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Bag Boy is one of the leading golf push cart brands and has been manufacturing top quality golf equipment since 1946. Bag Boy consistently make exceptional golf push carts and have proven themselves over the years when it comes to manufacturing quality carts with user friendly designs.

To help you decide on the best Bag Boy golf cart to suit your needs, we have reviewed Bag Boy’s bestsellers below.

We reviewed these Bag Boy carts as part of our Best Golf Push Carts review.

Best Rated Bag Boy Golf Pull Carts Comparison

Best Bag Boy Golf Pull Cart Reviews


Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart

Golf Push Cart The Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart is probably one of the best 4-wheel carts on the market today. A super lightweight aluminium frame and large maintenance free wheels makes the cart a pure joy to push around the course. Weighing only 16 pounds and measuring 24 x 17 x 16 inches, this is one of the lighter 4-wheel carts on the market and certainly won’t break anyone’s back on the course. One thing I would say is that the wheels are not that far apart and make stability a little problematic on side slopes, however, on the flat there is no problem obviously.

Folding and unfolding the cart is a simple two-step process that is not difficult to learn and takes just a couple of seconds. The padded handle bar has a simple height adjustment lever that clicks open at the touch of a button. The braking mechanism, unlike many on the market, is located on the handle and is, in our opinion, much easier to operate than foot brakes. If storage is your thing then don’t worry, the cart comes with an oversized storage compartment below the scorecard holder for added convenience.

  • No the smallest dimension when folded
  • Noticed that the cart pulled slightly to left when pushing
  • Not the cheapest 4-wheel push cart option on the market
  • Can tip over on the side of hills
  • Very easy to fold and unfold in a matter of seconds
  • Nice easy to use velcro straps to hold the bag securely in place
  • Very smooth feel when pushing the cart, even over rough surfaces
  • Very lightweight for a quad cart
  • Nice storage compartment for things like phone, tablet, watch etc.
  • Effective hand brake that hold the cart rock-steady, even on slopes
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The Tri Swivel II Golf Push Cart

Bag Boy Golf - Tri Swivel II The Bag Boy Golf Tri Swivel II Push Cart is the best selling tai-wheel push cart that company produces and it’s easy too see why. The cart packs a big punch for its size, although it must be said, the weight (16 pounds) also packs a bit of a punch. Made from an all-weather aluminium frame and with 3 foam types that are all maintenance free, the Bag Boy Golf Tri Swivel II Push Cart is very easy to use and feels smooth, even in long grass.

Like the larger Bag Boy carts, the Tri Swivel II offers an oversized storage compartment below the scorecard holder and has a hand operated brake on the handle which is very easy to operate. The handle itself is well padded and can be easily adjusted for height. When folded the cart dimensions are 22 x 14 x 18 inches, however, there is no lock and it can sometimes come loose. The most impressive feature is the front swipe wheel which literally allows golfers to turn the cart on a coin and manoeuvre easily through all terrain. Nice storage space is also a bonus and there is a good drink and umbrella holder.

  • Large rear wheels makes pushing the cart very easy
  • The front swivel wheel makes the cart exceptionally manoeuvrable, even on rough ground
  • Adjustable velcro straps are very handy for strapping the bag to the cart
  • Folds down in three easy steps
  • Nice oversized storage compartment for extra gear
  • Not the lightest tri-wheel cart available
  • Not the cheapest option on the market
  • No locking mechanism when the cart is folded which can be dangerous
  • Absolutely terrible manual!
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The C3 Golf Push Cart

Bag Boy C3 Push Cart The Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart is certainly one of the best options out there for people who just want a good all-rounder. Weighing in at 15 pounds, it sits nicely in the mid-range weight class and can be folded down in a quick 3 step process. Although some carts only take one step, this three step system is very simple and takes literally 5 seconds.

The handle is padded and can be adjusted for height easily like on all Bag Boy carts, and there is also the classic deep storage space found across the range. Unlike many carts, the brake is actually located on the front wheel which really works well in holding the cart secure. The brake can be operated from the handle and we found it very easy to use. The three tyres are very lightweight, made from solid foam and maintenance free for ease of use. There is also a great drinks holder and umbrella holder within easy reach. Whilst this may not be the most fancy cart on the market, it is very easy to push and turns exceptionally well.

  • Excellent velcro straps that are easily adjusted and hold the bag very secure
  • Loads of storage space, including a drink and umbrella holder
  • The pivoting front wheel is a joy to use and makes moving the cart super easy
  • Nice build quality and weight
  • Some people have found the drinks holder to be located in an inconvenient section of the cart
  • Only one front brake – worked well for us , but others may find this quite unusual
  • 3 step folding process is more complicated than many other carts, however, it really doesn’t take long to learn and is very quick still
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Okay, so Bag Boy golf carts are not the most lightweight carts out there, nor are they the cheapest. However, when it comes to all-rounders, they really cant be beaten. All models come with excellent storage space, maintenance free wheels and hand brakes as standard. The aluminium frames are well made and the large foam tyres are exceedingly smooth to push. The tri-wheel version have a pivoting front wheel which really is nice and all the carts fold down well and can be slotted into a car boot no problem. Bag Boy carts are not hugely feature heavy, but they are very functional, practical and well designed. In fact, I would say they are one of the smoothest carts we’ve ever tested and thats saying something! Brilliant all-rounders.

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