CaddyTek Golf Carts Reviews (Revised and Updated)

One of the most recognisable brands in golf carts, CaddyTek have been making quality golf equipment for years now and continue to innovate and design exceptional golf carts.

Known for their durability and excellent value for money, CaddyTek golf carts should definitely be on your radar when deciding on a cart.

CaddyTek manufactures a whole range of carts from remote Control Caddy Carts, Golf Pull Carts, Electric Golf Trollies and Golf Push Carts.

To help you get a feel for how CaddyTek carts perform on the course, we have reviewed their 3 best sellers below.

We reviewed Caddytek carts as part of our assessment of the best golf push carts review.

Best CaddyTek Golf Push Carts Comparison Chart

Top CaddyTek Golf Push Carts


CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek Golf Push Carts The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart is one the best sellers on the market and for good reason. The heavy dust-steel frame construction is well designed and super light, weighing in at just 12.2 pounds. Whilst this is would be too heavy for juniors, most adult golfers won’t struggle at all. Folded down, the cart is less than half it’s normal size and fits in the back of the car nicely with a big golf bag.

The rear wheels are 11 inches wide and the front wheel is 8 inches wide, making the cart very easy to push. The wheels come with ball bearings which makes the cast very smooth, even on rough surfaces. In fact, the entire wheel section is essentially maintenance free which is a bonus! The cart also comes with CaddyTeks classic patented push brake which simply requires you to push down on it with your foot. However, this can prove slightly tricky if your sole is quite bendy.

The cart has an adjustable padded handle with 4 adjustment levels for golfers of varying heights and the frame is just over 27 inches wide. There is excellent storage on the cart with space for a drink, umbrella, mesh net, scorecard holder and patented bag holder.

  • The cart frame fits pretty much every size bag
  • Easy fold down/up mechanism
  • Light weight and easy to push
  • Won’t tip over – feels very sturdy
  • Brakes work very well, even on slopes
  • The brake may prove difficult to operate with bendy soles
  • Probably too heavy to lift for juniors and some seniors
  • Cup holder is placed slightly awkwardly
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CaddyTek One-Click Folding 4 Wheel Version 3 Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek One Click 4 Wheel Golf Cart Pushing on from their very successful CaddyTek ONE Cart, this 3rd generation model retains the same great features but with some added benefits. Weight is still around the 17 pound mark and the version 3 retains the same dimensions – 17.5″ x 14″ x 25.8″. The first version was very well built and we really can’t see any difference with the generation 3 which is a great sign.

The cart folds to a remarkably small size and folds down with the simple click of one button which is a beautiful feature. Like the first model, the CaddyTek ONE comes with front suspension which is a real joy. Surprisingly, this is the only one of a few carts currently on the market that can claim this. The version 3 also has added stability and a new aluminium body.

Like all carts from CaddyTek, this particular model comes with tons of storage, including a drink holder, umbrella holder, patented bag holder and loads of compartments for tees, mobile devices etc. For the fashion lovers there is also the option of having the trolley in red, silver, green or black.

Sadly, the orange option has been discontinued. The brake is a foot-levered brake which is easy to operate and holds the cart in position wherever you park. All 4 wheels are very wide which makes the cart exceptionally smooth and each wheel has been made to be maintenance free. The front wheels can be easily aligned and the handle has multiple height option for golfers. The retail price won’t kill you either.

  • Straps aren’t particularly high quality, but they are easy to strap on!
  • Foot brake does take some getting used to, but works well
  • Excellent storage space for all your gear
  • One click folding mechanism which is super easy to operate
  • Maintenance free wheels for peace of mind
  • Very smooth, even on rough surfaces and slopes
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Caddytek Super Deluxe Quad Fold Golf Cart

Caddytek Super Deluxe Quad Fold Golf Cart The gold standard in three-wheel push carts, the CaddyTek Super Deluxe Quad Fold is without doubt one of the best push carts we’ve tested in a while. With CaddyTek’s patented fold-down mechanism, the cart effortlessly collapses into one of the smallest designs we’ve seen yet. A word of caution here though, there is no latch when folded, so the cart does have the tendency to flip open if you’re not careful.

Like other CadyyTeks there is excellent storage, with umbrella holder, patented storage bag and a nice-sized cup holder. The 28 inch wide body makes pushing the cart fairly effortless, as do the large maintenance free wheels. There is excellent handle length option and the handle itself is nicely padded for extra comfort. The aluminium frame has brought the weight down to just over 15 pounds which also adds to ease of movement around the course.

The wheel base is wider than the model before which really does make a noticeable difference in how stable the cart feels. The base seemingly fits most bags, including the larger tour bags, and the straps hold the bag firmly with no wiggle room.

  • Great construction, great feel
  • Super easy to fold down and fit in the boot
  • Wide wheel base which makes the cart feel very stable
  • Braking system is excellent, even on slops.
  • Loads of storage in-built
  • High wheel clearance for the rough areas
  • Folding down does take some time to get used to
  • Quite heavy for junior or petite woman
  • Locking mechanism is quite difficult to pull sometimes
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You can’t really go wrong with CaddyTek. All their golf carts are really well built, thoughtfully designed and well priced. Their patented folding mechanism is super simple and really does increase enjoyment levels. Although the carts are not the highest on the market, they feel very sturdy and hold pretty much any golf bags you can throw at them. If you can afford it, then the 4 wheel V3 is definitely their top cart and the front suspension really makes it a joy to use. All CaddyTek’s golf carts come with excellent storage and maintenance-free wheels which certainly put the carts near the top of our list.

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