Best Golf Shoes 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A good pair of golf shoes is absolutely essential to your game. Not only do almost all golf courses require proper golf shoes to be worn, but having the right golf shoes enables you to enjoy your round far more than otherwise.

Comfort, relaxation and grip are key factors, not to mention looks and style! Although it may sound silly, golf fashion has long been a major part of the sport, and it’s important that your shoes don’t let you down.

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Saying this, your golf shoes also need to be technically sound. To hit a golf ball square on, your feet need excellent stability and balance so that your swing path remains even. When you plant your feet, they need to stay in the same position to give yourself the best opportunity to the hit the ball out the centre of the the club face. For this, you need a comfortable golf shoe with good grip and stability.

Whilst spiked shoes provide exceptional grip, in recent years, spikeless golf shoes have also become popular, particularly for people who are looking for comfort ahead of grip. There is no right answer between the two, it’s totally up to you what feels right and many players own both. The key is finding a pair of golf shoes that work for you. Remember, you’ll be on the course for a number of hours and you really don’t want blisters or sore feet half way through your round. So choose wisely.

To help you on your way, below we have highlighted the Best Golf Shoes on the market.

Best Golf Shoes

Here are our top five choices for the Best Golf Shoes:

  1. Top Golf Shoes For A Bad Back: ECCO Men’s Street Golf Shoe
  2. Most Comfortable Golf Shoes For Arch Support: Footjoy Hyperflex
  3. Best Golf Shoes For Flat Feet: TRUE Linkswear Mens Vegas Spikeless Golf Shoes
  4. Good Golf Shoes For Orthotics: ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe
  5. Best Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis: Footjoy DNA Golf Shoe
  6. Best Golf Shoes For Walking: FootJoy Pro/SL
  7. Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet: Adidas Men’s Adipure Flex Wd Cblack/Ft Golf Shoe

Top Golf Shoes For A Bad Back: ECCO Men’s Street Golf Shoe

These days many golf shoes are made with back pain in mind. In fact, one of the main reasons spikeless golf shoes became a thing was for this very reason. As most golfers know, a round of golf is a long affair and can put a lot of stress on a players back. After 3 hours of constant standing, it’s no wonder. Therefore, wearing a comfortable shoe with good support is critical. The best among these is the original spikeless golf shoe – the ECCO Men’s Street Golf Shoe.

The ECCO Men’s Street Golf Shoe is designed with all the required qualities you would look for in a comfortable golf shoe. It comes with a synthetic or leather upper, synthetic sole, ergonomic foot-bed which minimizes physical discomfort and even comes in a variety of colors for the fashion conscious. The shoe holds your feet nicely and feels super comfortable around the course. The rubber outsole gives strength to the shoe and increases its life whilst also being supportive on the sole. Probably the most forgiving shoe on the market and a real joy for people with back pain.

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Most Comfortable Golf Shoes For Arch Support: Footjoy Hyperflex

For people with a history of chronic ailments and persistent pains in their feet and ankles, it is generally advised to purchase shoes with excellent arch support. Not only will this lessen the pain around the golf course, but it will also encourage your feet into a better shape which will improve the condition in the long term. Arch supported shoes are especially beneficial for people who have Planter Fasciitis and flat feet. In our opinion, the best shoe for the job is the bold-looking Footjoy Hyperflex.

Considered by many to be the boldest-looking shoe ever to come out of Footjoy, the Hyperflex was actually inspired by Leonard P Zakim’s suspension bridge in Boston, which accounts for its extreme looks. As the name suggests, the shoe is high flexible and responsive during play and will hold nicely around the counters of your feet. The Hyperflex offers minimal midsole twisting and a strong heel counter with plenty of arch support. The perfect option for players suffering from a lack of arch support in their golf shoe.

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Best Golf Shoes For Flat Feet: TRUE Linkswear Mens Vegas Spikeless Golf Shoe

Recent surveys now suggest that up to 20% of the population suffer in some degree from flat feet. It is no wonder therefore that a whole host of specifically designed shoes have hit the market in recent years, in an attempt to combat this common condition. Flat feet shoes are designed with revolutionary technology that aids player’s performance by offering enhanced cushioning which gives both traction and support. Flat feet shoes also help keep your feet aligned, thus preventing further injuries from occurring. Most celebrated among these is the TRUE Linkswear Mens Vegas Spikeless Golf Shoe.

Designed with flat feet in mind, the TRUE Linkswear Mens Vegas Spikeless Golf Shoe offers exceptional flexibility and feels very lightweight around your feet. Unlike most golf shoes, which are built with a forced heel, the True Motion Golf shoes are made with a zero drop design. Due to the wide-toe space that has been specially built for these shoes, you get increased comfort and functionality. The new thin sole design and tread pattern also raise these shoes above others and make them ideal for players with flat feet.

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Good Golf Shoes For Orthotics: ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

Orthotics are used in golf shoes when players suffer from bio-chemical imbalances like excessive pronation or supination. Orthotics can also be used to aid arch support and improve the overall shape of someones feet when exercising. As a user of orthotics, I know the problems they can cause and how to combat them. Most common among these is finding a shoe with a removable insole or a shoe that is deep enough to accommodate one. Without doubt, the best option for a few years now has been the ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe.

Although all of the Ecco golf shoe range can be worn with orthotics, the Biom Hybrid 2 stands out for it’s comfort and looks. Like all Ecco golf shoes, the Biom Hybrid 2 comes with a removable insoles, making it easy to add custom orthotics or OTC arch supports. Above that, the Biom Hybrid 2 are made with Yak leather, which is known to be softer and more breathable in contrast to other leathers. They’re also super lightweight, waterproof and very flexible.

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Best Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis: Footjoy DNA Golf Shoe

For a person who suffers from plantar fasciitis, golf often becomes a painful and un-enjoyable experience. The plantar fascia is the ligament that connects your heel bone to your toes, supporting your feet arch. When it becomes inflamed, the pain can be quite severe and debilitating. Standing or walking for long periods, which is quite common for golfers, can strain the ligament and put it under severe stress. Nonetheless, with the right pair of shoes, plantar fascia shouldn’t deter you from hitting the course. In order to tackle this problem, you should choose a shoe that gives good support and lessens the movement of your feet within the shoes. For us, the Footjoy DNA Golf Shoe is the pick of the bunch.

The Footjoy DNA comes with ChromoSkin leather uppers that make this shoe super lightweight whilst retaining the durability it needs. With an entirely new stability chassis specifically engineered for comfort and stability, the DNA is simply one of the best shoes for people suffering from plantar fascia. The Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) fit-bed provides exceptional underfoot comfort and heel support whilst the 3D FoamCollar 2.0 molds around the ankle for unrivalled support, comfort and fit.

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Best Golf Shoes For Walking: FootJoy Pro/SL

Lets face it, golf requires a lot of walking. Most 18 hole courses far surpass 4 miles and you’ll be on your feet for well over 3 hours – and that’s if you just play 18! Therefore, owning a great pair of comfortable golf shoes is critical to your enjoyment on the course. Without doubt, the most comfortable shoe for simply walking is the FootJoy Pro/SL.

With its ChromoSkin leather, specifically developed by Pittards of England, the PRO SL is a supple, lightweight and durable shoe that is 100% waterproof. The PRO SL offers a fully rounded toe character, narrowed heel and standard fit across forefoot and instep. The thicker insole provides incredible underfoot cushioning and the Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) only increases this, making the PRO SL one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

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Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet: Adidas Men’s Adipure Flex Wd Cblack/Ft Golf Shoe

As someone with wide feet myself, I know how difficult it can be to find the right size shoes. So many shoes these days are built with a narrow fit to enhance stability and security for your feet. Whilst this works great for people with narrow or standard width feet, for people like me it’s a nightmare. Blisters and cramping are all to common and simply ruin a golfing round. Luckily, there are some shoes on the market specifically designed for wider feet like the Adidas Men’s Adipure Flex Wd Cblack/Ft Golf Shoe.

Specifically designed to be wider in the forefoot, the Adidas Men’s Adipure Flex Wd offers excellent fit, feel, and overall comfort. Featuring a 7-spike configuration and low-profile technology, you get improved flexibility, traction and stability. Adidas make two versions of this shoe, the standard version and the ‘Wd’ version for wide feet. So remember to order the WD and you’ll be on the course pain free in no time.

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Buying The Best Golf Shoes

Durable Material

The choice on golf shoe materials essentially lies between leather and synthetic. Whilst synthetic is far more common because of its low cost, leather is definitely the best option if you have the money as it breathes better and has the added benefit of being waterproof. We would advise all serious players purchase leather, however, if you just play for fun now and again then a cheaper synthetic pair will do just fine. Remember though, synthetic material will stretch over time, becoming less fitted.

Lacing System

Traditional shoe laces are still by far the most popular lacing system when it comes to golf shoes, however, there are several other option available. Velcro straps are now being used instead of laces by some manufacturers for simple ease of use. They’re quick and easy to strap on and off. Another lacing system that is slowly being introduced is the proprietary system. Similar to that of the lacing systems found on ski boots, the proprietary system certainly works well, but is often more expensive. Once again, if you don’t play regularly then you really don’t need to consider it.


Waterproof golf shoes are always a bonus, particularly if you play in wet weather or early morning dews. Once again, leather comes out on top here because of its natural weather proofing abilities. This does come at a price though and you need to consider seriously how important it is to you. If you play in dry, hot conditions then having a waterproof shoe is really not necessary.


Being on your feet hour after hour, your shoes will begin to feel more heavy with every passing minute. Therefore, purchasing a golf shot with as little weight as possible is a good idea. Both leather and synthetic materials are light, just make sure how much the sole weighs as this can change dramatically from shoe to shoe. Your feet will thank you through those last few holes!


Stability is very much a personal preference. Some players prefer a tight, snug fit that holds your feet rock solid, whilst other players prefer a little movement for flexibility. There is no right or wrong here, but if you do suffer from any feet condition, the general rule is to keep them as snug as possible to reduce movement. has been a fair amount of debate over the issue of stability in recent years. Taller and bigger people tend to prefer tighter options also as it helps them keep their balance on shots.


Some gold shoes can exceed $200 and it’s therefore important to have peace of mind when purchasing them. Always look for a warranty, particularly if you are purchasing waterproof golf shoes. Weatherproofing can sometimes prove to be unreliable and a good warranty will mean you won’t be caught short.


Overall, having a good pair of gold shoes is paramount to your enjoyment on the golf course. Whilst you can change clubs, you can’t change shoes on the course. Like many things, the more money you spend, the better fit and comfort levels you’ll experience. Look for lightweight options that offer excellent grip and stability. Never compromise on comfort. No one wants pain on a golf course and it’s very easy to injure yourself with the wrong pair of shoes. Although style is also important, there is no substitute for fit and this should always come first.