Best Lady Golf Clubs 2018 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

For any female golfer starting out, purchasing a complete golf set is a great idea. Not only do you get everything in one package, including a bag, but you get a stylish set that matches the bag and drivers.

Although taller ladies may get away with a mens set, most woman should look for specific ladies sets that offer technically targeted clubs.

The main differences between men and women’s clubs lies in the weight, grip size and length of shaft. Ladies club sets tend to have lighter heads which allows you to increase swing speed, therefore, increasing hitting distance and power.

Best Lady Golf Clubs on Amazon

The grips are generally smaller to accommodate smaller hands and the shaft is shorter to stop you having to stand too straight when hitting. While there are tons of ladies sets out there on the market, I would always advise sticking with known brands as these are generally far more reliable and won’t fall apart.

Below we have highlighted the 5 Best Lady Golf Clubs currently on the market.

We also recommend you review our buying guides on the best complete golf club sets for beginners.

Best Lady Golf Clubs

Here are our top five choices for the Best Lady Golf Clubs:

  1. Editors Choice: Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set
  2. Best Value: Wilson Ultra Womens Complete Golf Club Set
  3. Best Seller: Callaway Women’s 2016 Solaire Gems Amethyst Golf set
  4. Worthy Competitor: Wilson Women’s Profile XD Golf Complete Set
  5. Worthy Competitor: 2017 Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set

Editors Choice: Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set

The Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set is Callaway’s best budget option for ladies which has made it Amazon’s top seller of 2017.

With a titanium driver, graphite-shaft irons and a matching bag, the Strata set is the perfect option for beginners who want a quality brand name to rely on. Known for their extremely forgiving feel, the deep cavities and light heads make the Strata’s a real joy to use.

Although you don’t get as many clubs as some other sets, the Callaway Women’s Stratas are exceptionally well-made and offer beginners a lot of feel and stability for the price.

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Best Value: Wilson Ultra Womens Complete Golf Club Set

The Wilson Ultra are one of the best starter kits on the market from a well respected brand at the right price.

If you’re looking for a full set at a low price from an established golfing brand, then look no further than the Wilson Ultras. Designed with ladies in mind, the clubs are shorter, lighter and have a large sweet spot. You get a nice matching bag and a full set of irons (sand wedge not included).

If you want a quality set below the $300 mark, then you wont find many better than Wilson’s Ultra set for ladies.

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Best Seller: Callaway Women’s 2016 Solaire Golf set

With its rich history in the golf club industry, it’s no surprise that the Callaway Women’s 2016 Solaire Golf set (13 Piece) hits our list.

Whilst not being the cheapest option out there, the Callaway Women’s 2016 Solaire Gems Amethyst Golf set (13 Piece) is certainly one of the very best, providing exceptional feel and power. Engineered specifically for woman, you get a full 13 piece set including a sand wedge and putter. The clubs are lightweight and have a large back cavities that make the clubs very forgiving.

If you want to splash out a little and get one of the best complete ladies golf sets on the market, then you should seriously consider the Callaway Women’s 2016 Solaire Gems Amethyst set.

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Best Seller: Wilson Women’s Profile XD Golf Complete Set

At just under $300, the Wilson Women’s Profile XD Golf Complete Set offers ladies everything they could possibly need from a starter set.

Designed with female players in mind, the titanium driver has an improved loft for extra height on the ball, the grips have been made smaller for ease of grip and the super-flexible shafts have been used for added swing speed and power of the tee.

Considering the set comes with a sand wedge, putter and matching bag, the Wilson Women’s Profile XD Golf Complete Set is a fantastic buy.

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Best Seller: 2017 Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set

The 2017 Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S Complete Set is a stylish, technologically packed set of clubs that won’t disappoint.

With its large sweet spots, you’ll struggle to shank the ball! The centre of gravity is weighted towards the back of each head which gives great launch and higher MOI for excellent distance and forgiveness. The shafts are short and flexible and you get excellent swing speed through your shots.

If you want a forgiving set that offers excellent distance and feel, then the Cobra Golf Women’s Fly Z S is certainly a good option.

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Buying The Best Lady Golf Clubs


Sadly, the complete golf set market is a saturated one and there are loads of different brands vying for attention. The best advise I can give is stick to recognised brands when purchasing a complete set. Established brands are established for a reason – they offer quality products that won’t let you down. Yes, you may have to spend a little more, but at least you get peace of mind. I have used several cheaper sets myself in which club heads actually flew off the shaft during a swing! Not ideal and not safe.


Weight is a complex issue when it comes to golf clubs. The trick is finding the balance between swing speed and control. A heavier club will give your shots more weight, however, it can reduce your swing speed. Most woman prefer lighter clubs that allow faster swing speeds and greater hitting distance.

Sweet Spot

The larger sweet spot your clubs have the easier it will be to strike the ball well. Yes, you loose a little control, but you gain more power. Even if you don’t strike the centre of the face, with a large sweet spot, you’ll still get a good shot out of the swing and won’t feel as much vibration up your arm.

Technology is always advancing in the golf industry and this stands true with ladies complete sets. Head cavities are getting larger, face grooves are getting deeper and sweet spots are getting larger. Although not always necessary, make sure you do your homework and find out what features you’re looking for.

Lightweight Bag
A nice lightweight stand bag is a great addition to any complete set. Look out for a bag with good storage space and that is lightweight and easy to carry. Most bags don’t come with stands, but it’s a bonus if they do.


Although many manufacturers don’t offer warranties for complete sets, it’s always a good idea to ask. You may get a few months or even a year. Anything is better than nothing when purchasing expensive products like complete sets.


Overall, a complete golf set is a fantastic idea for any lady starting her golfing journey. You get everything you need, including a driver, hybrid, full set of irons and a bag! The only thing you may need is a putter and sand wedge. Ladies sets also have the added benefit of targeting woman’s needs on the golf course such as lighter heads for added swing speed and shorter shafts for ease of hitting. Remember though, don’t choose your set based on style, choose your set based on its characteristics and how you think those will suit you best.

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