Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover Review

With an excellent design and large space, the Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover is certainly one to watch for players on the move.

The design of the bag utilises the new 360-degree technology, which has a patent pending handle along with a pivot Grip which greatly reduces the strain on your wrist and arms when carrying and transporting the bag. While this may not be an issue for everyone, for players who have to dodge between airports and hotels, the new system is certainly a bonus. However, it should be noted here that the new grip does make lifting the bag slightly harder.

Having used the bag several times, the quality of the material is fairly apparent. Made from nylon with a 1680d thread denisty, the bag is extremely tough (as it should be) and will withstand any shunts in the plane’s hold. The bottom is made from a molded PVC plastic to protect it when travelling.

Unlike many other golf bags, this particular bag has internal compression straps which help to secure the clubs inside the bag. This is ideal for plane journeys as you’ll have far less to worry about knowing your clubs are safe. The Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover is a great choice for all the golfers who love playing overseas or need to travel often.

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Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover Review

We reviewed the T-2000 as part of our Best Golf Travel Covers assessment. Are you a Bag Boy fan? Check out our review of the Best Bag Boy Golf Carts.

8.5 Total Score
Overall Scope

If you’re serious about travelling with your golf equipment, then the Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover Review is certainly a worthy contender. The durable materials and internal strap system with the patent pending handle grip make this one of the best travel bags out there. You’ll even fit your full size tournament bag inside!

User Rating: 4.85 (1 votes)

Video Review

For an idea of how the pivot grip works, check this video out here by BagBoyGolf.

Pros and Cons

  • The Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover has more than enough space to fit all the travel items from balls and shoes, to towels and drinks
  • The pivot handle design makes pulling this bag around super easy.
  • The internal straps keep the clubs well secured.
  • Not the lightest bag on the market, but not bad.
  • does not stand up well unsupported.
  • Not the cheapest travel bag out there
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Key Features

Large Central Compartment
The large compartment can easily take a full sized pro tour bag with clubs and extras. The bag also has added compartments for towels and shoes etc.

Pivot handle
The pivot handle is certainly a great feature when pulling the cart. The strain on your ams is definitely lifted. However, it does make lifting the bag slightly harder.

Strong PVC base
The strong PVC base is folded to the bag and protects the bag when you stand it up.

Other Storage Areas
The Bag Boy T-2000 Pivot Grip Wheeled Travel Cover has a whole bunch of pockets including a good beverage pocket and shoe area. However, the central compartment does not have much space one the bag is inside.

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