Golf Girl FWS2 LADY LEFTY Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag Review

The Golf Girl FWS2 LADY LEFTY Pink Hybrid Club Set is an amazing set for the price and well worth a punt if just starting out on your golfing journey.

The entire set, including the bag has a colour combination of pink and grey which, although won’t appeal to everyone, certainly looks smart and stands out on a golf course. The full set includes a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, putter and set of irons from 5 up to a pitching wedge. On top of this the set also comes with a deluxe lightweight bag with plenty of storage space for your keys, balls, hats etc. The bag also comes with a full length clothing pocket and is designed to be rain proof.

Thanks to the large back cavities of the irons, we found the ball very easy to strike and didn’t jar the arm when not struck from the centre. Certainly an improvement on the previous version. The 460cc oversized driver with graphite shaft comes with the largest sweet spot legally allowed in golf. This is just ideal for beginners who often struggle to hit the driver out the centre of the face. Each club is nicely weighted and swung through the air cleanly.

The driver, wood and hybrid come with nice zippered head covers and the putter has a nice blade design for enhanced feel around the green.

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Golf Girl FWS2 LADY LEFTY Pink Hybrid Club Set & Cart Bag Review

The Golf Girl FWS2 LADY LEFTY Pink Hybrid Club Set is a great set for beginners. The pink neoprene cart bag looks very attractive when carried along to the course and the matching zippered hoods work really well. The large cavities and sweet spots make these clubs exceptionally easy to use and you’ll get a lot of power with little effort. The low price tag only enhances this set. Definitely worth considering for newbies.

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Video Review

Check out this very informative review from Koralia Nurten.

Pros and Cons

  • Full set including several hybrids.
  • 460cc Driver with graphite shaft for added power.
  • Great price.
  • Large sweet spots for ease of hitting.
  • Pretty colour combination if pink is your thing.
  • The cart bag is quite short.
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Key Features

The clubs come with graphite shafts to make the clubs lighter allowing for faster speed and longer hitting distances. Large back cavities increase the sweet spot.

Sweet Spot
The sweet spot has been increased thanks to larger cavities at the rear of the each iron.

Lightweight Bag
A nice lightweight stand bag is also included with the set. The bag has several pockets, including a full length clothing pocket.

With graphite shafts, each club is lightweight which is perfect for beginners. This really helps to increase swing speed when launching.

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