GolfBuddy LR5 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

With a great price and one of the few rangefinder devices to offer three modes to cater for different on-course situations, the GolfBuddy LR5 Golf Laser Rangefinder is certainly worth a look.

The new GolfBuddy LR5 has been much improved from its former versions in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. 90 grams lighter and far smaller than its predecessor, the GolfBuddy LR5 is now one of the lighter rangefinders on the market at 190 grams. Easily held in one hand, the GolfBuddy LR5 can literally fit in your golf bag cup holder! The material on the top and bottom is almost sticky for ultimate grip and feels very secure in the hand, particularly when firing the device.

The mode button now sits on top of the device next to the laser button which makes it far more easy to switch between modes without even looking. Most impressive of all is the 3 laser modes that comes as standard. Whilst the standard laser suffices for most situations, the scan mode is particularly useful off the tee when you need to switch between hazards and flag to judge distances. The ‘Pin’ mode simply hones in on the flag and takes away all other distractions like bunkers and trees. Although the graphics on the display are fairly simple, its a crisp screen with a battery meter which is useful.

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GolfBuddy LR5 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Overall the new GolfBuddy LR5 Golf Laser Rangefinder is a major contender in the rangefinder market. The LR5 caters for all types of golfers out there and the subtle design changes make a big difference to functionality. The product also comes with a premium protective carry case which is a nice addition.

Video Review

Check out this very informative review from Golf Monthly.

Pros and Cons

  • Three very useful modes that cover all on-course scenarios.
  • Excellent value for money
  • Nice carry case
  • The eyepiece is a little too stiff to adjust with just your finger and thumb.
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Key Features

3 Laser modes
The GolfBuddy LR5 has three laser modes that each offer something slightly different. The standard mode covers most issues, but the Pin mode and Scan mode are useful in certain situations.

The GolfBuddy LR5 has a range up to 800 yards which is impressive for the price. The focus system locks in quickly and accurately.

Although the display is basic, the screen is bright and crisp. You also get a battery display which is useful on the long rounds.

Approved for tournaments
The GolfBuddy LR5 is pro-certified by golfers and complies with the USGA 14-3 rule for use in tournaments.

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