Best Girl Junior Golf Clubs (Reviews & Buying Guide)

According to a recent study by the National Golf Foundation, participation in women’s golf is growing at a faster rate than men’s in the United States, and females now account for just under a quarter of total active golfers in the US.

Impressive numbers, and as the USGA shifts its focus to growing the sport through the women’s game, it’s important that our youngest future stars are encouraged.

And, by extension, it’s also important that they have suitable equipment options to suit their development, and to help them improve.

Fortunately, junior golf club specialists are beginning to come to the party, and there are plenty of good options for complete sets.

So much so that selecting one isn’t that easy.

However, we’ve done a bit of testing and researching, and narrowed it down to three. Here is our review of the best girl junior golf sets at present:

Best Girl Junior Golf Clubs

Here are our top choices for the Best Girl Junior Golf Clubs:

  1. Editors Choice: Golf Girl Junior Club Set (Ages 8-12) RH w/Pink Stand Bag
  2. Best Value: Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set
  3. Best Seller: Powerbilt Junior Girls (8 Piece Set with Bag) Ages 9-12

Editors Choice: Golf Girl Junior Club Set (Ages 8-12)

The Golf Girl Junior Club Set is our favourite complete set on the market at present, and is absolutely ideal if your daughter is between the ages of 8-13 (suitable height 4’6” – 5’1”).

The set comprises a driver (with generous loft), oversized Ti-Matrix irons with perimeter weighting (5, 7 & 9 irons), and a stylish pink ball putter. Just as impressive as the clubs is the pink/black stand bag, which has a 4-way divider, a double shoulder strap and 4 handy pockets. Other useful amenities include a rain hood, an umbrella slot and Velcro glove pad.

The graphite shafts have a little extra flex, which helps with clubhead speed, and also makes them a bit easier to hit. The wood in particular is very forgiving, although the irons are also nice and cushy at impact, even when the ball isn’t struck perfectly.

As starter sets go, you’re going to struggle to find a more ideal set for your young lady, and, given a very competitive price of under $100, this was a shoo-in for our Editor’s Choice.

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Best Value: Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set

Tour Edge have done well to cater for girls of all ages and sizes with the release of the HT Max-J Junior set. It comes in three different packages; namely, a set for those aged 3-5, another one for those between 5-8, and a third for those aged 8-12.

The smallest is a three-club set comprising a titanium matrix, 350cc wood, a 7/8 iron and mallet putter. The intermediate set has a similar make-up, although the driver is a 350cc, and a hybrid and 9/PW iron are also added to the mix. The 8-12 set follows suit in this respect, but is sized a bit longer (suitable for those between 4’4” and 5’1”, as opposed to 3’3” to 4’4” for the intermediate).

The various sets as a whole represent excellent value ($85-$110), and all clubs across the board are exceptionally easy to hit. Feel and performance are also difficult to beat, and the low kick point in the graphite shafts will give your child’s shots an extra boost. Get looking into this one as soon as you can – it really is the bargain of the year.

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Best Seller: Powerbilt Junior Girls (Ages 9-12)

It would be a grave injustice to exclude Powerbilt from any discussions about junior golf sets, and this 8-piece set for girls aged 9-12 is one of their best yet.

If your daughter is between 4’4” and 5” tall, then you may as well call off the search. This complete set comes with an imposing 380cc driver, a 5 hybrid, a 7-iron, a pitching wedge and putter. It also comes complete with an impressive stand bag, and a headcover each for the driver and hybrid.

The driver is the real game changer – it’s so easy to hit, with ample forgiveness, and plenty of extra distance to be had. But the hybrid is also going to win over hearts and minds too, and will be ideal for building confidence for shots off the deck.

All the clubs come with graphite shafts, and even the irons have plenty of cushion if the sweetspot is missed. The bag is light and comfortable on the shoulders too. Get in while stocks last… because at just over $100, this really is a snip.

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How To Choose The Right Length Junior Girl’s Clubs

It’s important that you get the right size golf clubs for your daughter. Here is a great video from US Kids Golf explaining how to choose the right length clubs.

Buying Girl Junior Golf Clubs

Age vs size

Just be wary that age brackets designated to certain sets shouldn’t be taken at face value. After all, different girls grow at different stages, and to varying extents. Instead, focus on the recommended size/height attributed to each set when you go club shopping. Also, don’t forget to factor in that they may be due another growth spurt at any time. Leaving a bit of wriggle room is never a bad idea.


Drivers, for example, can be difficult to hit. An extra bit of loft will help to get the ball up in the air. This is also something to consider when you decide which fairway woods, hybrids and irons your little girl will need. Getting good launch, and some good hang time, will be key to building consistency.


Ultimately, golf is one of the more difficult sports to master, and this in itself can be a deterrent. It’s thus important that you make things as easy as possible for your little one by ensuring that all clubs in the bag – from driver to putter – are as user-friendly and forgiving as possible. When sampling prospective clubs, it’s the quality of the bad shots that will tell the tale, not the good ones.


A driver or wood which enables your little girl to hit the ball a bit further will invariably help to boost her interest in the game. Increased head volume can help with this, while you’ll also want to check the quality of the materials or composite that’s gone into it. Longer clubs will help with this too, although you don’t want your youngster to have to grip down too far.

Shaft type

Graphite shafts are always likely to be easier to hit with irons and woods – particularly those with a bit more flex. What also helps is if the kickpoint in the shaft is a bit lower. This will help with clubhead speed, and usually make the club a bit easier to hit as you can get more whip.


Complete sets are always an efficient way to limit costs, and as markets for junior girls’ clubs become more competitive, prices are slowly being driven downwards. Depending on how old your youngster is, and what you’re looking for in a set, $100 can get you pretty far these days. Just be sure to prioritise what’s important in a prospective set of clubs, and set your budget accordingly.


One of the few positives in a challenging climate for the sport of golf has been uptake among females, and growing the girls’ game starts at a young age. Fortunately, there are a growing number of equipment packages out there to meet this increasing demand, and to make the game more enjoyable for your (grand)daughter(s). By considering all of the above criteria, and perhaps sampling the three options we’ve selected above, you can make your little girl’s Christmas one to remember this year with a quality junior set.

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