Best Golf Brands

Top 5 Golf Brands

Choosing the best golf brand should be the first thing while buying a golf equipment. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made by a golfer is to spend a lot of money on golf irons that are not right for their game and swing. The right set of golf irons from the right brand should snugly fit a golfer’s game and swing just like a bespoke suit. There are numerous factors according to which golfers should choose the best golf irons and buying the irons from the leading golf equipment brands is one of them. With the advanced technology that all of the modern golf equipment manufacturers use to produce their irons, it is much easier to design and produce clubs that match many different swing types. You can find sets of irons that are best suited for lower handicap players, while many focus on the higher handicap players. While many manufacturers will have their flagship irons and drivers, this does not mean that any of these will be best suited for your individual game. The best golf irons for your own game will be the ones that fit your swing type, and ones that you feel very comfortable playing with. Finding the right manufacturer will be an important factor, but there are also a lot of other things you need to consider also.

Best Golf Brands

Things To Consider When Choosing Golf Irons

When looking for your new set of irons, you should think about the size of the heads on the irons. Are they small, or oversized? If you are a higher handicap player, then irons with oversized heads will be more forgiving. Also the flex of the shaft is a very important factor. A faster swing should use a more stiff shaft, while a slower wing will do better with more flexible shaft.

Another big decision you will need to make when looking for the best golf irons for your game, is the brand of the irons you buy. With such a wide range of good quality clubs available from some major manufacturers in the golf market, you will need to look at the irons that each brand offers and make a short-list of the ones you feel will suit your swing the best .

Top Golf Brands

TaylorMade Golf Clubs

The TaylorMade Golf Company is a subsidiary of the Adidas Group, the renowned German multinational company. A complete line of golf clubs, including golf irons, golf bags and other golf-related accessories for both adults and children are designed and marketed by them. Initially, it was because of the introduction of innovative metal drivers that the company became as successful it is today. Currently, TaylorMade is the world’s largest golf apparel and equipment company with sales more than one billion dollars. Currently the company has seven different golf iron designs.

Nike Golf Clubs

Nike is extremely well-known as a multinational corporation, however, it is also known among golfers for its most innovative golf products. Their range of golf clubs has really hit the big time since they started sponsoring Tiger Woods. Numerous innovative designs are featured in Nike’s line up of golf irons .Golfers who play with Nike golf irons are able to gain a splendid shot-shaping control and a wider sweet spot. Iron sets designed and manufactured by Nike are available with shafts made of graphite or steel. The use of Nike golf irons can add fun and style to any golfer’s game.

Titleist Golf Clubs

Titleist is a golf apparel and equipment brand that is owned by the South Korean company Fila. The branded Titleist golf equipment is produced by Fila’s Acushnet subsidiary, which is most renowned for its branded Titleist golf balls.A range of irons, putters, wedges and woods are manufactured by Titleist. Titleist is a popular golf brand and is quite well-respected among professional golf players.

Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf is an international sporting goods company that has designed, manufactured, marketed and sold golf accessories, equipment and golf lifestyle-related products in over seventy countries. Their clubs are used by many leading professional players. The company is also the largest designer and manufacturer of golf clubs in the world. Currently there are six different types of golf iron designs that the Callaway Golf Company offers, which can be purchased from a variety of golf retailers and other sporting goods retailers.

Cleveland Golf 

Cleveland Golf is another popular golf equipment company based in the United States. It was back in 1979 when Roger Cleveland established the company, originally manufacturing replicas of classic golf clubs from the 40s and 50s.Currently, a complete range of golf clubs and accessories are produced by Cleveland. Cleveland Golf perhaps has the largest range of some of the best golf irons in comparison to the other brands mentioned here.

Try The Irons Out Before Buying

To find the best golf irons for your game, you can try some of the different makes and models out. Many professionals at golf clubs will have some test clubs that you can use to get a feel of different brands. A lot of golf stores will have a golf net and a few test clubs that you can hit a few balls with too. This will give you a good idea of how different clubs feel when you hit a ball, which is very important. The Best Golf Clubs for Beginners will be the ones that you feel more comfortable with. Try different brands and different sets out first, and you will soon narrow it down to the most ideally suited irons for your game. There is a lot of technology that goes into the design of most of the modern irons these days, and they are all designed to help your game as much as possible. Golf can be a lot of fun to play, and also very frustrating if you play it badly. So finding the right clubs to help your game is essential. Using the right golf irons will give you a much more enjoyable experience on the course. The best golf irons do not have to be the most expensive ones, they just need to be the ones that suit your game the most and the ones you feel the most comfortable playing with and having the best golf brand will only add to the satisfaction.

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