Why You Should Purchase A Rangefinder With The Slope Feature

Golf, like many other sports, has been subjected to introduction and use of technology in recent times. The caliber of the player that used to be the sheer understanding, skill and execution has been vastly improvised due to the introduction of technology to draw better results in the game and Golf is no different. If you are looking for the best new innovative device on the market to take your B game to your A game,  a golf rangefinder with slope feature has to be your best bet to knock out your competition. There are not many things that can improve your golf game besides practice and talent. This tool is the one that can enhance your game providing you with the precision that you can’t get without it. Don’t spend money on golf equipment that won’t help when you can get this tool that can make you a whole different player. It’s always advisable to look out for golf range finder reviews before you make your mind to put the money on the table to buy one.

What is a Rangefinder with A Slope Feature?


Golf Rangefinder with Slope A rangefinder is a device or tool that measures an object from the observer. Rangefinders are used in many different capacities. The greatest use for it has been on the golf course. It is always hard to estimate how far a target is just by eyeballing it. A rangefinder allows you to gain perspective on how far it is, making a better decision about how to get the ball in the target. Since golf is all about setting up a shot, the swing, the club and the amount of force, knowing the distance that you need to cover gives you a leg up on making all the right decisions to improve your shot.

A rangefinder that has a slope feature is one that compensates for the slope of the target. Rangefinders can measure the distance between two objects, but up until now, they did nothing to offset the slope of the ground that you are shooting to. If there is a slope to the ground, it can severely affect the shot. Once the ball hits by the green, a slope can either further your ball into the hole, or it can make it slow down or shift backward. Knowing the distance of the target is only half the battle. Knowing how the ground is going to affect the shot once the ball hits the ground is another whole part of the equation that can affect the overall par of the course.

Benefits of Slope Feature in Rangefinders


Using a rangefinder allows you to estimate the force that you need to put on the ball. Seeing the green is much different from actually knowing how far away it is. After all, you golf game should not be based on how good your perception is. There are some that have a good gauge, and then others who do not. If you are someone who is spatially challenged, improving your golf game can be very limited. The rangefinder is a good way to level the playing field when perception is held constant.

In combination with the slope feature, the ability to gauge the shot increases that much greater. You are not only able to know how much force you need to get it there, but you also know how to compensate for weather conditions and the slope of the green. There is nothing more discouraging than estimating the shot well, but having it bounce wrong due to the slope of the green and ending up in the trap.

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