Ogio Nimbus Stand Bag Review

Ogio Nimbus Stand Bag is for golfers who are looking for comfort, durability and design together. With this easy to carry golf bag you are ready for the game. With its striking features and designs the Ogio golf bags stands out from among the other bags of similar kind. It is stuffed with features that have made it the bestsellers in the Ogio line and on Amazon. The most attractive feature is the SHOXXTM X4 fitted to the bag for even distribution of the load and it makes carrying the bag comfortable. This product has padded shoulders and can be carried without causing pain to your shoulders. It makes a huge difference if you are bothered about carrying golf bags. The support that the feature provides has made it a popular product.

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On the whole the bag’s performance is even accelerated by the 9”7-way Holster Performance, side putter and integrated handle that are designed to reduce the intermingling of golf accessories. There are several pockets to store golf balls, tees and other items. It’s a great golf bag that stores accessories to the maximum without being a burden. The design has been given enough thought and there is space large enough to store all the accessories you would like to carry to the course. These are some of the features that have made the product a popular one.

Ogio Nimbus Golf Bag Review

A Great Feature To Even Out The Load

SHOXXTM X4 is a full suspension system that does the task to even out the load. This feature has been added to tackle the difficulties associated with carrying the golf bags. The shoulder pads featuring advanced molding increases the comfort level. With SHOXXTM X4 golfers are not exhausted of carrying the bags and are ever ready for the next round.

9”7-Way Holster Performance

The 9”7-way Holster Performance top gives the Ogio Nimbus stand Bag the competitive edge. The golf bag has been incorporated with several pockets where users can store all the golf accessories and other items they wish to carry.

Features That Makes The Difference

  • Built in shoulders pads make it easy to carry
  • The weight of the bag is 3.6 lbs
  • It has a valuable fleece lining that is water-resistant
  • The SHOXXTM X4 full suspension system carrying the bag more comfortable
  • There is a 9.5” Woode top integrated in the pit handle
  • A cart strap channel
  • The 9”7-way Holster Performance top, with an integrated handle and side putter pit reduces the intermingling of accessories.

  • The bag is built to last and can handle the needs of a typical golfer.
  • Padded shoulders makes carrying easy
  • The golf bag has enough features to make it the first choice of golfers
  • It is considered due to its price and design
  • No cons seems to be reported so far by any of the users.

Final Verdict
The Ogio Nimbus Golf Shredder Stand Bag has been reviewed by three customers and all gave it five stars. Users described the product using the words like “great bag and very light”, “well arranged”, “functional”, “good looking” and “great” which signify that the product has not only met the user’s requirements but also has stayed ahead of their expectations.  The bag is durable, comfortable and reasonable in price which makes a deciding factor while purchasing a golf bag. It is an economical golf bag that a golfer wishes to have. With a product like this you can rest assured that you are carrying a reliable bag wherever you go. Click here to check out more golf bag reviews.

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