TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Complete Golf Set Review

The range of TaylorMadeKalea has been designed distinctively for women.This Women’s Golf Set includes every essential club required for golfing. It comprises of- a Driver, Irons, Rescues, Wedges, Fairway Woods and a Putter. The clubs are designed light-weight in order to generate a high level of speed. It features optimized lofts, flexible and thinner shafts, deeper and lower CG locations for optimization of game on the course.Sole of each club is designed using slot technology for consistency and increased distance coverage.Clubs included in the set are modeled for enhancement of the female golfer’s performance by promoting higher distance gapping and ballfight. The TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Complete Golf Set is inspired by an active, outdoor and independent lifestyle which offers stylish and elegant clubs having amazing features.

TaylorMade Women’s Kalea Complete Golf Set


  • Modern, stylish and lightweight clubs specifically designed for female golfers.
  • Every piece designed using optimized lofting for increased speed and distance.
  • Use of back and low Center of Gravity for effortless balling.
  • Slot technology usage in the soles for increased flexibility.
  • Shafts designed using Slim Tech that features small tip diameters to improve the launch angle.
  • Speed Pocket Technology embedded in Fairway Woods for high spin rate and launch angle.
  • Each club comes with a branded head cover of Kalea for additional protection.
  • PURE ROLL Face Insert in putter to promote accuracy and control.

  • This complete set of golf clubs by KaleaTaylorMade helps to boost the game as well as confidence of the players.
  • The set works best for golfers with lower speeds while being suitable for every skill level.
  • It emphasizes on speed maximization and high launch trajectory for improvement in the golfer’s performance.
  • Ultimate speed of the ball is increased while using the clubs as they are extremely lightweightand produce effect like spring.
  • Proprietary innovative technology used in the construction of golf accessories for enhancing the performance.
  • Clubs included in the set are of high quality and are extremely durable.
  • Stylish and clever designed clubs help women to make a style statement on the golf course.

  • Clubs included in the TaylorMade Women’sKalea Complete Golf are sometimes not suitable for most powerful women players.
  • The range of Kalea is limited only to female golfers.

Final Verdict

TaylorMade Women’s Kalea clubs are leading golf accessories, designed with state of the art technology for optimum performance on the greens. From driver to putter, this complete set for women contains all the essential elements of golfing. Inclusive clubs in the set are highly versatile, durable, stylish and lightweight for providing comfort and improving the game of female players by increasing distance and speed of the ball. The brand claims that every club is so outstanding that you will use each one of it on the course. Impressive clubs inculcated in the set are extremely forgiving and playable for enhancement of the game, yet imparting a modern and stylish look to the golfer.

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