the best rangefinder devices, then it is none other than the Leupold GX-4i2. It is a great device for golf players, who love this game very much. It is the next progression in the laser rangefinder family from one of the renowned companies in the market, Leupold. If you are willing to enhance the ball striking abilities in the golf, then it is a must to have rangefinder device.

Product Features - Leupold GX-4i2 Rangefinder

  • It has a rugged aluminum body as well as form factor
  • A compact and rugged laser rangefinder
  • Uses the Smart Key Technology
  • It has a lighting fast engine
  • PinHunter 2 Laser Technology
  • A vivid OLED or Organic Light Emitting diode display with features like club selector and true golf range
  • Digital Enhance Accuracy
  • Gives the Quick Set Menu

Using the red OLED display, it can give you a chance to make the distances easy to read, no matter what type of background they have. The device has yellow face plate, which offers slope adjusted distances. It has a 6x magnification along with a crisp display. Using the features, like the True Golf Range and the Club Selector will help you in providing you with fast and laser accurate.

The Line of Sight ranges up to 800 yards. A lot of enhancements to the gadget are being made, which include an enhanced laser for accuracy within six inches, can give you an option to read the distance readings faster than ever before. The extraordinary features result in a playing or training support, which can be met to your own needs that can enhance the personal ball striking features. You can use this device for tournament play if allowed to use in a tournament.

Leupold Gx-4ia2 Rangefinder

Product Specifications
  • Packed in cordura case
  • CR-2 lithium battery involved
  • Weight: 7.9 ozs
  • Has fold down rubber eyecups
  • Size: 4.2 X 3.0 X 1.4
  • Range: 6-700 yards

  • The interesting benefit of this device is that it has good looks.
  • It is packed with endless features, which will recommend a club.
  • It has the OLED display, which helps a user in getting the distances very easily readable.
  • It has accuracy levels to 6 inches.
  • It can be used in an easy and safe manner. While using it, take care of the instructions mentioned on the pack. To use it, eliminate the patented yellow Smart Key faceplate from the device and replace it with the faceplate made of Chrome. This way, you can get instant and accurate readings.

  • It has a highest price tag in the category of rangefinder devices in the industry.
  • It is more sensitive to aiming objects, like trees, flagsticks and much more.
  • Sometimes, it shows the distraction in the distance readings, making them blinked.

Final Verdict
As it is available at a higher price range, still this rangefinder device is the worthy investment, you need to make. As compared to others, this rangefinder is the most sought after devices in the market, when it comes to the category of laser rangefinders.

Leupold Gx-4ia2 Rangefinder

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