Callaway XJ Hot Junior Golf Club Set (Expert Review)

Want to put the biggest possible smile on your son or daughter’s face this Christmas?

Then shopping for Callaway golf clubs is probably going to be a good way of doing it. Callaway’s reputation when it comes to adult clubs is unsurpassed, so it doesn’t take much of a leap of faith to believe they can deliver the goods in the junior section.

But does the Callaway XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set suitably achieve this transition that Callaway is targeting? Is this the dream Christmas present that’s going to get your kids itching to venture out onto the course as soon as the sun rises on Boxing Day?

We’ve got it all covered in our review below, and, as you’ll see, the slightly hefty price tag is well justified.

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Callaway XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set Review

We reviewed the Callaway XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set as part of our Best Kids Golf Clubs, see review here.

9.2 Total Score
Our Assessment

One of the beauties about this set is that it is genuinely targeted at both boys and girls, rather than the latter merely being an afterthought as is sometimes the case. It also caters for two distinct age groups; namely 5-8 and 8-12 year olds, thus reaching out to a lot of young players. The overriding theme across all seven clubs in this set is how forgiving they are, and the exceptional performance they deliver. The pick of the bunch is the driver, which yields good distance off the tee, and consistency too. The two-ball Odyssey putter is also going to help simplify the art of putting, with good alignment and balance. We also really liked the bag, which is sturdy, but still light and comfortable to carry. The only real downside is the price tag, but, even then, we’d say that the quality on offer more than makes up for it.

Quality & Performance
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Getting Your Kid’s Clubs Fitter

This video from US Kids golf is super helpful in deciding on the right length of shafts for your kids clubs.

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight, but large driver delivers outstanding distance and performance
  • Both hybrid and cavity-back irons are very forgiving
  • Double-strap stand bag is light, and well kitted out with storage, zippered pockets, rain hood etc
  • The classic Odyssey two-ball putter is a fine addition to any golf bag
  • The price tag will probably scare off a few prospective buyers
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Key Features

Boys and girls, left or right-handed, from the age of 5-12, are all catered for here, which is a good spread of customers to have in the pipeline. The club lengths are adapted for two dichotomous age groups: 5-8 and 8-12.

There is also a vast selection within the set itself in that you have seven clubs. They are: a 360cc driver, a fairway wood and hybrid (whose emphasis is on launch), a 7 and 9-iron, a sand wedge and the Odyssey two-ball putter. It means that all your boy and girl’s yardages should be well covered, even at their age, thus allowing them to focus on precision.

Quality & Performance
The beauty of these clubs is that each has been specifically engineered to those of smaller stature. These aren’t just shortened golf clubs; every feature is custom designed specifically to suit kids!

And it shows too. The driver is easy to hit, the launch in the fairway wood and hybrid is unrivalled, and even the cavity-back irons will be favourable for those who haven’t played much golf before. This is underscored by the extreme weighting in the clubhead, which gets the ball up in the air quickly and easily.

The sand wedge has a loft of 54 degrees, which is absolutely perfect to provide the versatility needed for pitch shots, chips and bunker play. And, to top off this magnificent set, it comes with a fine bag, that has all the required amenities – five zippered pockets, a rain hood and a double strap among them.

This is probably the only drawback of this set, and, depending on your budget, could be a dealbreaker. The key consideration here is whether you view this as a purchase which could last a few years, or whether your growing (and improving) boy or girl will likely need to go club shopping again in the near future. If it’s the former, then this could be $250 well spent, given the quality on offer. If it’s the latter, however, then a cheaper alternative may be the way to go.

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