The Definitive Ogio Monster Travel Bag Review

ogio travel golf bagThe Definitive Ogio Monster Travel bag will definitely cover all the drawbacks that other golf travel bags come with. It is one of the bags with most storage space and has SLED design. SLED stands for Structural Load Equalizing Deck, one of the most significant features offered by Monster which is there, to make it easier to handle and enhance its durability. The ogio travel golf bag is designed such that even when it is filled with all the golf equipment it does not weighs too much as other large golf travel bags do, or in a way, it saves you from weight imbalance. The weight is uniformly distributed and so it does not cause problem while traveling. It does only serve the purpose of creating sufficient room for your equipment and gear, but it also takes care of its ease of use. The jumbo urethane wheels are one of its features which facilitate easy transportation, and also the reinforcement through the base makes it convenient to use. Let’s light upon some other features of the Definitive Ogio Monster Travel Bag:

  • It has an outsized off-road, urethane wheels
  • This particular bag weighs around 13.4 Lbs
  • The bag is designed so as to fit tour and stand bags apart from being tip-resistant.
  • The bag is incorporated with ample of accessory pockets and exterior compression straps for convenience of the users.
  • This particular travel bag is durable for it has a tarpaulin base and quite a few reinforcements.
  • It has a few external shoe pockets which can easily accommodate a shoe size as big as 22, something which can rarely be found in other bags.
  • There is a padded compartment at the top of the bag.
  • In order to keep the bag secured, it is fitted with an accessible opening with cinch-down straps.

  • The definitive ogio monster golf travel bag has more than enough space so as to fit all the travel items from the balls to rain gear to clubs and also has a special place for shoes.
  • It weighs only 13.4 lbs, which is really justifiable for a bag packed with so many features.
  • The oversized top compartment helps to accomplish protection and thus chances of any damage during transportation is reduced.

  • The SLED design adds to the weight of the bag.

Final Verdict

Most of the customers were satisfied with the performance of the product. Customers also described it using the words “excellent golf bag” and said that they would recommend it to anyone. The only complaint with the product was that the clip broke when the product was used, but the user admitted that the damage was due to improper handling than a factory defect. The user also admitted that the rest of the bag looked great.

The bag is easy to handle as it doesn’t become heavy in spite of the large space, besides space it also has a padded compartment. It is the right golf bag who wants to fill it with umbrellas, balls and other items without any hassle and carry it to the course. The Structural Load Equalizer Deck keeps the weight distribution even.  I strongly feel that this is a bag for golfers who look for maximum space without compromising on comfort levels.

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