Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Pro 1600 is one of the best rangefinders out there and comes in two models – the Tournament edition and the Slope edition.

The Bushnell Pro 1600 Laser Rangefinder has 7x magnification with a multi-coated design that enables it to render light and images clearly and efficiently. With accurate distance readings from 5 to 1600 yards, the Bushnell Pro 1600 is one of the best rangefinders we’ve tested. Like many Bushnells, the Pro 1600 comes with two modes – Scan and Pin Seeker.

The Scan mode enables you to adjust measurements in real time and get accurate readings from multiple locations when you pan the device. The PinSeeker mode is great for when the pin has objects behind it the distracts the laser. We found that in both modes, the Pro 1600 was one of the best rangefinders we’d ever tested at picking out the pin. Incredibly speedy and accurate up to around 350-400 yards, the device even managed to pick a pin over 400 yards without the use of the in-built reflector.

Weighing in at over 7 pounds, this is one of the heaviest rangefinders on the market and requires the use of both hands in a binocular-style. The benefit of this though is that your hands remain steadier when making readings. As expected for a pro rangefinder, the display is very clear and easy to read, even in low light. This is partly thanks to the twist-up eyepiece which is designed to cut out external light.

There’s only two buttons, making this one of the easier rangefinders to use and the mode functions can be accessed very simply. We found the carry case was heavier than the rangefinder itself which made carrying it slightly annoying.

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Bushnell Pro 1600 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The Bushnell Pro 1600 Tournament Edition is a top-end tournament legal device, whilst the Slope edition is one of the best rangefinders for the practise circuit. Although its one of the largest and heaviest rangefinders out there, the results more than make up for this. We have never tested a rangefinder better and picking out the pin at distance. The 7x magnification is super quick and the display is bright and clear.

Video Review

Check out this very informative review from Patrick Exil.

Pros and Cons

  • Unbeatable accuracy up to 400 yards for the pin.
  • One of only two rangefinders with 7x magnification
  • Built in reflector for distance increase.
  • Easy to use with clear display.
  • One of the largest rangefinders.
  • Carry case is very heavy.
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Key Features

The Pro 1600 has two pin modes – Scan and Pin Seeker. The scan is the simplest mode, however, the pin seeker mode is exceptional for picking out the pin when there are distracting objects behind. Probably the best we have tested.

The Bushnell Pro 1600 has a range up to a 1600 yards. When searching for the pin you can expect excellent accuracy up to around 400 yards which is highly impressive.

One of the clearest displays we’ve seen thanks to the twist-up-eyepiece which blocks out external light.

Approved for tournaments
The Pro 1600 Tournament edition is pro-certified by golfers, it also complies with the USGA 14-3 rule for use in tournaments.

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