Best Golf Pants Review

best golf pants

When someone thinks ‘golf’, the picture that pops up in the imagination is of lush green grass spread across a beautiful yet challenging terrain, and of handsomely dressed men and women with a fine taste for fashion.

Golf is considered a sport of the elite and undoubtedly the golf attire is not just what is apt for the sport but is also a fashion statement.

Every sport demands a certain degree of free bodily movement.

In your golf attire, the importance of the right golf pants is that they should be stretchable enough to let you squat down to study the terrain and should have moisture control to ensure comfort in all seasons of play.

Golf is a sport where etiquette matters, and your clothing is a key part.

Your golf pants should be comfortable, fun, trendy, fashionable and maybe even flamboyant.

Lets have a look at the Best Golf Pants currently on the market.

Best Golf Pants

Top Choices

Other Recommended Options


Adidas Golf Men’s Climalite 3-Stripes Pants

Climalite by Adidas is one of the most loved pair of golf pants on the market.

Its stylish fit and superior comfort are unmatched. The pants are manufactured using high-end quality material and latest technology. Climalite pants are integrated with pure motion technology and made of moisture wicking fabric. They are light and comfortable and are tailored to ensure a very secure fit. The pants are flexible and will keep you dry during hot summers or damp winters. The flat front is the choice of any modern golfer as opposed to the older pleated look. This pair of pants comes in attractive colors and in all standard sizes.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Flat front look
  • 3 stripes branding at the back
  • Pure motion stretch technology
  • 2 back welt pockets and 2 seam side pockets
  • Double durable belt loops

In-depth Review

  • Pure Motion Stretch Technology: It is of utmost importance that your golf pants do not restrict movement. You should be able to perform a full swing and be able to squat down to study the grass when needed. Adidas Climalite offers the stretch that is needed in the fabric. The Pure Motion technology makes these pants stretchable enough to not restrict movement. So you can perform all your swing in these pants without worrying about an embarrassing tear.
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric: The pants are made with a sweat-wicking fabric that wicks away sweat or moisture for fast evaporation. So even during summers, these pants ensure that you feel dry, comfortable and non-sticky. Ensuring a good game in all seasons of play.
  • Secure Fit: The pants come in a flat front style which gives them a slim, secure fit, unlike pleated pants, that tend to be baggy. The design has double durable belt loops so that you can further enhance the fit using a belt if so required. The waistline has an elastic closure integrated cord that gives you an effortless secure fit. Given this feature, you can be sure that your tucked-in shirt will not keep coming out during play to cause discomfort. The fit is excellent and gives a very attractive look.
  • Superior Comfort: The fabric is very lightweight and breathable. It allows you to feel comfort all day long and in all kinds of weather. The moisture wicking and motion technology make it a very comfortable wear. So much so that you can even wear these pants outside the golf course.
  • Lightweight breathable Fabric
  • Comfortable for use during summers
  • Does not restrict swing
  • Hydrophilic finish
  • Deep side pockets helpful for keeping score cards, balls etc.
  • Athletic fit
  • Slim fit, not suitable for muscular people
  • Not enough space in the seat area due to flat front
  • Bit short in length, it is advisable to buy one size up


Adidas Climalite is a preferred product among many golfers. These pants are a must buy if you are looking for quality along with a great athletic fit. The pants are great quality and comfortable. But if you have a tall muscular built, the fit might be a tad too tight.

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Under Armour Men’s Match Play Golf Pants

These pants from the house of Under Armour have the most comfortable fabric of all the pants we tested. The soft woven fabric has a good stretch and a great feel. The pants not just feel soft against the skin but also stay dry and fresh during hot and humid conditions. This is ensured by the moisture transport system that wicks the sweat for faster evaporation. The pants get superior stretch and mobility from the stretch engineered waistband. These pants have a straight fit with a flat front. The flat front gives them style while the straight fit ensures comfort. Ironing the product is not recommended. It just needs occasional washing or dry cleaning. The sizes are standard and the delivered good is true to size. These pants stay odour free all day long. Here are further specifications.



  • 100% polyester
  • Soft stretchy woven fabric
  • Moisture transport system
  • Stretch engineered waistband
  • Flat front
  • Four pocket design
  • Embroidered logo below left pocket
  • Straight fit
  • No need to iron
  • Available in attractive range of colors

In-depth Review

  • Great Brand: Under Armour is a well-known brand in sports as well as casual clothing. The brand specializes in sports attire and accessories. No well-established sports brand would take the risk of compromising on quality and disappointing its customers. Especially so for a sports brand as a defect in a sports good would be more readily noticed and disliked by customers. Keeping this in mind, brands like UA deliver goods true to their name. The case of the Match Play Under Armour pants is no different. These pants give the comfort and quality one would expect from a branded product.
  • Woven Fabric: The unique woven fabric of these pants gives them a soft finish. The fabric is breathable and stretched well. When you feel good you play well.
  • Moisture Transport: In order to keep you dry and feeling fresh during play, these pants use a moisture transport system. The moisture transport system ensures that sweat or humidity does not make the pants wet. The moisture is transported for quick evaporation. This avoids uncomfortable situations during the game and you can stay focused on your best swing
  • Fit Designed For Superior Mobility: The pants have a straight fit which makes them comfortable for people with muscular thighs. Even for people with an athletic built or a slim physique, these pants are a good fit. The flat front ensures that despite being straight fit, the pants are not baggy. Overall, they give a smart, sophisticated look along with great comfort. The woven fabric gives superior mobility which is unmatched.
  • Easy To Maintain: These pants stay odour free even after continued use. They simply have to be machine-washed or dry cleaned at suitable intervals. Ironing the pants is not recommended.
  • Efficient moisture control system
  • True to size, unlike other brands where the length is usually short
  • The pants stay odour free
  • Great brand that delivers to its name

  • The white color option is not recommended as it tends to be see through
  • It’s a tad bit expensive


Spending a few extra bucks hurts no one’s pocket if they return complete satisfaction. These pants are very comfortable and long lasting. The color range is attractive and the fit is very pleasing.

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Nike Golf Flat Front Pants

It goes without saying that Nike is an excellent brand for sportswear. This multinational brand has never failed to satisfy customers. If you consider yourself a serious golfer or are just a beginner golfer and want a professional looking pair of golf pants then these Nike Golf flat front pants are a great choice. Nike has presented the perfect blend of classic looks and modern technology with these pants. They give a perfect fit to almost all body types. They are ideal for men with a muscular built. Most golf pants lack an inch or two in length, even when they are true to the standard waist size, but these pants have a great length along with good fitting waist lines. They are low on maintenance.



  • 95% polyester 5% spandex
  • Flat front
  • Button closure for secure fit
  • Backside pockets
  • DryFit moisture control technology
  • 5 belt hoops along the waistband
  • Side slit of approx. 1 inch

In-depth Review

  • Perks Of A Great Brand: The fit, comfort, and quality of the brand are unparalleled. Since the pants come from the Nike label, they have a 30-day return policy also. That’s how much the brand owners trust the quality of their production line.
  • Superior Fitting: The Nike golf flat front pants have an all time classic look but with a use of modern technology, these have been given a new twist. They have five belt hoops to ensure improvised fit. The shirt also stays tucked in during play, allowing full and comfortable movement. The pants fit perfectly. They are neither too snug nor too baggy. The button closure along the waistline has a zip fly for enhanced comfort.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The pants have a long life expectancy and do not require over the top maintenance measures. They can be thoroughly used as golf pants without worrying about any wear and tear.
  • DriFit:  The DryFit technology, like in most other brands, ensures cool and dry feel. But one can always expect Nike to deliver better than the rest. Unlike other pants, these pants help you stay dry even in extreme conditions of humidity and heat.
  • Classic Look: The look of these pants is sure to allure even the pickiest of people or people with the oddest fit. They have a sharp professional look. They don’t gather around the inseam.
  • Excellent fabric quality
  • Trust of the brand
  • Classic look
  • Perfect fit
  • True to size
  • They are a bit expensive


The Nike flat front golf pants have a great quality fabric that is lightweight and breathable, perfect for golf! The look is super fashionable. The pants are a must buy. Every golfer must add at least one pair of these great pants to his wardrobe.

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IZOD Men’s Classic Fit Microsanded Golf Pants

IZOD’s microsanded golf pants are one of the best value pants on the market. These pants are super easy to maintain, making them ideal sportswear. Microsand technology makes these pants lightweight – when I tried them they felt light and breezy on the skin. If you are wearing a comfortable pair of pants that fits you well you can be carefree and concentrate fully on your game. The IZOD Microsanded classic fit pants give you just that. These pants have multi-faceted specifications and offer almost everything that you would want from a good pair of golf pants.



  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine washable
  • Flat front
  • Welt back and seam side pockets
  • French fly with zipper
  • Microsanded sportflex
  • Cool FX

In-depth Review

  • Microsanded Sportflex: The microsanded fabric used to make these pants makes them lightweight and breathable. It also gives them good flexibility and stretch which is important in golf. The manufacturers have definitely made sure that the pants are in no way a hindrance to the game. Rather, they have ensured that when you wear these pants to a game of golf, comfort will not be a concern.
  • Cool FX: As the name suggests, the Cool FX technology makes sure that you stay cool during the game and are able to give your best-focused performance. To ensure this, the Cool FX makes sure that any kind of moisture including sweat gets evaporated fast. Thus, the fabric of these pants won’t stick yo your skin in humid or hot weather conditions.
  • Easy to Maintain: These pants are machine washable. The fabric does not shrink after the wash. They resist dust and dirt and therefore do not get dirty very easily, making them ideal for an outdoor sport like golf.
  • Comfortable Fit: These pants have a comfortable fit. They make you feel good and they look great. This works to enhance your confidence which in turn ups your game a notch. These pants have a secure belt loop waistband for that extra secure fit. They are fitted with a French fly with zipper and the waistline has a rubberized piping to ensure that your shirt stays tucked in when you move about during the game. An interesting thing to note is that the right rear pocket has a separate score card pocket.
  • Value for money
  • Machine washable and dust resistant
  • Gives you perfect protection for summers
  • Can be worn for other outings or occasions too
  • The look is not very flattering
  • Not for skinny people, it might look a bit baggier than normal


These Izod Microsanded golf pants are super comfortable to wear and very versatile. In addition to golf you could wear these trousers to any occasion. They are easy to maintain and are definitely value for money.

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Palm Springs Golf Men’s DryFit Flat Front Pants

The Palm Springs Men’s golf pants are the perfect textured pants for casual and/or golf wear. The pants have a very modern look and a flat front. The polyester spandex mix makes them stretch a good amount. The DryFit makes sure that you can wear these pants in any season. The fabric is good for summers as it keeps you dry and fresh. The pants have a pleasing fit. They come with a spare button in case of emergency. These pants have the potential to become every golfer’s preferred choice. The Brand of Palm Springs is a well-known name in golfing circles. Palm Spring’s have been optimizing the golf attire experience for every player for quite some time now. The brand can be trusted for quality.



  • 94% polyester and 6% spandex
  • Imported
  • DryFit
  • Modern cut with flat front
  • Two back pockets
  • Logo above back right pocket
  • Spare button included

In-depth Review

  • Stylish: The pants have a pleasing fit. They are fashionable with a modern cut. They also have a flat front which is the latest trend in golf pants. The flat front gives a neater look in comparison to the almost out of trend pleated look. When you come out on the golf course wearing these pants, you will feel the confidence that comes with stylish attire which can very well be seen in the eyes of the onlookers.
  • Comfortable: The pants are flexible and have just enough stretch for a good game of golf. The 94% polyester mixed with 6% spandex gives the material the right amount of stretch and breathability. You can definitely squat enough to have a look at the ground conditions before taking your shot but you might not want to do exercise or warm up squats in these.
  • Affordable: These pants let you make a fashion statement at an affordable price. If aptly maintained, these pants can have a good life. They give a neat look and good quality for the price they come in at. Therefore, anyone looking for a pocket-friendly option should consider these pants.
  • Good Fit: The pants are neither too tight nor too baggy. You can wear them casually in daily life apart from wearing them for golf. They will leave a good impression on your audience, be it your golf buddies, your boss or your date.
  • High quality at affordable price
  • Flexible
  • No ironing required
  • Can wear off easily if not maintained


Palm Springs Golf pants are stylish, comfortable and made of high-quality fabric. They can be worn on and off the golf pitch. They give sufficient flexibility and enough dryness. They are ideal for someone looking for a pocket-friendly option.

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Final Word

Golf is a sport which gives much importance to attire. But it is important to keep in mind that while looking for golf pants, fashion should not be the only consideration. A comfortable pair of pants is sure to enhance your confidence alongside your game.

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