Golf & Internet Marketing Scholarship Program

Thank you for your interest in our Golf & Internet Marketing Scholarship.

Golf Guide for Beginners (aka GGFB) is one of the Web’s most popular resources for beginner and intermediate golfers. At GGFB we specialise in providing detailed online Beginner Golf Lessons and video instruction, detailed guides on How to play golf and thorough reviews on the latest and greatest golf equipment (for example, our buyers guide for the best golf clubs for beginners is the Web’s most popular article on this topic).

This scholarship program is sponsored by Golf Guide For Beginners, for Graduate and Post Graduate students with the intent of motivating students to take up Sports/Sports Administration & Management as a whole and Golf in particular as a Serious Career Option.

The lucky winner of the scholarship will take home $1000, to be used on educational expenses. For example, the scholarship money can be used on tuition fees, coursework textbooks, university accomodation and student maintenance.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant needs to be at a tertiary (undergraduate or post graduate) institution at the time of the application. Proof of enrolment will be requested.
  • The applicant needs to be studying one of the following subjects: Sports Science / Sport Tourism Management, Sports Communication & Media, International Sports Management, Sports Administration or related courses.
  • Applicants from the USA and the Rest of the World are welcome.

Application Process

To apply the applicant needs to:

  1. Submit a 1500 word article on the following topic: The Rise of Used Golf Clubs
  2. Submissions should be sent using the form below
  3. Please include the following information on your application
    • Personal Details (First & Last name, Email, Phone, and Address)
    • School Name
    • Area of Study
    • Year of Study
    • Any document to show proof that you are a student


There is only one scholarship available.

Selection will be purely based on the applicant’s creative ability to write an essay on the designated subject. The essay needs to be original. We will rank essays based on there creative flare, power of expression, coherence and overall readability.

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This scholarship has now expired. We will be launching a new scholarship in 2018.

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